Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: Founder’s Day

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 1

A/N: I still have stuff to do to prepare for the changes for the second turning but I was itching to play so I decided to do the Founder’s Day celebration as well as Summer and Rylee’s birthdays.  I’ve decided that I’m going to do the height adjustments and birthdays at the start of each “day” instead of doing the unplayed townies by themselves because it’s kinda sad doing it that way and really, they are all my sims.

The park was moved to accommodate the new supply depot and this is the first time using it.  I did add a few extra items but tried not to get carried away.

Since I was temporarily playing Summer I decided to have her go chat with Reece so I could get a pic.  They almost immediately started flirting to my delight.

You may remember Skye from Drew and Everett’s adoption poll.  She was the oldest of the group.  Shari and Khloe adopted her.  They must have left right after this since it’s the only time I saw her the whole day.

Are we trying to emulate Enzo and Tobias now?  Standing and staring and not talking?  Oh well.  We have plenty of time kiddos.

I gave in and got the pet stuff pack so that I would have more pet clothes.  I don’t want to mess with the small pets yet.

I saw our birthday girls chatting and snapped a before pic.

Looks like they’ve decided to behave today.  I was relieved.

Since toddlers can’t join clubs Rylee’s needs were rapidly dropping while no one else’s was.  Luckily, I always put out some food with the cake.

This was an “oh look they aren’t just standing in a circle together anymore” pic.  I’m going to do the bloopers in a separate chapter so you’ll see what I mean then.

I’d hoped having this in the back area of the park might encourage some of them to venture out of the main area and spread out a bit.  A few noticed it here and there but it wasn’t much.

Birthday time.  I had planned to do Rylee’s first which is why everyone is all the way back there.  I realized that her mom wasn’t there anymore so after a few minutes I did Summer’s first instead.

This is probably a bit edgier than her personality but I really couldn’t resist.  She looked so good in that hair!  She has high playfulness so I figured even though her social is low she might go for a bit of fun.

Plus, she has a new boyfriend to impress.

Rylee’s turn.  This time, everyone crowded the cake as per usual.

Another pic.

When he invited Shari I had Darrell call Smeagie.  I still can’t understand why this cat never visits the park!  Maybe he’s avoiding joining catfight club?

After finally resolving a weird eyebrow issue we can see our girl.  Ohmygosh the cuteness!  She must have taken after Shari for her activity because it’s zero on the scale.  She’s very playful and social so I ended up giving her dresses.  I also realized that now she’ll be living at least part-time with Naomi I may need to reconsider her rolls due to her influence.

This was very frustrating.  I was trying to get a pic of her talking to both of her parents.

But they wouldn’t get closer to each other.  They get along so I have no idea what was going on.

So cute!

An after pic of the birthday girls.

Enzo doesn’t seem too convinced of whatever Cora is trying to tell him.  Meanwhile, Stephon seems to have found a toy.

Christian caught Michelle cheating.

More talking between the two of them.  Ugh.

Cecilia says hello to Smeagie.  He says he’s a rebel without a cause he doesn’t need old lady love.

Everyone was (finally) having fun.

I had to quickly disable emotional deaths.  Yikes.

These two are so cute I couldn’t pick between the shots so I used them all!

The gramophone was moved to the front of the park.  Leaving it in the back would have required even more lights and ohmygosh I’d already added like 8!

Enzo keeps a close watch during a hug from Lucca.  Silly brother.  Also, I don’t remember giving her that outfit.

Our cutie little one is learning Don’t Wake the Llama.  She was sad because she’d knocked over the tower.

So she asked Shari to play dolls instead.

The way Fish is looking at Enzo cracked me up!

Awe Rhys, what’s wrong buddy?  They always make me sad when they do this.

Siggy was afraid of the gramophone and had to be calmed down more than once.  Poor baby.

Still (impatiently) waiting for a baby bump.  I saw her act sick once so I was still hopeful.

Party time!  Mack shows our littlest child how to dance.

This my friends is the extent of any romance this entire day.  I didn’t even get any Enzo and Tobias pics because Tobias left after I changed the “sims per zone” number since the game was lagging so bad.

More sims joined the dance.

It seems that now her daughter is happily married Meredith has decided to work on getting Enzo set up with her new grandson.  Of course, she enlisted the help of the town mother Elsa.

The household that I was playing at least was all hungry.  I managed to find a room of grilled food on the gallery since none of them had anything they could cook with!  I miss the fish cooler already.

Y’all about ready to get married?

Rainbow makes an appearance and immediately goes for the food.

So cute.

More dancing.  But, as you can see, it was getting into the early morning hours and we had other things to do so it was time to wrap up the celebration.  Turning 2 has officially begun!

Jitterbug gets a howl in before being called to leave too.  Despite the frustrating beginning, which I’ve decided to put in another chapter, it turned out to be a pretty great Founder’s Day.

Wedding Pics

2 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S1: Founder’s Day

  1. So many sims, there isn’t a party like an Ash Shore party! Summer is drop dead HAWT! Why will she be living part time with Naomi? Cecilia and Smeagie LOL. What happened to the fish cooler? I love how you call her the town mother! I adore how everyone is teaching the newest kiddo how to do big girl things, it’s adorable! One big happy community!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Naomi’s Rylee’s step-mom. The fish cooler was stuck at the old park and somehow it worked that I could stock it with fish and all of the households could take out of it but I don’t know how I managed it because it was a mistake!

      Liked by 2 people

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