Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: Beau-Vine!

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 1

If you’re reading these chapters in a row you already know that Naomi was the leader of the Social Circle group and I’d decided to just go ahead and play her household after the meeting was over.  So, the day started earlier than usual with everyone sleeping.  See?  I resisted cheating up their energy!

I decided today is the day.  I will no longer call him the yet-to-be-named cowplant!  Stay tuned for his naming ceremony at the end of the chapter!

Awe so sweet!

Since he was the only one awake, Darrell took Jitterbug for a jog.

The cowplant (named soon!) seems to be the center of attention at all times despite the cute doggies on the lot.

I swear to you when I played them last she bought a bunch of stuff from the supply store to can.  She had enough to make two jars of pickled veggies.  Two!!!

Sorry for the uh… pic.  But it was too hilarious not to share!  He was still jogging with Jitterbug and I decided to queue him up to use the toilet and take a bath afterward.  Well, he immediately returned home to use the toilet with the dog still leashed and then was going to go back jogging!  This family had me laughing so much today!

Awe, what’s wrong, Siggy?

Needing some lovin’.  I have the feeling that Darrell and Naomi have swapped dogs.

Her eyes!  Ohmygosh Jitterbug is just absolutely hilarious to watch!

Another forehead kiss.

What the heck?  He was mocking her outfit or something like that.

Ugh, really?

Then this.

Just… do something until the anger wears off.

Siggy was upset.

Ragtime had this exact thought bubble when asked what was wrong?


Dog face!

Gangsta hoodie!

Tobias and Enzo in proximity.  Also, little Darren.

Chatting with Daddy.

Land shark!  (from a book)

Puddin’s in heat.  I really need to give everyone the anti-heat pills but since I can’t sell them at the supply store I’ll have to merge everyone individually with Sophia!

Nom nom.

So many pups!

Won’t you be happy when you don’t have to see so many screenshots of one of them looking at the other?  Or standing near the other?

What’s going on here?  And wow is Erick a lot taller than Everett!

A little risque question.

What the?  Yikes!

No need to be afraid of gangsta Doodle, Tricia.

Rhys and Layla alert!  Oh, I just realized if I’m not taking pics of Enzo and Tobias near each other they’ll just be replaced by the others.  Mwahahahaha!

Love this interaction!

Umm… okay?

Where’d you get that car?  I’m pretty sure that’s Darren’s.

See how similar Daisy is to Tricia on the ship?

Wow, Layla’s acting a lot more excited about her brother playing sea monster this time.

Okay, I gotta know, what’s going on with Talon lately?  Why are they looking at him like that???

Toodles is here!

More dancing cuteness… from Khaled.  Hehe.

That’s an intense solo game of Don’t Wake the Llama!

When you’re trying to practice Don’t Wake the Llama and your new step-mom keeps banging a toy car on the table.  #Ryleeproblems

Maybe Naomi just needs a better use of her time.  Like keeping the energetic dog happy.  Daisy seemed very interested.

Rhys must have been kneeling.  I just thought they were being cute.

Don’t mess with gangsta Doodle yo.

I realized that I have at least one pic of Doodle in almost every chapter since I gave her that hoodie!

Back home.  A little romance perhaps?

Awe.  I may have deleted the garbage can that was behind them for this shot.

Eh, well, the romance never lasts long with my sims now does it?

These dogs are so cute!  Jitterbug is rockin’ that hat.

What the?  I think it might be because Rylee was in the tub?

More flirting yes?


The dogs don’t know either.

Or, we could play with the cowplant and hang the laundry that’s been in that tub for days.

Oh, here we go!  Romance.

Nope, spoke too soon.  Darrell was exhausted.  It must have been jogging with the dog… or getting up way earlier than Naomi and Rylee.

Both dogs got a little attention before Naomi went to bed as well.

And the Rylee woke up a few hours later since she went to bed kinda early herself.  She does not look like a morning person.

She started playing with a toy and the dogs converged like play with us instead!

Lori was the winner helping me name the cowplant.  It’s finally light out so let’s go!

My poor sims must hate me.  Mwahahahaha!

The Saga Continues

5 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: Beau-Vine!

  1. 🤣🤣🤣 who ends a chapter by juggling their sims lives? You do! 🤣🤣🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Juggling lives? Why cuz he had the naming ceremony? LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No because the cowplant ate him and spit him out lol

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That’s part of the ceremony. He’s a peace-loving cowplant after-all.


  2. Mwahahaha I love that name, nice going Lori! Also the ceremony, that’s hilarious!

    Liked by 1 person

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