Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: Home Sweet Home?

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 1

After everyone had left following their little tour of the supply depot, Mack and Elsa picked out what they’d like for their new house.

And here it is!  All of the households were given 30 wood panels, 2 doors, 2 windows, 1 tub, and 1 toilet.

Since they are just a single couple they had more empty interior space than some of the families will and are able, at least for now, to bring pretty much everything inside.

The houses will be built little by little as time goes by.  Theirs was the first built and quite exciting.

Now, the honeymoon may begin.

Well, maybe after you scold the dog for drinking his urine.  Ugh.

The disruptive dog was sent hunting so his people could chat.

He found a dirt pile and dug in.

And somehow a crystal was inside that tiny box.

To my dismay, the honeymoon fun was put on hold yet again because they were hungry!  The little boxes at the front of the park are finally going to be put to use.  The stones go on them as payment for using the lot.

Don’t even think about it, Butter!

The kids seem very excited about the new playground items… and the adults too!

Ragtime guards the food while Elsa and Everett chat.

Elsa doesn’t seem to appreciate having a cat lurking over her book.

Someone’s showing off her baby belly!

Umm… probably time to head home eh?

There was flirting before this but I didn’t take pics for some reason.  The first to test out a real mattress.

And we finally get to see what PJs I gave the sims!  It’s very strange seeing Mack with no shirt on.  My guys rarely wear shirts to bed so I suppose it’s because we’ve never seen him in PJs before.  No try for baby but I’m almost positive that Aimee got pregnant from the risky woohoo so there’s hope.

At first, I thought he was yelling at Khaled and was about to have Mack go kick his butt.  I guess he just decided to be a jerk to Jorden instead.

Since they’re running the school, Erick and Maxwell get their house next.  They are the only couple living together that isn’t married.  They both seem to be waiting for the other to propose and I can’t keep waiting for them to figure it out!  Grab some lights, let’s go, boys!

And by school… I mean school.  I actually didn’t realize until I was making the hobby groups that Maxwell is creative so it works out perfectly that he’s taking over from Christian.  He’s not as social as him but I think he’ll be comfortable around the kiddos.

Truthfully, the kids were only supposed to be there for a few hours to take a few screenshots but I kept messing with activities and lot traits until it was nighttime!  Rainbow will be the most popular cat in the ‘hood at this rate!  I really did try to keep somewhat to a story but at this point that all went out the window.  Oh well.  Maybe next chapter eh?

I can’t for the life of me figure out what it is that’s causing my sim’s obsession with the card table.  I like having it because it builds logic.  I thought it was the more fun mod but it isn’t.

So far so good.  Jorden was even using the typewriter to practice writing so I think maybe they should get another.

I tried making playing chess an activity and like the last time, they all crowded around the chess table which makes screenshots impossible so it was removed as a task.  ElderJymm pointed me towards a mod by Icemumnun that adds activities so I’ll likely add that and have to do more testing soon.

Maxwell made the rounds introducing himself to any of the kids he didn’t know.  The puppet show was a big hit.

And I realized that I have no idea what I’d given the younger kids for activewear and some of it is kinda mismatched and weird so I must not have bothered!

More puppet show.  They really like this thing!

Dylan carved something.  I’ll have to try to remember to check his inventory when I do his height.

I really like having writing as a task but they leave the darned journals everywhere!

And I finally realized that Rainbow is obsessed with the typewriter!

And, as you can see, it was getting dark out!  Erick and Maxwell were starving and I still hadn’t figured everything out!

I forgot to look and see if they had something to grill before they left so I had to grab something from a gallery room.  I’d realized I was cheating needs a lot so I removed the UI cheats extension.  I mourn it’s loss already.

An odd pic I know.  But, it’s the first time I’ve had a cat need the potty at the park!

Looks like the loss of her samari costume hasn’t made Doodle any more agreeable.

As much as I wanted to people watch I also still held hope that a little flirting might lead to a proposal.

The interior of their house is mostly bare.

Vroom bumble-bee Rainbow!  Don’t let the kissing fool you…

Right after that, Erick went to bed and Maxwell a few minutes later.  *sigh*


In addition to reminding me just how difficult it is to screenshot in tiny spaces, the toilets have sparked all of the pet’s attention thus far.

Both Khaled and Rainbow are obsessed with them.  As well as Fish as you’ll see in the next chapter.

I swear, she’s just petting the dog!  I could not stop laughing!

Housewarming Parties

5 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: Home Sweet Home?

  1. It’s fun to see them getting homes !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the set amount of panels to build their houses. I feel like that’s a good amount but the larger families are going to be tight lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually did a test for the number of beds I’d need for my largest family (at the time) to see how many panels I’d need to get all the beds and a little extra space.


  3. Little houses and so many mattresses! Also a proper school! Is there a dedicated lot to school now?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The school is behind Erick and Maxwell’s house.

      Liked by 1 person

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