Ash Shore R1/T1/S4: A Day at the Park

Rhythm 1/Turning 1/Season 4

I got to Enzo and Sierra and they were both hungry.  It hadn’t been all that long before then that I’d left Erick and Maxwell here so they went to the park for some of the veggie dogs.

Awe brother cuddles!

Looks like Christian gets along good with Snoozer.

School started up.  No big surprise to see Lucca and Summer playing together.

Did Summer try to cheat?  That is a very disapproving look.

Enzo read more of the gardening book and I wasn’t really sure what to have Sierra do because…

She’s already maxed everything!

What the?  When did they have their first kiss???

And then they kissed again!  What is happening with these two?  Meanwhile, Reece tries to ignore his brother and get his own girlfriend’s attention.

Someone looks proud.

So umm… my whole conflict about these two being together?  Forget that happened because so far they have the most chemistry (at least physically) of any of these sims!

Really though?  Yes, I had to get a screenshot of each time.  Sue me.  It’s adorable!

Talon’s face!  Ohmygosh I cracked up!

Speaking of adorable.  Hannah is so freaking cute.  I never see her sister or brother.  I must have forgotten to put them in the school club.

I saw Sierra and Tanya together and was all awe so sweet and then went on to look for something else happening and stopped myself.  Why not take pics?  At least I’ll have them for later if they do get together.  Also, see Skylar staring at the flowers?

Later, Darren walked over there.

Then Scarlett.  Does their family have a thing about flowers?

Someone’s shy.  So much cuteness.

Speaking of cuteness.

Originally it was Vicente always watching Lucca.  Now it’s the opposite.  I guess he’s feeling a bit more confident now?

Geeze girls.  I wish the monkey bars built athletic skill after motor 10.

Mack and Elsa arrived with Khaled and Naomi with Jitterbug.

Enzo ended up reading as much of the gardening book as he can now and joined some of the kids in a game of cards.  Casen’s little sister Aubree is pretty cute.  I’ve noticed she seems to stick close to her brothers too.

Rhys’s older brother Brice arrived with their dog Doodle who rarely shows up at the park and Enzo introduced himself.

Such a cute pup!

A momentary glimpse into the playful side of Enzo… before he goes back to being all stoic again.

I had no idea what to do with him so I just started following his whims.  He wanted to become friends with Darren who doesn’t look like he’s impressed with Enzo’s story.

This is the first time I’ve seen Quinton and Hannah together.  I think he agrees that she’s cute.  She looks like she’s about to punch him!

What happens in catfight club stays in catfight club.

I see Skylar is ever her charming self.

Layla seems to have taken notice of Rhys.  For all that is holy Layla don’t let your older brother give you any ideas!

Speaking of Isaac.  I think he’s being nosy asking Summer how things are going with Reece.

Now Zion.  The rule is you pretend not to notice catfight club activities.

Maxwell seemed concerned as well.  They’ll get used to it.  Trust me.

I think this is the first horseshoe I’ve seen any of them toss the whole game.  I actually thought it was broken or something.

Judy: Don’t look at me, he’s not my kid.

Christian:  Really you’re just going to ignore that?

Whew!  They came up for air.

Kiera seems to anger every adult she speaks with I swear.

Everyone staring at Reece and Vicente completely clueless!  Cracked me up!  Also, I just realized I have a Reece and a Rhys.  Guess I really like that name.  Kinda like Kyra and Kiera.  I also gave one of the kids up for adoption the name Skye when I have a Skylar already.

I have no idea why she was making this face but it’s adorable.  And so is Snoozer.

And his people.

She picked up that gardening book and I was like what’s the point?  Oh.  Touche.

Jitterbug wants some attention!  She never fails to make me laugh.

What you up to Rylee?

They stopped at the supply area so Sierra could grab another project.

Who’s he texting so much?  It’s like he doesn’t even notice he just smoked himself… again.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So… I took a lot of screenshots.

Sierra was hungry.  They’d been at the park longer than anyone usually stays there since there isn’t much to do at camp so Enzo grabbed her some fruit.

Oh just eat it!  What’s up with all you kids and fruit?

Maybe it wasn’t ripe?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yea, I took a lot of pics again.  Can’t help it.  I love these two!  This time, Sierra was less than impressed with Enzo’s story.

Cat Fight Club

2 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T1/S4: A Day at the Park

  1. Isaac and Kasen are extremely happy together I see! Enzo and Sierra are honestly one of the best sibling duos in Ash Shore. I ship Hannah and Quentin haha. Ah, I see Layla and Rhys!!!! Also is the catfight club a mod thing or you just calling it a club? I love Jitterbug so much! I DID NOT KNOW THEY CAN LEARN GARDENING AS A KID!?!?!?!?!? Enzo needs some help with those stories lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love Enzo and Sierra’s relationship! Usually, Enzo’s stories have her enthralled but not that day.
      I’m quite looking forward to getting Quinton and Hannah together now that they are teens in the current game.
      Cat fight club is what I call the cats constantly attacking each other. Just a joke… and I did start tracking the fights for my own entertainment.
      The gardening thing might actually be a mod, lol!

      Liked by 1 person

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