Ash Shore Extra: Toilets, Beds, Doors… Oh My!

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 1

A/N: After looking through these pics I realized that they’re so random that despite trying to keep to a story about it all it’s kinda confusing so this’ll just be an extra bonus whatever.  Following the weddings, I had any sims that had anything to sell collect it all to take to the new depot.  That done, I had to stop procrastinating making the health and event ROS (random occurrence scenario) rolls.  For the health roll, I had to go through the whole ‘hood and add all of the sims that weren’t already on my ages chart and decided to do profiles for all of them as well meaning I spent part of the next sim day taking selfies.  I played Mack and Elsa while waiting for morning and couldn’t resist taking a few pics.  There are now less than 10 sims not on the profiles page.  I’ll do the health roll every calendar “day” but I haven’t decided on the other yet.  If there is anything I’ll add it in story-style if possible.  This time I rolled no event.

Enzo was extremely proud that he’d finally managed to gather some honey without smoking himself!

From the first scrapped version of the ‘hood Mack has always been the one in charge in my mind.  In that, he was in the politics career.  In this, he and Elsa are the ones running the supply depot as well as him creating the currency.  Here they’re bringing Enzo, Judy, and Naomi stock the shelves for their household.  It took forever to place all of Judy’s harvestables on those shelves!

Enzo and Judy had a good laugh over his shelves with hardly anything but a single fruit on them!

It took quite awhile to figure out the currency.  A fossil is two of these small white metals.  Which is why there’s so many of them.  A large metal is 2 element cubes which he “breaks” to get to the small metal inside.  I didn’t do that until later so they aren’t out there.  Obviously, there are small metals that were collected that remain small metals.  LOL!  And finally, there are refined crystals which he hasn’t gotten to yet.  Each household will get 10 metals at first.  I’ll see if I need to adjust them or something in time.  This was one of the things that would have taken so much testing I’d never get to play!

Next group was Aimee, Tanya, and Sophia.  Everyone got a giggle out of pregnant Aimee’s complaining about that box.

It’s hard for me to remember that Mack and Elsa are still newlyweds.  This is the first I’ve played them since the wedding but I’ve also spent several days since the end of the first turning planning and procrastinating.

I messed up and left the darned fish in the cooler in Sophia’s inventory and ended up having to put all of them in the display.  Above that are the anti-heat pills and some catnip, napnip, and nuzzlenip.  So far, none of the pets have gotten sick.  I don’t know if it’s because I only play them for a day each or what?

And the last group is taken to collect their stones.  None of them have anything to leave at the depot at the moment.  Erick and Maxwell likely never will since they run the school.  I’m adding Tobias into the rounds at least until I find him a stray to adopt because it makes me so sad seeing the pic of him all alone in the manage worlds screen.

They arrived back at the camp and at this point, I still needed to finish up all of the pre-planning stuff before starting so I was just hanging with them until it was light enough to do all of the selfies.  I love following my sims as they jog.  Mack took Khaled and they became friends.

I just happened to pause as the leash was getting removed and found his face hilarious!

Mack’s scolding Khaled for drinking from a puddle.  This is one of the reasons having Sophia train the pets wasn’t working as I’d hoped.  You have to wait for them to do something wrong to train out the bad behaviors.

Christian had left the typewriter there and since Elsa is creative herself I thought she could write some children’s books.  No surprise they are about Khaled!  She’s looking at me like “you do remember this is my honeymoon right?”

Hopefully soon!

Stop! Selfie time…

Alright!  That done as well as the chart and rolls I was finally able to officially start turning 2.  These were supposed to be some pics of them opening the depot but uh… they all just kinda stood around and it was boring so I sent them home.

Yes, thrilling I know.

And I finally figured out why they end up near each other even if they aren’t talking!  They hug.  They both stood facing each other and talking to other sims and I was like oh!

And now, with all of the extra things finished that needed to be done, we can really start turning 2!

One last note:  I’ve decided to start tagging the chapters with the sims names that are featured in the chapter.  If they are just in the background I won’t add them seeing as how there’s almost always sims in the background!  I plan to go back through all of the previous chapters and tag them.  If you were looking for something about one of them though you can easily search their name through the search bar at the bottom of the home page and it brings up their profile, club memberships, upcoming events, and any chapters their name is mentioned.

Home Sweet Home?

5 thoughts on “Ash Shore Extra: Toilets, Beds, Doors… Oh My!

  1. Yay! Khaled ! I love that crazy dog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohmygosh I know! He’s the coolest randomly generated dog ever!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the picture of Khaled jumping – almost as if he’s jumping to get a kiss after the walk.
    … on a different note. Oh the amount of times I’ve wished for handy baskets or something to store fruit and vegetables – like if you have 10 apples in your Sim inventory you could ad them all to the basket and it would look full – ready to sell from :S

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve wished for the same! I do have baskets from Brazen Lotus but they don’t hold much and the produce that does fit isn’t visible without the camera tipped way up. Apparently, you used to be able to sell it via the retail fridge at one time. I actually had to get a mod because selling produce at a store broke with the pets patch!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I like the idea of a store like that! Interesting to see how it works going on!

    Liked by 1 person

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