Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Visitors

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

I’m still shocked that these two are having another baby already!  With Axel, I only played them in the second trimester due to forgetting to up the pregnancy lengths to coincide with the number of days I’m playing.  I wanted to make sure I played them in each stage this time so they’re first this round now that the birthdays and weddings are done.

They’re just the most adorable couple!  I think all of the more playful couples end up being favorites.  As much as I love Mack and Elsa, the fact that half the time when one tells a joke the other looks at them like they’re boring gets kinda annoying, lol!

And, we cannot forget, my still-favorite kitty Ragtime!

Since they were just hanging out on the sidewalk chatting Tobias stopped his jogging to say hi.

They waved hi and immediately walked off!  Where are they off to you ask?

The darned bush… again!  These two!  My gosh.  I mean, I have newly married couples that have yet to woohoo once and here they are at it at least once each time I play them!  I don’t blame Tobias for running away!

I noticed a bunch of them had stopped their jogging to chat over here and the thought bubbles cracked me up.  I think this is another reason my sims are always so darned thin in addition to the fact that they’re almost always practically starving when I get to them.  Especially the ones with the active trait.  I don’t think Tanya is active but the other 3 are.

Ragtime, who was also abandoned out front, was not enthused with the greeting from Bryanna!

Can we please see the baby now?  They are just so freaking adorable!

Not sure if he’s hungry but I know the pets almost always are when I get there so best to top him off just in case.  That’s the look of a very proud daddy!

A little attention for our other little man who followed Aimee to the backyard once Zion went inside.

Might as well get a bit of work done.  Poor Ragtime is still afraid of the typewriter.

The hungry pregnant lady had to eat some pickled onions (yuck!) while waiting for a more filling meal.

Judy stopped by to babysit.  Where’s the baby she asked.  Zion looks at her like she’s an idiot.  The house is so small how could she not see him?

There’s the baby!  And Ragtime has now learned not to scratch furniture!  Hooray!

Off to the park for food.  Zion dropped a veggie patty on the ground and quickly picked it up.  It was so unexpected I didn’t get a pic!

Neither is a vegetarian, although that doesn’t matter because both veggie burgers and tofu dogs are bugged in my game by some mod that makes the vegetarians think they are meat!  But, for some reason, they had no cooking meat in their cooler and I was too lazy to get them some so there ya go.

Chatterbox doesn’t mind.  He has evolved from a land shark eating potatoes to a dino munching burgers!

It was odd realizing that it was Tobias who had brought Chatterbox and not Enzo!  Them going from friends to being married will take some getting used to.

One of my favorite parts of the height adjustments is giving the pets all new outfits.

I was taking this cute pic of Ragtime and Siggy when Siggy started dropping hairballs like crazy!

Geeze Siggy!

So cute!  They were joking and Ragtime was running in circles!  I just love this family!  I can’t wait for Axel to age up.  I haven’t done his birth roll yet.  I’ve been doing it when they age to toddler.

Speaking of getting used to… my jaw dropped!  Just wow.  Also, sooo happy!

Speaking of cute outfits… it took me quite awhile to find a matching one so that Hayden and Butter could be twinsies again.  Which is why I’m not doing it with all of the toddlers who have pets.  Despite them adding quite a few with My First Pet Stuff it’s still not easy.  There’s a few I’ve noticed that match child and adult outfits though.


So much cuteness!  I have a hard time leaving the park once getting there because I just love seeing everyone!  It looks like Ragtime and Snoozer are fighting but they were just playing.

Our other newlyweds in an intense chess match that had practically everyone’s attention.

Snoozer asking Christian for attention.  I can’t get used to him in that hair.  I had a hard time getting used to the last one.  Which was a total pain to screenshot by the way.

Sweetness with Libby and Demetrius.

Hugs from Naomi.  I should get the “girls” and “guys” groups together sometime for nostalgia’s sake.

Are we comparing notes on the recent weddings, boys?  They were nothing alike!

I totally forgot that she’s a dog person since she dotes on Ragtime so much!

Why so serious Sierra?  She’s just a serious sim really.  In a lot of ways, she’s nothing like her brother.

Rylee was up here being all serious too.  Play kids!  Have fun!

Speaking of kids… Rhys always looks like he’s up to some sort of mischief.

*sigh*  Alright, I’ve had my fill of watching the others for a bit.  Let’s go home to the baby.  Also, look at Ragtime all curled up!

After relieving Judy of babysitting duty, they returned to their tasks.  Aimee’s been building some wall shelves she just needs to take them to the supply depot.  Zion is still working on that book about Ragtime!

Speaking of Ragtime… he had to be comforted again about the typewriter!

A little laser fun!

And then, little Darren showed up to see the new baby!

Everyone seems to like giving him cheek kisses!  Maybe because they’ve known him since he was a toddler?  Unlike when Erick recently did it, he didn’t seem to mind one from Aimee and even gave her a hug after.

She announced that she’s pregnant again… which is kinda obvious and he seemed really excited.

As he was leaving, Aimee showed up to see baby Axel as well.  So much excitement from the community!

Umm… you were here to see the baby right?

Ragtime had followed her into the bathroom and then zoomed out as she left.  It totally cracked me up!

A brushing for our boy.  I love his stubby little tail!!!

Really Aimee?  Are you sure you’re a dog person?

Naps with mommy!

They are just so cute!  I did get a mod that makes the food last a little bit longer since I was having to send them back to the park a second time to cook half the time.

A little someone wanted attention.  I don’t think daddy minds.

So did someone else.

How did I not notice until now that playful is a mouse!?!

Ah, the joys of parenthood.  Midnight feedings and such.

Since Aimee woke up so chipper she got the honors.  The pjs I gave her are so adorable!!!

You did this to yourself girlie.  I told you to wait but nooo.

Having to calm Ragtime about the darned typewriter… again.

She was standing right by the bathroom!  What does she do when she needs to throw up?  Dresses and runs outside to the bush!  That’s disgusting!

Chapter notes: The pics of Judy there to “babysit” were actually Aimee trying, in vain, to show off Axel to her!  No matter where I put the bassinet it wouldn’t work!  I said something on Twitter and almost everyone said they can never get it to work and one said they can only do it outside.  Sheesh!

I find it frustrating that in some neighborhoods they get visitors on a steady basis but others, like Windenburg, they never do.  I used to hate it but now that pretty much all the sims are “mine” to some extent I really enjoy it!

Keep on Trying

3 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Visitors

  1. Ragtime for BEST KITTY EVER!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! So lucky with both him and Zion!


  2. Ragtime! ❤ man these two are so happy together, and I am excited for another nooboo! They sure keep busy hehe. Zion is so proud of his little bundle. Naps with Mommy is so so so cute!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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