Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: Bros for Life

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 1

After having no school last round I’ve come up with a plan.  School will be 4 hours… at least as close as I can get.  See?  I’m getting all organized and stuff.

Immediate whim.  We can hope.

Rainbow got a spiffy new outfit.  I was very confused because for some odd reason Erick and Maxwell didn’t seem to know almost all of the kids.  I know that at least Erick should and I had Maxwell introduce himself to several last time.

With everyone’s reactions, it’s impossible to not know the cat is scratching a cushion!

No, no Rainbow!  Fftt fftt!

What the heck?  He literally ran outside to do this?

Well, this explains the fight at the birthday party.  He’s one of the nicest kids.  Ridiculous.  I need to look again, surely someone has to have made a mod for this!

Is that wall interesting Casen?

Still introducing himself.  When I do the autumn makeovers I need to look through the kid’s athletic clothes!

I put some homework texts out on the tables.  They get responsibility at least.  All of their skills are so crazy high it’s more just a social thing really.

The Mesner’s have a love of puppetry I see.

Kyra is a little brainiac so it’s no surprise she’s at the science table.

I kept trying to get them to use the Parenthood “influence to” thing with the kids and they would act all excited like they were going to do whatever it was and they never would.  I swear it worked last time.

Widdle Rainbow sleeping on a book!  Cuteness!

Really, Hannah, you want to go draw on the drawing table.  Maybe they need Jedi mind tricks.

The height difference is crazy.  Actually, when I did the new age spans I also adjusted the heights.  The boys look goofy at -100.

I barely recognized Quinton without his glasses!

I added the lot trait with writing again and these two zoomed over to practice writing on the typewriters.

That was a lot of screenshots for four hours!  I really love watching the kids, though.

Now now Hannah off with you!  It’s time (hopefully) for romance!

As always with Erick and Maxwell, the romance was heavily intermixed with bro hugs.

Yessssssssss!!!  I’m so happy!  I love these two and they’re so perfect together.  I even teared up.

Umm… you are?

Ah, there are the bro hugs again.

A celebratory… basketball game?

Wow.  They really take this game seriously.

Cuteness time?

Indeed it is!

A little play time for Rainbow as well.

Hmm… she got to the park, walked over to Demetrius, and he got up and they left.  Trouble in paradise?

I was hoping this was a sign that the Catfight Club had made its triumphant return… but no.  It seems to be an anomaly.  Maybe some madnip?  LOL!

Puddin’ was very confused.

But Hayden was excited.

Puddin’s so cute.  I really am having such great luck with strays!

Looks like someone wants attention, Tobias.

How could you not love him, Erick?  Maxwell’s one of the happiest sims!

Exhibit A.  (Add in the many pics I have of him playing with toys for further evidence!)

So sweet!!!

Awe, an engagement present, Rainbow?

More bro hugs then?

I really have no idea why they went back outside.  Then, like the others, they decided they needed to immediately sleep.  It must be the beds.  This didn’t happen with them sleeping in tents!

Baby whim!


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