Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: No Baby Blues

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 1

I’ve decided I really need to make sure my sims do their tasks at least a little bit.  Last round was exciting getting the houses and the housewarming parties and such but now I gotta buckle down… at least a little!

Khaled was excited there’s a bed there!  He was hilarious when they were taking baths but I (obviously) couldn’t take a pic.  He would alternate between being overjoyed at the sight of the toilet to being terrified of the tub over and over!

Speaking of bathrooms… do y’all really need to flirt in the tiny 2×2 bathroom???  They have no respect for how difficult it is to screenshot in small spaces.

This is an idea I fully support!

A little roughhousing with Khaled while Mack grills.

How can I possibly pay attention to the household I’m currently playing with this adorableness in the background?

Especially when they’re so exciting. <——-sarcasm

Oh, look!  Khaled, Dean, and Judy are doing exciting screenshottable things!

Doodle and Fish, in their spiffy new outfits, are obsessing over the gramophone… again.

Did you lose your child Judy?

Rainbow needs a new outfit.  And to be taught not to eat people food.

Finally, a little flirting.

They aren’t the only ones.  Sierra’s face cracked me up.  She’s almost 11 she kinda knows what’s going on right?

More distracting cuteness.

Oops.  He had a whim to tell a flirtatious joke.  She did not like that.  Why y’all gotta be so serious all the time?

You’re leaving with the cuteness?


Okay, I take it back, they aren’t the most boring couple in Ash Shore.  They just shot up to the top.  Why?  Because nobody else is woohoo’ing let alone trying for a baby!

More cuteness.

Enzo’s here with Chatterbox!

Eh, well, fun’s over for a bit.  Then, Khaled announced he wanted a walk.

Mack had already made several elements at that point so he got to be the doggie-jogger.  Newcrest is so boring to watch them jog in compared to Windenburg.

His face here is so adorable.

The pets break my heart when they get all upset by being told not to do something.  It’s okay Khaled… go back to drinking out of the toilet boy!

A little roughhousing distracted him… until Elsa took her bath, lol!  Also, I just typed razzle.  I think that’s what it’s called in Sims 2!

A little flirting, maybe another try for baby for good measure?

Elsa’s game.

Why do my sims keep going to bed with a barely yellow energy bar???  They’re driving me crazy with it!  Keep this up and I will revoke your rights to autonomous sleeping.  (ROTFL)

Fine.  Sleep.  *sigh*

When they woke up they were both acting sick.  Drew really needs to get some remidies made because you know how sickness is!  Everyone will be sick soon.

No baby.  I swear I almost cried.  They’ve been trying since before they were engaged.

A/N: Because of this, I replaced the risky woohoo and try for baby mod packages with ones of a higher percentage chance.  If the population starts getting out of hand I’ll change them back.  I’ve also done some adjustments to my aging for Ash Shore because, at this rate, Mack would have been well into his elder years by the time their kid aged to teen if she doesn’t get pregnant soon.  I also need to try to figure out a cutoff age when they’ll need to consider adopting instead.

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4 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: No Baby Blues

  1. I give you props for getting a shot in a 2×2 room 🤣

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  2. Ah yay!!! I want them to have a baby soon!!!

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