Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: Contributing

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 1

Awe look how sweet he is with his new little sister, Alayna!

Ready to go bro?  I thought a day with Vicente might be fun.

They got to Tobias’s camp and when he said he was hungry Tobias handed him some strawberries.  Apparently, he’s given up on cooking altogether!

So, Vicente volunteered to cook.  Do you know what that cat, in particular, being here means???

It’s okay.  Stay calm.  Just sit and join his chess game right?

Oh, now we’re doing the bro hugs too?  Well, they seem to work for Erick and Maxwell.

And then, Enzo flirted with him!  (So much excite!)

More hugs.  They really have hugging down pat.

But, all of the flirting was one-sided.

Blow a kiss…

Tell a joke.

Enzo sees what he’s doing.

At least he’s thinking about it.

Time to pull out the big guns.

Poor Vicente.  He cooked and the food was forgotten.  But really, Vicente, can you blame him?

More flirting.  You know I had to get lots of pics.

Hehe… and anyone else as well.

Meeting the pup.

Cat cuteness!

Fine, go eat but bring Enzo with you.

Are we getting serious now?

Maybe not?

Damn.  Really though, can you blame him?  Tobias didn’t flirt once!

Doodle looks so gangsta in that hoodie.

What better distraction from your confusing love life than your new little sister?

Hey, look!  Vicente’s still here!  Poor kid… sort of… he’s not really a kid anymore.

This, my friends, is the genius plan.  You see, Tobias feels he needs to be a contributing member of the community.  And, with Naomi not being able to keep up with all of the canning he could definitely help!

Gonna write us a book Puddin’?

The ears!  Ohmygosh!

Vicente and Tobias went around the area grabbing any wild apples for Tobias to practice canning with.

There’s a (hidden) jam guide at the park so they returned there so he could read a bit.

Vicente’s actually fairly athletic but I thought he’d enjoy a leisurely stroll with Puddin’ more than a jog.

Oh, that’s right, you never finished eating earlier.  Back to checking for texts.

Is Alvin always at the park now?  It’s like Darrell was replaced by him for the “living at the park” role.  Not that I mind when there’s cuteness happening.  She’s so adorable!

Puddin’: Haha cats!  You’re not going to see me in one of those silly outfits!  

Smeagie is terrifying when hissing!  Seriously, if a cat hissed at me like that I’d grill it more burgers to appease the beast.

Looks like Vicente, on the other hand, is less impressed with his cat’s antics.

What’s wrong with you Smeagie?


Now, Vicente looks suitably afraid.

Just calm him down.  Also, I noticed that the laser pointer is a red dot like it is when they’re fine when they are uncomfortable.  Darn restrooms.  I should have just built them one!

Lucca’s here!  Vicente has a trait for telling jokes… forget what it’s called.

Note to self: Weaponized joke makes them dazed not playful.

So now one’s dazed and the other uncomfortable.  And… he’s kneeling.  My sims do this a lot.

I love Vicente’s facial expressions.  And look, he’s standing.

Spoke too soon… he’s kneeling.  Skye, where are your moms?

Umm… maybe this joke will make him less dazed?

I think I might have taken way too many pics of them but really how often do I get to control one of them?

Looks like Tobias had some kind of sly comment for his dad.

Yikes, okay let’s go.  I’m totally not prepared for another Isaac/Casen type of display.  Flirty type joke is successful.  LOL!

Dropped Vicente and Smeagie back home and Puddin’ gets some play time.

He does not sure too sure of himself.  Not really surprising considering he’s a terrible cook.

Alvin showed up.  This is strange.  In all the time that they’ve been living in tents nobody ever showed up like this.  I suppose he really wanted to check up on his son’s new endeavor?

A little company can’t hurt eh?

If I learned to can I would be the best at it.

I’m starting to think that Alvin is just looking for a place to hang out.

Puddin’ was very excited about the canning station!

She kept hopping around looking at it and thinking about it!

Alvin was cracking me up!  Really, at this point, it’s obvious that he’s avoiding his crowded house!

Puddin’ attention time?

She’s so happy!

Umm… bye dad?

He canned every single apple!

Guard Puddin’ reporting for duty!

Early the next morning Tobias met Mack at the supply depot and asked him to try out the jam.

He seemed impressed.

A little comedy relief.

And Tobias got his very own shelf!  I hope everyone likes apple jam.

I think he was grateful.  Hopefully, now he’ll feel more like a part of the community.

All for Kyra

1 thought on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: Contributing

  1. Puddin’ on the type writer! I am glad that Tobias found a way to be a part of the community and got to chill with his bro and freaking come on FLIRT DARN YOU!

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