Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: All for Kyra

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 1

Alright guys, I really want to play this family if only for Kyra.  I think that moving Dorothy in with them was a huge mistake.  Having two lazy slobs in one household is just too much.  Sophia’s actually very nice and has some great traits but really the constant farting and stuff got on my nerves more than any of my other low-neatness sims.

So, we built a house and it’s a really cool one.  Since both of them are very smart I thought something with a unique shape might suit.  And then didn’t take any pics… you’ll have to wait for the end of the chapter!

They’re so adorable!

I’d been thinking school should be like 10-2 but then I had plans later for her mom so decided to do it 8-12 instead.  Maybe it’ll just be 4 hours from whenever they arrive?  Puppet show time!

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Her show was a big hit!  I love these things.

Is this the blind leading the blind here?  Lucca’s one of the most logical sims… and so is she.

So cute!

I’d have a hard time picking favorites but these two would be at the top of the list for sure!

Wow, everyone’s hard at work.  I kinda didn’t want to leave.  But, we have plans!

I don’t think Rainbow is interested.  Let’s go.  Poor baby.

The plan!  Once again, I want to try to get Sophia and Adan together.  I was thrilled when I saw they had high chemistry but trying to have her do the pet training ruined any matchmaking plans for them.  So, she invited him to the park.

She just loves animals!

Let the flirting commence.  OMG that hoodie!

Runaway baby!

Why the books are hidden.  She might actually get some skill from it.  All of her child skills are maxed.

Oh calm down Kyra, this is a good thing!

Heck yea!

Things are looking good

You read my mind, Adan.

Puddin’: Oh no, it’s happening to the dogs too!

Kyra had a nice chat with Naomi.

Mom got kisses.

Love’s in the air.  Can you feel it?  Also, Puddin’ pups!  Can you imagine?

Dylan arrived all sad.  I hope he’s not upset that his dad is on a sort-of date.

Kyra managed to cheer him up.  Then, he was uncomfortable.  Well, ya can’t win them all.

Rylee:  Two monsters!  There and there someone help!

I love these kids!

Just look at them!

Speaking of which… I love Darren!  I’m so sad I can’t play him yet but I seriously don’t like his mom Lucia and his sister Skylar.  Hopefully, one day these two will get together… in a long time… and I’ll have them both!

Oh, looks like Dylan’s okay with it after-all.  He’s such a good kid.

Who can resist Khaled?

I noticed that Adan’s nephew Talon was there as well.  Speaking of Darren’s sister Skylar that I don’t like…

Grr!  First, I like you less now than before.  Second, did you have to beat up one of my new favorites?  Poor Aubree!

Sophia expressed her disappointment or whatever goofy parenting thing comes with calm… seriously, I need to just cheat all of their parenting skill up to 10 for cases like this…

And Kyra gave Aubree a comforting hug.  Now, Adan, don’t feel bad that you’re being neglected.  (hopefully) One day that girl will be your son’s wife!

So sweet… all of them.

I didn’t realize that she and Tobias were such good friends.  More sweetness.  I love my sims.

Oh fine.  You’re tired, I want to nap on a log.  Let’s just go home.

The house… as promised.  Sorry, it’s a night shot.

They always had that tub.  It was hidden cuz it made no sense that they had a dog bath tub.

And the inside.  Plenty of room for if Adan and his two move in!

Ash Shore Schooling at It’s Best

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  1. Adan and Sophia! ❤ Puddin’ needs some puppers! No one can resist Khaled! I do love this house, and the little girl! The house is a cool shape!

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