Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: The New Favorite

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

Did you think I was exaggerating?

Yes, yes, you’re hungry, let’s grab something to cook and go.

They are just such a cute family.

Annnd… let my adoration of Layla begin!

I think Efrain’s makeover and height adjustment made the most difference of any of the kids.  We very rarely see him but he’s a good kid.  I just tend to pay less attention to the ones with no matches, especially the townie kids.

So adorable.

I’m so happy things worked out with Dean and Judy.

I think I liked the pink and purple gangsta hoodie on Doodle better.

Always with that look!

It was so funny!  Enzo walked over to joke with Layla and left without talking to Isaac.

Fish learned not to beg for food!  What a good boy.  Especially in his dapper little hat.

I really feel bad for Scarlett.

There are a LOT of pics of Layla in this chapter if you haven’t noticed.  She’s jumped to the top of my favorite kids list.  She’s just so expressive!

Cutest.  Thing.  Ever!!!!  It looks like Keane is lifting Hayden up with that hug!  It’s really nice to know that the younger and older toddlers line up for hugs.  This is the first I’ve seen.  Warmed my heart!


The more I pay attention to the thought/speech bubbles the more I love them!

Toodles made a rare appearance.

Isaac and Layla seem to really have a connection.  They’re actually way more alike than Dean and her.  I’d thought of having her move out with him when he leaves but at the same time, it might be weird?  I don’t know.

Off to school.  Layla tried greeting Rainbow but she was not interested.  Also, the planters back there cracked me up!

Hahahahaha!!!  There must normally be a building there or something?  When I see pics of people’s game that have all of the props in them I’m always shocked at the difference.

It makes me so happy seeing them together!  Maxwell’s face!  I guess Erick must have been winning?

Slowly but surely I’m getting some drawings for the wall.  Aubree came over to chat.  I think she looks great with her makeover!

The confusion over the basketball hoop continues.  I realized I could move it with live drag and put it into the big empty space over here and they still kept running into the schoolhouse between plays!  The fact that they keep changing clothes is driving me nuts.  I think I saw a mod to stop that.

Ohmygosh!  First, I totally forgot these can catch fire!  Second, she’s still writing in the notebook as if nothing is happening!

Before we continue focusing on the fire, can we take a moment to note Rhys checking on Layla?  *happy sigh*

So, here I was trying to decide what the heck to do!  I tried shift+clicking Erick and Maxwell hoping I could add them to the family temporarily to control them but I couldn’t!  The thought of bringing her brothers there didn’t occur to me until later.  Finally, Maxwell put the fire out!  Whew.

And Hannah just then realized something was happening and left the puppet thing.  Was Quinton checking on her as well?  He looks so cute too!

Que the weird gasping.  What the heck they were gasping at I have no idea?!  Maxwell’s face in this last pic said it all.  Tricia even started crying!  Obviously, school was out for the day.

Layla: I’m not in school because it totally caught on fire!  It was awesome!

Isaac:  You do know that the school catching on fire is a bad thing right?

Layla:  You’re boring me.

I’m not hearing you!

Hahahaha!  Spitfire that girl!

And now, we can go back to watching adorable toddlers and pets!  I mean, I could have taken them home but what are they going to do?  Watch plants grow?

I hadn’t realized I could make her jog with him.  I was looking at her skills trying to think of a way she could gain more fitness skill.  She’s up to 2 now!

Layla telling Mr. Maxwell how awesome it was that he put out the fire!

Gasp!  They are so absolutely perfect together.  Y’all know that I don’t make them look alike on purpose right?  The only one I’ve done that with is Michelle for Christian… and really, her personality does suit her look.

Saying hello to Puddin’.

I think Keane had just woken from a nap.

Are we feeling protective of our cat today, Maxwell?  I hadn’t thought to look for her during the fire.  I was too busy trying to figure out how to put it out!

Out for a jog with grandma?

So sweet!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone talking to the kids hanging out on the monkey bars.

Looks like it’s time for Hayden to go home.

Oh gosh, what’s she saying now?

It looks like Aubree is totally clueless.  Tanya and Libby see it though!  One day!  Maybe soon?  They’re both 16 now.  They’re some of the first ones that the age changes have actually affected.

Wow.  There is a lot of Layla and Isaac pics in this chapter.

Going home?  I didn’t even realize Tobias was there.

Rainbow cracked me up!  Hiding by daddy from the scary gramophone!

We’re on to the second meal of the day.  I suppose I really should have taken them home.  And I did plan to.

Rainbow smells something good eh?

Isaac stood up and just stood there looking at Tricia.  She’s so freaking adorable ohmygosh!

Oh!  And this is why they didn’t leave, lol.

I just love these two!  See what I mean about Casen looking so young though?

I had the game paused and looked over here to see this!  Cracked me up.  Perfect timing.  And… a bit weird.

There really wasn’t a ton of flirting and what little there was I didn’t really screenshot because, like I said, it looked creepy!

More playtime with Fish.

And family-time over here.

More chatting… I really did take a lot of screenshots, didn’t I?

Dean, Judy, and Keane had already gone home for the night and then Isaac was tired so they said goodbye.  They did hug but, yea, weird so I didn’t screenshot it.

Dean was the only one that wasn’t super tired so he played with Fish for a bit while everyone else got ready for bed.

Including Keane.  You know, I didn’t realize the Keane/Dean thing until later.  Actually, Keane wasn’t his name at first.  It was Kaeden.  Then, I realized I’d have Hayden and Kaeden… and I’d also been calling him Keane in every chapter by accident sooo it stuck.

And a little bedtime story for the little one.  He’s grown so much!  I remember when he barely peeked over the covers!

Chapter note: Okay, so this is when I had my total freak out about the teens aging that resulted in my decisions that I outlined in A Few Changes.  After making those decisions, I did Casen and Vicente’s makeovers.  This whole integrated ‘hood thing is still new to me and I’m sure it’ll be constantly evolving over time.  Like I’ve said before, there’s just no way I could pre-plan for all of these issues that pop up.

Intelectuality, Inagin-ary, & My Temple Meetings

4 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: The New Favorite

  1. Fish is the cutest pup! (Next to Dozer) Dozer literally is the cutest pixelated pup ever!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe! Glad you like my pup. Fish is such a character.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Doodle’s other hoodie was cuter, I have to agree. Layla is such a spitfire. This family is so cute! Little Keane ❤ Fish in his hat, I need to use that hat more…I need to use outfits more LOL. TOT HUG!!!! Ghostly planters for the win! Whoever the ones who you said look perfect together really do!!! Also please tell me there is a match for Quentin…wait, is it Hannah? Casen does look young. I like the name Keane.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh! That’s Dylan and Aubree that look perfect together. I swear they are like two sides of the same coin. I love using the pet clothing. I plan to get more (CC) soon. Yes, Hannah and Quinton are matched.

      Liked by 1 person

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