Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: While You Were Talking

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 1

Well guys, let’s see if anything interesting happens today.

They were all hungry.  I promised myself if I put the UI Cheats Extension mod back in I would ONLY cheat the energy all the way up when I got to the house.  Which is why a lot of the time their first stop is the park to cook now.

I actually forgot that Tobias and Stephon are almost the same age.

He seems to get along well with grandma Cecilia.

A little romance perhaps?

I will never stop laughing at Doodle in that hoodie!

In some ways, the height difference is very frustrating but I really like the kiss on the forehead.

Distracted by cuteness.  Is Janelle babysitting?

Wow, are all the toddlers here?

Awe!  So sweet.  I’m sooo happy I thought of them for Alayna!

A chat with “big brother” Drew.

Is this an impromptu Tiny Tots meeting?

A little flirtation between Dean and Judy.

I was just saying that I never see either of them here and now both Shari and Khloe are here with Skye!

Awe!  I’m looking forward to giving Khloe new hair when I do the makeovers next.  I’m really looking forward to doing the makeovers!

He’s so handsome.  Like model handsome.  I don’t normally notice it because his puppy-like enthusiasm for life overrides everything!

I saw something in the background and looked to see and it was Ragtime streaking across the island!  Vroom!  He takes that cape seriously.

Awe so sweet!  I didn’t realize how pale Hayden’s skin is until this.

Nothing exciting was happening with them at the park and I only had 3/4 of a day with them because of the Social Circle meeting that evening so I took them home to double up on the gathering for the day.

It went much faster with Stephon doing half.  I couldn’t really see any point in trying to find some other task for him to do in addition to Tanya’s.

Although, she really loves her digging.

And Cecilia loves her writing.  85 years old and still going strong!

Apparently, we’re standing outside talking again.  What’s Talon doing?

Is he taking a muscle selfie thinking about grandma Cecilia?!?

These two completely ignored him.

Cecilia let him in.  Look at his face!  What is going on here?

The plot thickens.  His uncle Adan showed up at the door looking for him!

He did not seem pleased.

I suppose everything’s okay now?  Shouldn’t y’all allow the elder to sit?

Cecilia is a great story-teller.  Which is why she’s so good at writing books.

What the heck?

Umm… why is Scarlett knocking on the door too?

To see Talon?

Looks like it.

Woah!  Holy cow!  Girl, he’s almost 5 years older than you!  I seriously have no idea what was going on here but it was insane!

Tanya and Stephon finally decided to come inside once everyone was gone and Cecilia filled her in.

Her face!  Ohmygosh these sims do the strangest things!

…and this is when we did the Social Circle meeting. Luckily, nothing exciting happened in between that would have made the timeline confusing.


1 thought on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: While You Were Talking

  1. I read that as Doodie in a hoodie…LOL! And yes it seems things were interesting! =D

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