Ash Shore R1/T1/S4: Long-Awaited Wedding

Rhythm 1/Turning 1/Season 4

A bit of a blooper to start the day.  See how annoying it is to get them to all sit for the weddings?  I decided this time instead of inviting everyone to invite their 14 closest friends.  I’d hoped this would be easier since I could make them one group and all… not so much.  It took forever to get them all back into their own households and reunited with kids and pets.

Mack and Elsa finally getting married.  These two are like legends to me.  When I think of the perfect couple they’re near the top of my list and when I was depressed and thinking of not playing anymore before they were engaged it was actually the thought of them never getting together that brought me back.

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Despite the whims, I think they’re both too reserved for that.  They were barely together through the whole reception.

Drew and Everett looking handsome as always.  I think Drew’s a bit worried about leaving Hayden and Butter with the babysitter.

Grandma Cecilia arrived for the reception and searched for someone to brag, once again, about her own extravagant wedding.

Erick and Judy seemed deep in conversation.  Hopefully, he’s asking advice about proposing to Everett.

I admit I was a bit surprised that Alvin and Kierstin are good friends with Mack and Elsa.  Neither is at the park very much.  Naomi is so pretty.  I left her hair down now that it’s short.

Yes, I think they’ll get along fine.

If anything at least Drew seems to love it.  I suppose that’s all that matters.

Oh good.  He’s stopped to congratulate our happy groom.

Cecilia and Stephon’s dad Grady seem excited about the upcoming wedding in their families as well.

I felt bad.  Both Mack and Elsa are good friends with Enzo but he didn’t seem comfortable with anyone and didn’t talk much.  I decided to just go ahead and open the park to anyone who wants to come.

Sweetness one…

Sweetness two.  So many kisses!

Oh?  Are we back here planning the wedding then?

Wait for it…

Christian, are you saying she looks like a dog???

That’s better.  Everyone’s so sweet it’s gonna give me a toothache.

Oh wow.  It’s not often you see Shari at the park.

Perhaps he’s taking a page out of Isaac and Casen’s book today?  Lots of flirting with these two.

I remember when I had my baby…  I really need to give her new clothes.

These two are so cute.  With Elsa moving in with Mack I decided to move Erick, Maxwell, Christian, and Michelle together temporarily so I switched to their household hoping things might move along and I wouldn’t feel like I’m forcing it.

Everyone chatting back here.  I love watching them all interact.

Speaking of which.  *happy sigh*

Ohhh someone’s got a ring on his mind.  Also, watch where you swing your arms, Dylan!

Here I was thinking great now I have my attention split two ways again and I can’t wait until they’re paired off so I can concentrate on one couple at a time when…

I saw these two in the background…

Standing together and… you guessed it… not talking.  One day.  Right now, I feel like Enzo is a bit preoccupied with his sister.  Tobias might be ready now that his dad’s happily married though.

Darrell to Elsa:  Did I mention my girlfriend left me for another woman?  No?  I swear I’ve never seen these two at the park before!  I didn’t even do spring makeovers because I didn’t see the point.

One day boys.  Most of the adults are finally getting settled.  And then they’ll have babies.  Right now it’s kind of like when Enzo and Tobias were teens since I have no real reason to play either of their households.  Which is about all they have in common with those two.  We’ll have to wait for their story to unfold.

Looks like Lucca’s sister Summer and Reece are still going strong.  They’re both a little quieter so I don’t expect to see a lot of romance between them out in the open.

Unlike Reece’s younger brother who has turned out to be quite the Romeo.  Casen and Reece look very alike.  I also noticed that they look very similar to their father.

Speaking of romance.  The constant flirts have stopped.  These two keep switching between jokes, friendly, and romantic interactions so much it’s making my head spin!  The conversation tone switches so often I quit looking!

Mack’s so handsome.  Kind of in that GQ model type of way.  When I first made him he wore suits like this all the time but it didn’t fit the theme once I changed it to Ash Shore.  I think he’s ready to go home though and leave the courting to the others.

I don’t think anyone told Drew and Everett the courting is over.  Did they go home and change their clothes?

Oh finally, more than just chatting from these two.  I even tried interjecting a few flirts myself to no avail.  Looks like Elsa went home to change too.

Then please one of you ask!

Michelle and Christian joined the game of cards.  I gave up on anything exciting from them tonight.

I really had my hopes up for these two when…

What?  Really?  Wow!  Okay then.  After she happily accepted.  (Yikes, the pic makes it look like she didn’t!)  I sent them home to sleep because they were both exhausted.

And then these two decided they were hungry so the romance was put on hold for them.  Veggie dogs look nasty.

Eh, well.  Maybe next time eh boys?

I was about to take Erick and Maxwell home when they decided to sleep in the tent and I had noticed our newlyweds here with Khaled.

Will we see anything exciting with them tonight?

Err… this morning I mean.  A few flirts and chatting was all.  So far I’ve only had one couple woohoo when I wasn’t playing one of them.  Babies soon then?  Please?  I can’t wait!

For your entertainment…

Bwahahahaha!  Yes, I really did take 4 screenshots of this from different angles and I laughed so hard I cried!

A Day at the Park

4 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T1/S4: Long-Awaited Wedding

  1. The ending pictures have my screaming 😂🤣😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was laughing so hard! Ohmygosh I think I had the game paused for like 10 minutes because every time I looked back at the screen I’d start laughing again!


  2. Oh man Christian, you have a weird sense of compliments! I love seeing everyone together like this! Mack looks great in his suit! oh my god Christian and Michelle! YES!!! Oh my god those last pictures LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right? Here I was thinking it would be Erick and Maxwell getting engaged the way they were going while Christian and Michelle were just playing cards but they must have been flirting while playing or something!

      Liked by 1 person

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