Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Welcome Devin!

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

Following the My Temple meeting, Drew and Everett were hungry so he grilled up some fruit for them.

Butter arrived and had a quick re-match of Cat Fight Club with Doodle who won.  It doesn’t seem to happen very often anymore.  I think it’s like a battle to show who ranks higher in the cat hierarchy.  When they want to try to go up a level they challenge the one ahead of them… yes, I think too much!

Ugh, not you too!

This is sweet but it’s late and Drew’s sick.

They picked up Hayden on the way home and Drew was getting worse.

I could have just tried having him take a nap but since I was just starting playing the household I really didn’t want to deal with him sick the whole time so he got to test out the medicine he’d made.

While Drew took a bath Everett read Hayden to sleep.  So cute!

Speaking of cute.

Ever get that feeling like someone’s watching you in your sleep?

Finally, Butter went to sleep too so time sped up some.

Good morning!  It’s kind of odd starting the day with one of the households.  Normally, I leave around the time they wake up but I really liked this.


Really, it was fun seeing them all in the morning.  I may have to change my schedule.  That might also take care of the invisible vampire breaking in almost every day when I’m about to leave!

And ten!

If it hadn’t been the very beginning of the day, I’d have waited until the next round.  Meet our newest resident of Ash Shore *drumroll* Devin Crow!

Devin looks at them like what’s going on but Hayden looks like he’s thinking they’re at it again.  LOL!

Then, Hayden notices this new person.

And promptly turns around and magics a half-eaten plate of food.


Hayden returned outside.  I was waiting for them to interact without me telling them to.  Devin is half a year younger than Hayden.

I had a really hard time deleting any pics of cuteness.

This is just so exciting!

Hayden lost interest and decided to rip off his clothes and run around.  Finally, Butter returned home.

I couldn’t stop laughing!

Hayden returned clothed again.

Time for Devin’s potty training to begin.

These two are pals.  I wonder if it will take time for Butter to warm up to Devin?

But I was dirty Daddy!

And… there he goes again!

This potty training was taking forever!  They were all getting hungry.

This made me all giddy!

Talking about potty training?  Also, I keep getting these double thought bubbles, so weird!

By the time Devin, very slowly, got his food and sat next to Hayden he’d already finished eating!  I’m so used to the toddlers with super-speed movement skill!

Look who’s here too!

Alayna wandered over to chat with Hayden.

Butter and Devin had some sort of communion.  I love it when Butter does that!

Devin joined the dancing.

Awe, Snoozer!


They’re so adorable.

Look at his eyes!  When I was making his biological father after doing his rolls and I saw those eyes I held my breath when doing Devin’s birth roll that he got them!  His birth father was quite the looker.


He was still sad about the potty accident and started crying which alarmed Everett who ran over to check on him!

I adore this interaction!

Boogie down with daddy!


So cute!

Someone made a silly.  That’s his trait… silly.

Shyly saying hello to Isaac the stranger.

This cracked me up with Vicente and Alayna.  Looks like they’ve fallen into the brother/sister roles quite well.

I was just about to have them go home when I saw this.  Too adorable, all of them.  Sierra ages up very soon!  I’m so excited!

I hope they end up being the best of friends.  I’d kinda hoped for more of an age gap but this is good too!

They both had whims to play with a toy so they got a bit of playtime before bed.

Ack!  Gross Butter!


Does this mean he has been accepted?


Daddy time!

Which they made good use of!

More tucking.

Drew tucked Hayden again too.

And then they ate again before bed.  And I totally forgot that I wanted to leave early so I could be with whoever’s next in the morning!  Oh well.

Night boys!

Chapter notes: I was so excited when they rolled to adopt and then realized I had to do all of the birth rolls and such!  It took an hour and a half!  Worth it.  He’s adorable.  They rolled baby whims 4 times after adopting him.  I think I need to raise the bar for these two.  I also think that after this I’m going to start showing ALL of the baby whims in the chapters with a count.  They really are set on having a full house!  I was extremely annoyed to see that in their family trees it lists each of the boys as a son of one and step-son of the other.  I think I’ll just not look at the trees because that really made me mad.  Especially considering that you can have same-sex pregnancies if you really wanted to.

Sorta Romantic

4 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Welcome Devin!

  1. I just love Hayden ‘ s personality !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So you count 10 then they get a baby? Devin! ❤ oh he is adorable! I love how Hayden is like you’ll get used to it. Butter is like ANOTHER ONE?! NOOOOO is he going to bite my tail? Oh kids can play in the wash bin?! Butter sitting on Devin while he was sleeping is so cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It used to be 10. Now I have this complicated system depending on how old the parents are and how many kids they have. LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

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