Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: A New Friend

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 1

Today Tobias will find himself a dog!  I was very excited about this.  I feel terrible each time I see him alone in manage worlds.  He’s literally the only sim without at least a pet in his household.  I think Winston is the only one with just him and a pet.  I really enjoyed playing him.  I know I’ve played him before but then the focus was his dad not him.  Time to start the search!

First stop was to visit little Kyra who said they don’t have any strays living there at the moment but if he hangs around they’ll show up for food eventually.  He decided to walk the beach a bit while waiting.

He saw this stray who had fairly decent traits but didn’t seem a very good match.

I agree.  He’s a very athletic sim and an energetic dog would be perfect for him!

Darrell and Siggy walk by and Tobias laughed at Siggy’s little outfit.

He decided that perhaps he should get some advice from Darrell and Michelle seeing as how they are both dog lovers themselves.

He spots another stray in the distance and walks over to have a chat.

The pup seemed nice enough but still didn’t feel like a good fit.

Seeing no other strays wandering the beach he spent a few more minutes chatting with Brice.  (Why do they all find it necessary to chat in the tunnels?  It’s so hard to screenshot there!  The camera keeps jumping up to the road above!)

Hearing some barking nearby he made his way back over to Kyra’s lot which was now overrun by strays!  Surely one would be a good fit.  He saw a labrador first and thought she might be perfect so introduced himself.


He didn’t want to seem too eager and felt he should give the other dogs a chance so introduced himself to them as well.

But then he worried that the little chocolate lab might wander away before they got to know each other better.

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After some roughhousing which they both enjoyed he noticed that she was shedding quite a bit and gave her a brushing which she seemed to really enjoy.

Hooray!  A pup for Tobias!  After some thought, he decided to name her Puddin’.

He thanked little Kyra for her help and passed her one of the stones that Mack had given him.

Then he excitedly sent off a text about his new pet.

He visited the supply depot and grabbed a bowl and ball for Puddin’.

Since he was hungry and really had nowhere else to go he went to the park next.  The only thing he had to grill was some fruit.  He wasn’t very confident in how well this was going to turn out.  His dad had always done the cooking.

He sat down and checked to see if he had a reply yet.  None.

And hopped up when he saw his father arrive.  He absentmindedly took a bite while waiting and was disgusted by the results of his cooking.

He got a hug then led his father over to where Puddin’ was.

He showed off his new pup and Aimee was nearby and hollered over that she’s a dog lover too.

Tobias explained that he’s not actually a dog lover himself exactly.  He just wanted a friend which got a scowl from his father that he didn’t notice.

He told his dad about his morning and the search which he seemed a bit overly enthusiastic about.

He realized that the morning of walking the beach had really exhausted him so he took advantage of the tent to have a quick nap.  Meanwhile, everyone introduced themselves to Puddin’.

Soon, the pets began to arrive at the park.  Some of our pets that don’t visit very often were there.  Smeagie must have been with Alvin.  It seemed like the cats were dancing to the music!  I kinda miss Catfight Club.

Drake seemed unsure of the large dog.

When he woke from his nap Tobias spied Isaac’s nephew Keane and said hello.  He’s so tiny!

Judy announced it was time to go.  Too bad.

The kids sure do love the monkey bars.

Little Skye was there with one of her mom Khloe’s niece Kaylyn.

Alvin cheats at cards.  Tobias kept a close eye.

Having been found out for cheating Alvin wandered over to the chess table leaving Tobias with Isaac’s sister Layla.

Demetrius gave Puddin’ a cautious introduction.  He’s used to living with a cat himself.

He checked again for a response.  None.

Puddin’ whined and he decided to take her for a short jog.

The island where the new park is is really beautiful.

Oh, there’s Demitrus’s cat Doodle.

Another nap after the jog.

Hearing from Alvin that his step-brother was at the park with his new dog Vicente decided to visit and meet her.  He’s also a cat person and Puddin’ seemed very large in comparison to Smeagie.  He gave a very cautious introduction.

And surprisingly it was a cat who had a bad reaction to an introduction!  Of course, Lucca had to witness him jumping back in fear of a tiny cat in a dress!  Cat scratches hurt though!

He decided to distract him with a few jokes which seemed to work well.

Lucca actually seemed a bit flirty and Vicente had so idea how to react.

So he didn’t.  He just kept his distance and acted aloof.  He couldn’t really explain why he was suddenly so intimidated.  Maybe his new brother is rubbing off on him?

I wonder if Talon and Kiera’s arguing upset Aimee?

Zion didn’t seem pleased.

Looks like she tried to feel better by saying hello to Puddin’.  This pregnancy is really taking it’s toll on her.

Puddin seemed sad but didn’t seem to want Vicente’s attention either so he decided to wake up Tobias.

Who happily gave his new girl some scratches to cheer her up.  Maybe she was worried he’d left her?

A little roughhousing cheered her right up.  Vicente seemed to be pleased to see Tobias happy.

They played a long time.  Such a good girl.

Finally, feeling that Puddin’ was okay, he sat to chat with Vicente.

Who excitedly whispered to him about Lucca once he was out of earshot.

Maybe the fruit would be better this time?  He really didn’t want to go back to his camp and was procrastinating.  Still no response.

Not better.  Maybe worse even.

Cat lover Everett seemed to confuse Puddin’ with his greeting.

Exhausted, Tobias took Puddin’ back to his camp.  He saw no reason to build a house for just himself and elected to continue living in a tent at least for now.

Puddin’ finally got bored of sniffing everything at the campsite and tried out the meowball.

She woke Tobias who sent her to sleep on her little bed.  She seemed content and happy.  And so did he other than the constant checking of his phone.


I’ve become convinced that either my sims are idiots because after having fires for years they still can’t light them without burning themselves… or this happens way too often.  Does anyone else have this happening?

The Group Meetings Begin

6 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: A New Friend

  1. Your game creates the best dogs!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. About the fires – The Sims never seem to learn. After playing through part I and II of Murkland Onyeka still burns her arm quite often.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ugh. They’re driving me nuts with it. It’s to the point that it’s almost every time and then they’re uncomfortable for 4 hours!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. What dog is that on top ❤ so freaking cute!!! Puddin’, oh I love it!!!! So adorable, I want to find a stray like that now! Yay I am glad Tobias found the right dog.


    1. By on top do you mean the dog in the first pic with a dog? If so, I have no clue and I swear I haven’t seen most of those strays since then!


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