Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: The Rest of the Weddings

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 1

Like the park, the wedding venue has changed.  I’m thrilled with this location as you saw in the previous chapter it lends a beautiful background for some romantic pics.

Also, as soon as they all started arriving they headed right back to the wedding area.  Some of them even sat down.  Yep, I left all but the couples to be married uncontrolled.  It’s just too much work otherwise.  And really, I like leaving them all autonomous most of the time anyway so why get controlling about this one thing?

I see confetti and I’m like what the?  Ohmygosh!  She is pregnant!  I didn’t get a pic of Zion’s reaction because he kinda morphed into whoever he was standing with and ruined it.

C’mon guys take a seat.

Apparently, despite being good friends, Shari had no interest in her ex’s wedding and slept through the whole thing.

Well, at least his dad and her grandma are watching.

I discovered something interesting.  If I have them kiss a second time after the wedding is over everyone seems to suddenly notice.

She is so beautiful.

These two flirted through all of Christain and Michelle’s wedding.

All of it.

Apparently, Michelle is really happy to be married!

Her excitement was contagious.

Why did I take almost an identical picture?  Look all the way in the back at Mack.  Delayed reaction there, buddy.

Zion kept a close eye on his pregnant wife.

Cecilia seems thrilled with this turn of events.

She was all smiles the whole day.

Maxwell exasperated: When is he going to ask me?  They’re basically the only unmarried couple left from the original group unless you count Sophia and Adan who really haven’t started anything yet.

So sweet.  Once again, I only invited the sims they were closest to.  Once I got to the last few of them I didn’t really need to add more names because they were friends with mostly the same people.

Daddy hugs.

Shari really didn’t seem thrilled to be there and I kinda regretted inviting her and Khloe.  It’s probably because she’s a loner.

Oh no!  Not you too Maxwell!  I swear to you, I keep removing sim’s singing skill and they keep doing it!

Yes, he’s indeed singing.  Look at everyone’s faces around them.  LOL!

Tanya’s just glowing.  I couldn’t get over how beautiful she looked.  It made the hour or so of searching for a dress for her worth it.  None of the in-game dresses fit her personality.

More daddy hugs.

Tanya gets to know her new sister-in-law a bit better.

Well, Darrell got her to talk a little.  Also, I was like what is Tanya doing?

Ohmygosh Tanya!  Those look like eyeballs.

Everett please stop.  It would be cute if it was every once in awhile but it is constant.  I’m going to have to look for a mod.

Naomi chats with her new little step-daughter.  Which really she had quite a lot of influence in raising her since she spent time with her whenever they were both at the park even if I wasn’t controlling her.

I was like oh something serious is happening…

Unpaused… maybe not.

Okay, Mack.  Personal space buddy.

I’m so excited about the baby!  They’ve been getting whims since right after their own wedding.  I decided that if Tanya is hungry the rest of them probably are too.  I tried having Naomi grill some food in the little area across the street but nobody went to eat it.  Maybe some sort of buffet table… but that would be a bit weird with the whole no-refrigerators thing.

Time to go home all.  I have lots more work to do for the start of this turning.  It was fun having a bit of a break from it all though.

And this is when I decided I really should do the weddings when it’s darker.  At least Windenburg seems to get darker earlier than the other areas.

Chapter notes:  I mentioned Tanya’s dress search.  But that wasn’t the only one.  I searched and searched in vain to find some hair for Michelle that would still have some colored streaks in it.  I’m shocked that there’s maxis hair with them but nothing (at least not short) in CC.  I ended up deciding to give her a little veil or something instead and that search took forever.  In the meantime, I found 3 new creators that I’ll probably end up downloading a lot more of their stuff in the future.  That’s the problem with CC shopping… it’s addicting!  I have one more chapter with a few little tidbits that I left out from this and the last few.

In case you’re interested: No autonomous singing mod.

Bloopers and Outtakes

2 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: The Rest of the Weddings

  1. Congrats Aimee! How long does it take to find out in this game? Mack is a little slow on the take! Eyeballs on her wedding day, okay then Tanya! The wedding venue is gorgeous.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ugh, I’m not even sure how long it takes. So long that I end up looking after a few days if I don’t see them acting sick.

      Liked by 1 person

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