Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: Ash Shore Schooling at It’s Best

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 1

You know how the game likes to make everyone in the household do some sort of task when you enter the lot for… whatever reason.  I mean, seriously, what are the chances that I’ll just let them continue whatever they were up to?  Anyway, I cracked up seeing that Isaac was chatting with a plant, Judy was playing with a toy…

Dean was doing laundry which is really fitting considering he’s a neat-freak.  Did the game just poof the dirty clothes from the hamper because the clothes from last time I played them are still on the line… wet?

Layla was throwing something away.  Not very exciting.  Anyway, let’s play the Mesners!

Cuteness alert!  Speaking of something being there since I last played them.  Keane and Judy were eating the fruit Isaac had grilled.

Dean looks so enthused.  I do love their little family-within-a-family.

Nothing like carrying dog poo in your pocket Isaac!

Yes, more cuteness.  I’m guessing this chapter will be long.

Not everyone got the (preserved?) grilled fruit so off to the park they went.

Isaac was acting weird.  Maybe his upcoming birthday has him freaked out.  I know it has me freaked out!

Chatterbox the cat-shark swoops in on the chicken.  Hey!  Chicken’s rare here!  We do not question where it comes from.

*happy sigh*

And… more toddler cuteness.

I can hardly stand it!  Everywhere I look is a toddler, child, couple, or pet doing something screenshot-worthy!

And, there will be another… very soon.

Keane learned to use the potty by himself.

Isaac and Enzo chatted.  I have a feeling that’s the second plate.  Good thing he’s athletic.  Although, my sims have this weird issue that since I don’t play them all the time they’re all starving and I keep having to bump up their weights.

This looked to be a very intense chess match.

It’s so odd that only Kaylyn ever shows up to the park with Skye.  I never see Shari or Khloe with her.  And yet, Isaac is a teen with a toddler in the house and it’s always Dean or Judy, usually both.

And Alayna was there too!

And thus commences the most hilarious conversation ever that had me laughing so hard I was crying!

The last picture’s what really set me off!  That confident grin when he remembers that he has more experience than Enzo!  ROTFL!

Enzo distracts from the weird topic for a joke.  I mean, he could have chosen a worse person to ask right?  Tobias asked Vicente’s grandma Meredith!

Ah, well, we were having fun at the park and stayed later than I intended but I really want them all to go to school for at least a little bit.

Kyra’s back to the science machine.  I’m really looking forward to the teen’s next height adjustment.  I hope the new numbers make them look less… weird.

Another riveting puppet show.

Casen’s here!

Isaac’s 18 and Casen’s 17 1/2 so we’re good.  I have no idea why it really matters to me.  Anyway, I left them autonomous and just let them flirt.  And took lots of screenshots!

I love it when they kneel together.  When one’s kneeling and the other standing I can’t get a good screenshot but this is adorable.

And then I spy Layla and Reece.  They’re really my only kids that I can say already have a connection.  I can’t remember what their chemistry score was but it must be high since they’re both in pretty much the same clubs.

More cuteness from this corner.

Isaac was distracted by the puppet show.

And now Casen is.

Can they ask each other about woohoo?  Because his face looked really strained?  LOL!

Casen is so adorable.  He’s like a happy little puppy.

When I saw these two outside I thought oh how cool they can play basketball together.  But, they can’t!  There’s no option for kids to ask someone to play!  So sad.

Yes, I know, I’m giving you whiplash.  That’s the problem with having more than one kid in a household.  This time it was the look on Vicente’s face.

Ohmygosh she’s just leading him around!  Love it!  I’m thinking of trying out the First Love mod with them.  I’ve had it in my mods folder forever… we’ll see.

Hehe… so many screenshots.

Umm… y’all are in school.  Look at Sierra’s face!  Why’s she always smilin’ at everyone kissing?  Maybe she’s a romantic?

First eh?

Let us not forget the day that they made out almost the entire school day when I was playing Enzo and Sierra.  But still, it’s cute.

Good idea!

More chatting and flirting.  Why can’t they both stand or sit?

Pretending to actually do something.  His writing skill is super high.  Must be from him constantly writing in his journal.

I’d say hormones but most of the adults get these too.

It’s been fun but they’ve stayed an hour longer than my new set schedule.

Judy, Dean, and Keane were still at the park and both Isaac and Layla were hungry again so they just headed back there.

Boogie down.

Rawr!  I cat-shark I devour potato!

Keane woke from his nap and thus they were surrounded by butterflies.  My little family.  They make me so happy!

So funny!

Layla: Look at my brother, he’s an idiot.

She doesn’t look impressed at all.  Totally cracked me up.

Dance baby dance!

For future… scrapbooks or something.  Just think, I’ll have pics of them all the way back to when they were toddlers with the founding members!  Speaking of toddlers… I absolutely will not allow myself to look at the matches yet.  I’m thinking maybe I should wait ’till a certain age or something.  And, some of the scales I’m thinking I may change… maybe?

A rare visit from Kierstin with Alayna.

Adorable Siggyness. (It didn’t want to correct that word.  Is Siggyness a word now?  Practically everything I type I have to “add to dictionary.”)

So much cuteness!  Can you blame me for wanting to hang out at the park?

Saying hello to Rainbow.  Is Isaac eating… again?  I swear he’s part hobbit.

Speaking of eating.  Awe!!!

Oh!  Look who showed up!

Awe man, Fish wants to be walked.

Layla to the rescue.  He is technically her dog.  But, Isaac usually jogs anyway so he might as well take the dog with him.

I really love this mod.  There’s this really weird stretching when she puts on and takes off the leash but other than that it’s perfect.

A knowing look from Dean.

Someone’s awake from his second nap.  All these kids are so fast!

Look at Enzo in the background.  He’s like oh that’s why he was asking.  LOL!

I realized that somehow the little toddler blocks had gotten lost!  We can’t have that now can we?  Scarlett joined in.  She actually has pretty good traits.  Not as good as her brother Darren but waaay better than her sister Skylar.  I never did find a match for her.  I keep having to remind myself that not everyone needs to be matched!  And some can find a match as young adults or even adults.

Checking in on Layla and Fish.  The pics are a bit dark but still cute.

Jitterbug very excited about the gramophone.


Judy: You’re just going to leave him here?

Seriously, Judy, he’s practically an adult… err young adult?

I really love watching them all walk or jog with the dogs!

More Jitterbug cuteness.

Guess Judy worried over nothing eh?  There’s really no hurry.  I’ve kinda been wondering if they’d do the promise rings thing autonomously though and these two seemed likely candidates.  But, no.  I should just ask Polarbearsims.

Back home.  After a walk how could you need playtime, Fish?  I don’t think Layla minds!

Yay!  Using the potty themselves is the most important toddler skill!

While they slept Fish spent hours being overjoyed over the toilet.

And then he woke up Isaac.  I realized later that the “dog bed” outside is a toddler one.  Oopsie.  Sorry Fish.

Grey, Tots, & Social Group Meetings

3 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: Ash Shore Schooling at It’s Best

  1. School is so cool !

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    1. It’s really fun! All of the kids and teens have crazy high skills it’s so funny.

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  2. So much cuteness I can’t even!

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