Ash Shore… A Few Changes

Just a couple of changes you’ll see in Ash Shore.  I thought I’d explain them here instead of taking up half a chapter!

First, I finally made a decision on the try for baby/adoption roll based on the number of baby whims.  I’ve had a cutoff age for a while now.  There are only a few sims that are at that age already and they have kids.  It used to be younger before I changed the child and teen stage age lengths.  Cutting off those 10 days really gave my young adults a lot more wiggle room.  It’ll be quite awhile before you’ll see a difference in the actual age lengths with the kids and teens though because I had to keep them staggered for the most part for the current ones or I’d have most of them the same age!  That said, there are still couples like Darrell and Naomi that if they want to have their own baby are close to the cutoff.  Since they have Rylee already and have only ever had 1 baby whim that I’ve tracked I don’t think it’s an issue.

I realized that the cutoff for male/female couples and the cutoff for same-sex couples would be different given that there’s no pregnancy and in most cases no baby stage either.  Which made me think that the male/female couples could also adopt once they pass the age cutoff.  The cutoff was created so that I don’t have elder sims with child aged kids that will likely never see their grandchildren especially if they get hit with health strikes.

So, 10 “try for baby” whims or unsuccessful try for baby attempts = either a try for baby prompted by me or a random roll in the cases where they can’t have their own for whatever reason.  I also plan to implement a random try for baby roll with unplayed households like Summer and Reece that I’d never see their whims in the first place.  I’ll likely add it to the rolls at the start of each round aka day.  I went through the chapters from the time each of the couples were actually couples and tracked.  Here are where they are at the moment including where Mack and Elsa currently are since I played them after I made the list:

Baby whim count (by age)

Darrell & Naomi- 1

Drew & Everett- 8

Erick & Maxwell- 4

Mack & Elsa- 9

Christian & Michelle- 2

Stephon & Tanya- 0

Enzo & Tobias- 3

I left off Aimee and Zion since they are currently pregnant.  Dean and Judy haven’t had any since Keane was born.  I think they might be happy with just him.  Tanya and Stephon seem in no hurry and perhaps they don’t want kids while Enzo and Tobias started the whims immediately!  Looks like I’ll be doing a roll for Drew and Everett when I play them next.  After Mack and Elsa’s failure last round I had upped the percentage but I lowered it back down to where it was again after making this list.  I mean really, they all will be able to adopt if needed so I don’t see the hurry.  And, while I feel a bit of panic regarding age gaps with the youngest residents, I am still leary of making the mistake I made with my first rotational neighborhood where I ended up having around 30 households that I considered “mine” due to the HUGE baby boom at the start.

As to the age gaps… as the teens have aged up and I’ve given them their young adult makeovers it’s always kinda freaked me out how very different they suddenly look.  Say what you will about teens in Sims 4 looking just like young adults but they really do fill out a lot when aging up.  Girls into a more womanly shape and boys become more broad-shouldered and muscular looking as well as their facial features all changing a bit.  This, in addition to my customary makeover, makes them look like they’ve jumped from 18 to 25!  It was most noticeable to me with Casen and Vicente after this last round of makeovers.  They’re really my first teens that were a couple before aging up… sort of.  At least couples in my mind.  Tanya and Stephon were but I guess we never saw them together between their birthdays or something?

At Erick and Maxwell’s wedding, it wasn’t very apparent how very different Isaac and Casen look.  I suppose this was due to them having their formal-wear on.  But when I played Isaac yesterday it was a shock to me.  They hugged and it looked like a man with a little boy.  I mean, really, Casen has a very small build in comparison to Isaac but the contrast was… creepy.  Technically, they are both 18!  And this brought to mind the very young kids that I haven’t done any chemistry profiles on yet because I don’t want to feel intrusive.  Most of them have some age gaps.  What if Skye is a match for Keane?  She is currently 5 and he is 2 1/2.  That shouldn’t seem like much in the long run considering as teens that would leave them at 15 and 17.  But, once you get to the point where one still technically a teen while the other is a young adult, it suddenly becomes creepy!  And that’s with just one “day” age gap!  What happens when it’s a 3 or even 4 “day” gap???

The thought of this was very upsetting to me.  I mean, what am I supposed to do?  Have a baby boom so they all have more options closer to their own age?  Start adding kids their age to the townie households?  Then, finally, I came up with a plan that I think will work.  I’m splitting the teen ages into three stages.  Pre-teen, early teens, and late teens.

  • Pre-teens I will make look as young as possible.
  • Early teens will get acne in different stages, braces maybe, a small amount of body hair, very teenish looking clothes.
  • Late teens will get things like makeup, earrings, more body hair, a bit of facial hair, older looking clothes, ect.
  • Very early young adults won’t get much of a change at all because the filling-out already makes them look older.

I actually found some lists online of things people do in real life to look older or younger that I think may help including some of the things I’ve listed above.  I made a huge mistake doing no makeovers on Casen and Vicente.  All I gave them were new shirts and jeans and not even ones that fit their personalities!  I’m still in the mind-state I was when a “day” took 6 sim days!  It’s now taking more than twice that when you include the day I use for the holiday/birthday, weddings, and the club day.  So, I went ahead and did their makeovers.  Casen, in particular, looks sooo different to me already!  I’d given Vicente a bit of a more grown-up look probably earlier than I should have during the spring makeovers because he’s so baby-faced.  You won’t see the changes right away, I’ve already played out the next three chapters before I’m writing this but figured I’d just include this with the one about the try for baby rolls.

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