Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: The Group Meetings Begin

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 1

Serious Business…

I should have been prepared for how utterly boring the Serious Business group meeting would be.  This club is for all sims with 0-2 on the playfulness scale and thus… the snobs of Ash Shore.

Chairs were put out and despite Mack asking them over and over to sit together and chat civilly they continuously jumped up to chat standing instead.

They stood around mostly just looking at each other.  Truthfully, I feel like most of them didn’t even know each other before this.

Mack and Elsa went around introducing themselves to each of them… how can all of these sims live in the same small community and not know everyone?  I suppose at the next meeting they can at least use some of the time to introduce the sims to each other.  Sheesh.

Brice seemed unsure of the others and Efrain was the odd man out as one of the only teen members.

Talon was there but he’s kind of a jerk and Efrain is super nice so I suppose they don’t get along well.  And that, my friends, is the sum of the Serious Business’s inaugural snoozefest meeting.

The Do-Gooders…

When I was thinking to myself that I hope this meeting is more exciting I didn’t mean burn everyone to a crisp Cora!  This group is all of the young adult through elder sims with an 8-10 on the niceness scale and thus the sims with the good trait.

Mack is also in this group.  He seemed confident that it couldn’t possibly be as exciting as the meeting he’s leader of.  One can only hope.  Maxwell is the leader of this group.

Umm… okay.  It’s summer, Tobias!

They were a bit over-zealous with the “sit by campfire” task or whatever it’s called.  Each of them added a log constantly!

And they hugged… a lot.

I was thinking maybe if Libby went into labor that might liven things up.

Oh good.  Now I can watch Enzo and Tobias.

Or not.

Umm… y’all just greeted each other and hugged like 2 minutes ago?

Are we using this as an excuse to hug?

Apparently so.

A quick break from the hugfest to greet Tanya and Erick.

Erick: You guys aren’t fooling anyone you know.

At this point, I have no idea how to approach trying to get them together as a couple.  Neither is very flirty.  They’re best friends and looked close to being more when they were teens.  I don’t know?

And now we’re back to the standing near each other, not talking, and looking at each other when the other isn’t looking.  Great.

Time to find some other entertainment.  Libby’s belly is huge now!  What’s up with that glare from Zion?

Really, how many times can y’all welcome each other to the group?  I mean, it’s been hours!

Libby… and her belly were the center of attention.

There was a brief moment of excitement near the end when Stephon and Tanya began flirting.  Boy, I sure hope the mini do-gooders are more exciting!


To be the leader of a group they need to have a 10 (or 0 depending on the club) on the scale.  Rhys and Efrain are the only ones with 10s.  I picked Rhys because he can be the leader longer since Efrain is a teen already.  Also, I’m more likely to play Rhys at some point in the future… hopefully.  Rhys’s older brother Brice tagged along to grill up some food for the kids.

Tricia and Hannah kind of look alike.  At first, I thought it was Hannah’s sister Daisy who has similar coloring to Tricia.

Surely the kids will be more fun.

At first, they were all kind of spread out.  I noticed Layla watching Rhys… again.  I caught them both looking at each other several times last time I’d played Enzo and Sierra.

She gets a hug from Casen.  I was curious to see if he and Isaac would put on a display again.  I’m still shocked by that.

And there she is again.  So adorable!  I mean, why not?  Lots of kids have childhood crushes right?

I realized that they hadn’t been introduced and had Rhys say hi.

Casen and Isaac seemed to be content to just be near each other.  Gah, I feel like these meetings will just end up being me fangirling over couples and potential couples!  Obviously, a lot of them are in the same clubs since the reason they are good matches in the first place is their shared interests.

All of the kids are just so adorable!

And Isaac seems to have noticed his little sister chatting with a boy and went over to spy.

Maybe he has good reason to?

Adorable.  What can I say?  Would you believe I took more pics of them than this?  These are just the cutest ones.

A few of them began to dance.  Nice to see Dylan relaxing a bit.

I began to wonder if Tricia was ever going to leave that ship?

Darren took notice of the food.  I think he may be the only one of the kids to eat!

More kids join in on the dancing.  Brice and Rhys’s dog Toodles had come along.

I took a lot of dancing pics.  They’re all so cute!

Speaking of cute.  Seems that Brice has also noticed his brother and Layla have been chatting the whole night.

A shared look between the older brothers.

They’d stopped chatting and Rhys had been dancing and then he went back to sit by her.  Yes, I know, I took way too many pics of the cuteness.  I swear to you, I only controlled him the once to introduce himself!

Tricia finally left the ship.  I was worried she was stuck or something so I reset it.

Brice seems to be enjoying himself.

I saw Quinton and Rhys chatting.

And Hannah dancing next to Quinton.

So, I had Rhys suggest he introduce himself.  Why not right?  I kinda feel bad for the families like theirs that I don’t play and don’t think I ever will.

Speaking of cutting loose.  Aubree, who is usually quite reserved, seemed to really enjoy herself.

Eventually, practically all of them were dancing.

Aubree danced so long she seemed to learn some new moves!

I was having so much fun just watching them all dance!

Near the end Casen and Isaac danced near each other and I thought maybe they might talk.

And then Dylan made it awkward.

I’d actually ended the meeting but most of them didn’t leave.  Casen wandered over and cleaned up the plates of food and the grill.  Must be the good trait because I know he’s not neat.

I just watched them all for a bit longer since I had nowhere else to go.  Adorable brother sister hugs from Jorden and little sis Hannah.  I think our leader Rhys was finally getting tired and it was nearly dawn.  Time to go.  Out of the 3 meetings today the kids definitely proved they know how to have fun!


All of the sims in the Do-Gooder’s meeting kept doing this!  One would be standing chatting with another and someone else would walk over to greet one of them and stand on top of the other!  Ugh, Sims!

If you’d like to see which groups there are and who the members are you can check out the Hobby Groups page!

Adorable Belly

4 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: The Group Meetings Begin

  1. It’s so interesting to see Sims with similar traits together !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’ll be fun seeing who has similar traits as the groups meet too I think. I was actually surprised with some of them when I was putting the groups together.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That Serious Business looked super…serious! Hehe. So many hugs! Kids were by far my favorite!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! The kids were much more fun! I really need to think up more things for them all to do at meetings.

      Liked by 1 person

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