Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: Autumnborne!

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 1

As I mentioned in the previous (clubs) chapter just as the Tiny Tots Support Group was winding down their newest member decided to arrive!  I’d changed the pregnancy length but apparently not as much as I thought I had!  Oopsie.  Lots of pics but I doubt many will need captioning…

Look how close he is!  He wants to be right in on the action!  And Ragtime!


He was sooo close I had to pause for like 5 minutes to get an angle that didn’t have the babies’ head inside his chest!

Drumroll, please!  Meet our newest Ash Shore resident and Autumnborne baby: Axle Sands!

Very proud parents here.

Oh boy!  Is someone upset?

Maybe the “upset” look was “gotta poo?”  They really need to clean that!

You’re kidding, right?

I had one of them clean the litter and they went out to kiss some more.  Oh boy.

She called Naomi and Judy and a few others to tell them about Axel.

But, he was afraid of the “typewriter”, not that other stuff.  Oh well, at least we know the mod sort-of works right?

You too???

She had a whim to hang up laundry.  Umm… sure.  Then he walked out and this popped up:

Aren’t we all domesticated?

See?  This puddle I don’t mind.  If only they could distinguish between this and urine!

Now you may hang up laundry.  You’re welcome.

Doesn’t look like you’re gonna get your flirt on pal.  Wifey’s pooped.

Or not.  I don’t know if Ragtime woke her or not?  There was no scold option.

This is the first time I got to see a cat (in my game) do this!

They’re just so cute.  I can’t resist!

That is a naughty naughty face!  What has he been up to or is he planning something?!

Looks like someone else wants attention.

The second she put the baby down!

You’re kidding me, right?

Not kidding.  They tried for another baby.  I’m pretty sure she got pregnant too.

Ragtime’s still not too sure of the typewriter!  I guess we’ll see what he thinks of his new “brother” soon enough!

A/N: Callum Buchanan was the first autumnborne baby but still… this is the first of “my” babies!  Although, at this point, they’re all mine!

While You Were Talking

3 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: Autumnborne!

  1. How did you get Ragtime to not be afraid of the appliances ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a mod. You know me and my mods. Anti-fear training or something like that. It makes sense that comforting them would eventually make them less afraid. At least I think so!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ragtime is like WTF MOM!?!?! Oh man these two are like babies all day long haha

    Liked by 1 person

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