Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Bounty Day Part 2

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

LMAO!!!  Okay, so last time I did more than one birthday at once I just teleported them a bit away but they tried running back and I kept having to reset them.  Obviously, you can’t see them until after their makeovers!  So, this time I teleported each of them up to the lighthouse after they blew out their candles.  Let’s get a better look shall we?

Skye is just absolutely adorable.  Her outfit is a bit off from her personality but it looked so cute I had to give it to her.

Kaylyn looks very cute in that hair.  I had a really hard time finding something for her that I liked that wasn’t already used.  As far as I can tell, I only used the same hair on two sims.

Tricia aged up in that hair and it just looked so darned cute I couldn’t make myself change it to long hair like she had as a child.  She’s another one that confused me when looking at her personality profile to do her makeover.  Eh well, she matches it now.

When I was doing the 8-hour makeover marathon I was taking screenshots of the sims in CAS before I went on to the next household.  I’d deleted all of those but then when doing these birthday makeovers I ended up having to pull them all out of the recycle bin to see if anyone had that hair!  ALL of them that I wanted to give to Lucca were used.  So, he got longer hair than he had before.  It looks great though!

And finally, we have Isaac.  Another tough one.  I used pretty much every stitch of athletic-wear already on the other active guys.  Ugh.  This top I tried to give to pretty much every single one of them and it looked terrible on them.  I was shocked to see that it looks great on him!

Well guys, shall we return to the party?  I’d actually expected everyone to leave after I’d ended the club gathering that I’d started to get them by the cakes.  I thought I’d have to bring them back but they didn’t leave!

I made all of them go by their families so I could get pics.  Tricia with Stephon and Grady.

Kaylyn with Khloe and Shari.  For some reason, it took Skye forever to get over there.

Lucca with his sister Summer.

Well, Isaac was talking to Dean and Judy but uh, Casen kinda took over that convo.

I was looking over here and then…


I mean really, they were pretty much boyfriends from that flirty introduction.

Layla is waaay too interested in anyone kissing!  It’s hilarious!

Lucia was there… briefly.  I was kinda surprised that hair looked good on her.  I never seem to find any sims it looks good on.

They look so similar!  You’d think she’s her mother not her aunt!

I kept trying to get pics of Skye but she was surrounded in a sea of people!  She’s so tiny.  She seems to get along well with her new cousin.

Aimee must have gotten tired and left.  Baby belly.  Again!

Dancing with dad.

Dancing with step-dad.

Look who’s here!  And he immediately zeroed in on Layla.

I’m so excited for Vicente and Casen aging up I almost aged them up early.  I resisted… barely.

Whining about your unfair life to your brother… already Tricia?

These two are so sweet.

Demetrius and Reece arrived and Reece went over to get a hug from Summer.  Demetrius was actually supposed to age up this day too but I just didn’t have room for his whole family to be there!

Oh, Judy, you’re going to have your hands full with her!  Layla has skyrocketed up to one of my all-time favorite sims.

A bit of kissing between Sophia and Adan.  Hopefully, we’ll be planning their wedding soon as well!

Vicente seems really happy with his family, doesn’t he?

Too bad Christian wasn’t with them.  It would have been cool to get a pic of the “guys” group together again!

The Buchanan men all together.  They look so alike!

So cute!  Also, I love her new look!

I think Layla was making fun of adults!  LOL!  She’s a little spitfire!

It took forever to get this shot of Lucca and Summer talking!

This was so totally unexpected I was laughing so hard I was crying!

You can tell where Vicente gets his good looks from.

I knew it!  I knew they were getting sick!  I sent Elsa and Mack home.  Sheesh.  I wonder how many sims they infected?!?

Not the best place to play with a toy Maxwell.


A little flirting between Summer and Reece.  I moved him in with her and Lucca after this.  I’m going to do their wedding first but I have no idea what I’m going to do with poor Lucca!

I have never seen sims do this before!

*happy sigh*

And then I saw these two talking in the background.

Our two gluttons together… eating.  What a surprise.  Also, she’s eating fish???

And then I realized that Libby hadn’t been there the whole night!  I gave her a more mature look to fit her actual age.  She kinda looked like a teenager before.  Especially since she had hair I usually give to teens!

So alike!  Gah, I’m just itching to age him up.

I can’t believe they’re having another baby.  It better be just one!  (Please don’t tell me I just jinxed myself!)

Everyone’s all lovey-dovey.

Father and son looking pretty darned confident about… something?  The upcoming wedding perhaps?  I need to age up Demetrius first.

Love these two!  I didn’t realize I’d given them both brown tops.

I’m really surprised they didn’t eat more.  What’s up with my sims not eating?

Another one of those secret handshake things from Enzo and Sierra… and it’s 5am.  Time to pack it in.

I get a kick out of watching everyone leave as one big group.

Baby belly!

I’d sent Skye and Kaylyn home with Khloe and Shari at some point.  I have no idea why Tricia was embarrassed.

It’s a good thing that Isaac’s athletic!  And that, my friends, is the end of the Bounty Day celebrations!  I think it went quite well.  Especially without using a club.

Summer & Reece’s Wedding

4 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Bounty Day Part 2

  1. Those pics are beautiful !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I have such a hard time deleting ANY of them with these sims! I used to delete at least half of the ones I took!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. They look fantastic! Layla is just getting her education hehe. Yay for them being boyfriends now, I am surprised it didn’t happen sooner! It looks like they are twirling marshmallows on a stick when they fire dance! Layla is such a cutie, I love that sweat shirt! I need to use it more. Baby belly! Please be jinxed haha. A wonderful holiday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right? Isaac and Casen started out super speed and then dragged their feet from then on.

      Liked by 1 person

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