Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: Housewarming Parties

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 1

Are you like wait, what?  When I was doing the school testing I noticed that in the parenting “influence to” menu there was one for fishing.  I’d actually planned to put the lot here in the first place and then changed my mind since it’s so large.  There’s that little pond right there which I thought the kids might use and it’s also across from Drew and Everett.  So, it was moved.  I decided to actually play them this time since the entire previous day was just testing.

With Erick and Maxwell, the flirts are mixed in with a lot of bro hugs and such.  Maybe that’s why it’s taking so long?

Things were just getting interesting and then a thing popped up saying it was a housewarming party!

The only option was to invite the guests inside.  And inside they went!  They all piled into the tiny house!

The cupcakes that the guests should have given them weren’t in sight and by then Erick and Maxwell were getting hungry so one of the school tables was dragged out and some “room” food was put out.  Yes, I’m using that cheat way too often.  *sigh*

I didn’t realize until later that only guys showed up to this one.  The food drew them out of the little house and they all spread out and talked.

Vicente’s face!  Ohmygosh I had to pause for like 5 minutes because I couldn’t stop laughing every time I looked at the screen!

They were both very flirty before everyone showed up so there was a lot of this through the whole thing.  Looks like Talon wants to get a little up-close lesson on kissing?  Personal space dude!

Really, it was like this the whole time but with other sims interrupting them and making it awkward.

Casen looks so similar to his dad.  Thankfully, the boys behaved themselves this time.

My sims all need a lesson on fire starting!  Every single one burns themselves almost every time they start one!

It was announced that it’s time for them to leave but I don’t think that Erick and Maxwell noticed.

Zion:  I’ll leave once I’ve finished my potato.  Pretend I’m not here.

You ever notice whenever guests come to your house they leave a mess for you to clean up?  Both of them needed baths.  Baths are so much slower than showers but the tubs were required for toddlers and dogs.

Maxwell played with Rainbow for a bit while waiting for his turn.

And then Erick took over.

And then he was hungry!  It was late and they were both exhausted.  Too late to mess with going to get an anti-heat pill for Rainbow.  Sadly, no proposal this time either.

Next time… hopefully.

Upon arriving to the supply depot with Dean, Isaac, and Layla Fish decided he urgently needed to potty.  Gross Fish!

There really isn’t a set price for anything so Dean left one stone for three jars of food for Naomi.  And then I promptly forgot that he bought them.

The house that I’d assumed would be the most difficult turned out to be the easiest because I didn’t try to do anything fancy knowing they’d need a lot of room.

Keane was tired so he took a little nap.  Layla enlisted the help of Isaac to complete her project.

It came out really cool.

I think Isaac was more proud which Layla found funny seeing as how she’d done most of the work herself!

Regardless, it was awesome.

That is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!  Coolspear should get an award for that mod.

A Fish obsessed with the toilet pic as promised in the previous chapter.  I didn’t put it in the extras to explain how he’s acting next…

This is the first time I’ve seen this reaction when a pet is scolded for acting up.  Normally they growl.  He acted terrified when Dean told him not to drink from the toilet!  I wanted to give him a hug and lead him back there to drink all he wants!

As expected, Keane is adorable.  Aren’t all toddlers though?  Layla doesn’t seem to mind her little nephew stealing some of her spotlight.

I heard this noise… geeze guys you know how hard it is to squeeze the camera in that room?

And then, it was housewarming time!  Yes!  It was so fun at Erick and Maxwell’s that I moved these guys out and into their lot to prompt another!  This time, the cupcakes were in sight.

Little Keane shyly peeked at everyone as they talked to dad.

It was just a room full of people trying to talk over each other.  You know how much I love to people watch.  I didn’t get many pics of anything in particular but it was fun.

Isaac was passed little Keane.  Speaking of being hard to take screenshots in small spaces.

Keane went down for another nap.  Poor baby.

And then Dean decided to nap on Isaac’s bed.  This is why I’d started cheating their needs so much.  I’d get to the house and everyone would be hungry or tired.

Look at all of them pile out of that tiny space!

Yay!  Time for my new favorite pastime: watching sims jog!  Bonus… there’s a dog!

They just jogged by everyone.  Left them in their dust.

Back home everyone was waking up from their mid-day naps.  Dean must have gone out to do some yoga at some point since he’s changed his clothes.

Then, they were all getting hungry so Isaac volunteered to cook.  Since there was the housewarming party the kids didn’t go to school.  I was looking forward to it but the parties are fun.

Drew and Everett really need to train Butter not to eat people food!

Speaking of which, how can I pay any attention to what’s happening with Layla and Isaac with this adorableness happening in the background I ask you?

They’re so cute.  I just love the brother/sister siblings.  No clue why?  Maybe because I grew up with big brothers.

Vicente arrived angry.  Isaac asked him about his angry mood and asked him what happened but he wasn’t forthcoming.

And then I was distracted again!  Cuteness!

I have no idea what happened with Vicente.  He talked to Isaac for a few minutes, scribbled in his journal for a few more, and then stomped off again.  Hormones maybe?  LOL!

If non-household sims could scold the other household’s pets they’d all be trained by now!  Add Rainbow to the list of pets needing trained not to eat people food.

Cuteness!!!  I love all these sims so much!

Speaking of cute.  Erick and Maxwell are just adorable together.

Reece and Casen arrived and Casen played sea monster with Layla.

Apparently, the game doesn’t acknowledge them kissing practically non-stop the other day as kissing.

Reece came over and took Casen’s place playing sea monster.

He chatted with Layla more than Isaac.

But really, they needed to get the food home to Keane.  I suppose we were all distracted.  Next time, he should be old enough to come along!

Layla immediately went to sleep and Keane got his noms.

Dean’s the only sim so far that continuously washes laundry without prompting.

Isaac needed a bath and bed.  It’s funny that he’s been the only one really tending the garden lately.

Little Keane had gotten a second wind after his meal and chatted with Fish.

Fish is wondering what is happening there on that food plant?

He’s so tiny!!!  Eeee I want to squeeze him!

Proud parents there.  I don’t blame them.

Really, the space is actually pretty good without trying to put the 30 wall panels into different shapes.  I doubt anyone else will have enough kids to need such a big house though.  Please don’t wish triplets on me!

A few flirts and then Dean headed to bed too.  New parents and all that.

And apparently, he’d washed but not hung up the clothes.

Layla woke in the middle of the night needing the potty and then decided to clean up her brother’s discarded clothing and eat some of the food before it went bad.  Such a good girl.


During the party, Reece decided to have a nice soak in the tub.  His family doesn’t have a house yet.  Talk about packed!

Fish takes the toilet obsession to new, disturbing levels.

And Keane dreams about… death?

A New Friend

3 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: Housewarming Parties

  1. Okies Lacie, I’m Following you here. Please check your Emails, you have a series of them from yesterday, Good Ones!!

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    1. Oh really??? Yikes, I wonder why I didn’t get notified on my phone?


  2. So many cute pictures of Fish! I love him so much. Keane is adorable too! I am really enjoying seeing everyone play with the new objects!

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