Ash Shore R1/T1/S4: Cat Fight Club

Rhythm 1/Turning 1/Season 4

Being a dog person herself, Naomi didn’t seem to know how to react to Rainbow.

Thankfully, when she arrived Darrell was there.  Really, when’s Darrell not there?

They start chatting and Jitterbug says what about me?

Poor Jitterbug.  But awe aren’t they sweet?  I think this is the theme of all my last few chapters: Aren’t they sweet?

The flirting begins to get interesting and Jitterbug becomes insistent on some attention.

How can you resist that face?

Looks like Rylee thinks the puppy is funny.

Who could resist making this little one laugh?

Umm… did they have a fight or what?

Hayden arrives and it’s double the cuteness.

And the two head off to play.  I guess Rylee has decided this one’s okay.

Doggie love.

Daddy love.

Hey!  Where’d his clothes go?  Drew doesn’t seem surprised.

Oh, are we going to finally get to the flirting?


Ohmygosh!  It seems that Darrell was waiting for Naomi to make the first move!  She looks shocked.

Wait, how many weddings does that take us up to now?  Three?  Maybe I shouldn’t be so excited eh?

But still, you can’t help but be happy for Naomi.  She tried with two other guys before Darrell and she’s such a romantic.

Now, go back and look at the last few pics and see if you can find Rylee zooming around in the background!  That girl is fast!

Speaking of fast.  Hayden seems to be getting pretty good at the walking himself!

Naomi has been abandoned for a dog… again.  I think this may be the first time I’ve seen Demetrius at the park.  This is Reece, Casen, and Aubree’s dad.

And their step-mom… very pregnant Libby.  She doesn’t seem to be taking the pregnancy well.  Ugh, gotta give her new clothes!

So Demetrius, you looking forward to being a dad… again?

You have to admit, it’s fun having the little ones around!

Oh no, Butter don’t!  It might smell good but it’s not!

Moments later, Butter vomits and Jitterbug runs over to lick it up!  Gah!

No Jitterbug!  Gross!

So sweet.  Also, I have no idea why but that interaction will never get old!  I love it.

You’ve been engaged for like 2 minutes!

I’m kinda sad that Rylee will be aged up by the time they get married but then again we’ve seen so much of them at the park I don’t feel like she’s missed much.

Looks like Judy brought the big guns to keep an eye on his brother this time.  Casen never showed up so no worries bro.

Oh that little face!  So cute!

Speaking of cute little faces!

I figured my job with Naomi was done so I switched over.  Awe!!

He’s just a bundle of energy!

If you’re wondering what the heck like I’m sure Maxwell is… he’s “petting” Butter who’s way over there by Alvin and Casen.

Look who learned to use the potty by himself!

Ohmygosh Libby go be miserable somewhere else!  Is she the reason for this…

Y’all just adopted!!!

And apparently, you have your hands full!

I love them all on the monkey bars.


Home time.

One of those who’s looking at who things: Drew and Butter at each other, Everett at Drew, Hayden at Everett.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Another slideshow… who can resist?

Bedtime for the little bug and a little Daddy time.

Did his singing wake him up?  I wouldn’t be surprised.

Do you think he’s going to wake up again?

I know I say it about all of them but… I love these two!

From one adorable couple on to another.  And… Ragtime.

I forgot he was afraid of the “typewriter.”

When Aimee asked him what’s wrong he thought of an onion.

I guess he’s okay now?

Busywork done for awhile guys?

Apparently so.

Are you two just pretending to work?

Looks like it.

Awe he’s like a little tiny ball!

Ragtime: Can you keep it down in there I’m trying to sleep!

I was kinda hoping for a try for baby.

One or both always has the whim.

Ragtime:  My peoples are so weird.

I suppose it’s time to leave.

And now catfight club begins!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life!  I swear every single cat in the hood (except Smeagie who never shows up) was there to get initiated!  And all of their people acted like nothing was happening!  It was bizarre.  Aimee and Zion didn’t even have the option to scold Ragtime!

The cats!  They’re everywhere and they’re violent!  Watch out!

Looks like Rainbow has found herself a bodyguard.

Daisy was not pleased when they started kissing by the science table.

There.  That’s better.

Looks like the cats are all going home.

Sounded like a good idea.  Ragtime is outta there.  He’s gotta train for the next fight club.

Try for baby this time!

Ragtime gets scolded for waking Aimee up.  He doesn’t seem cowed.

And then promptly wakes up Zion before going to sleep himself considering his work here done.

I decided to just keep them up so I could scrutinize Aimee for signs of pregnancy.

And then, I took them to the park to eat and there it was!  Either the fish is bad or we have a nooboo incoming!  Get ready Ragtime!

Also, get ready because your momma is a dog lover and there’s one in your future someday!  As to getting ready…

Turning 2 is coming soon!

I cannot believe that it’s finally time for the second turning!  On one hand, I’d expected it to take half this time to get this far.  I’d expected a turning to take approximately a month real-time and it did but it feels like it’s been so much longer.  The park is moving so I had to pull all of the books out of the bookshelf which included a bunch of journals.  I started a club meeting and gave all the kids theirs back.

And then moved everything to the new park location on Deadgrass Isle in Brindleton Bay to prepare room for the new supply depot.  All these price tags.  It took forever!

Mostly the light store.  I cannot contain my excitement over things to come!  I still need to figure out my R.O.S. (Random Occurrence Scenario) rolls and get my residents spreadsheet with ages complete.  I have to figure out who’s living with who considering the new engagements and also who I’ll be playing next round.  The bartering system will (hopefully) begin full force as well as the currency.

I played out the final “day” of this turning which is really like 9 sim days in one real-life day.  I took almost 350 screenshots!  Six chapters!  Insane.

Founder’s Day

9 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T1/S4: Cat Fight Club

  1. Do you actually put price tags on every item? Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yea, cuz I take my households there to buy stuff sometimes when they aren’t merged with the household owned by the store.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Do u have to have a sim “own” the store to do it? I haven’t used that aspect of get to work in so long I forgot

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yea, at first it’s the “guys” that own it but later it’s Mack and Elsa.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Rylee and Jitterbug are precious! Naomi needs a dog. Does she have a dog? Aye congrats Darrell and Naomi! Khaled pawing at Hayden is too sweet! You should call that the Monkey Bar Commitee, where the kids plot against the adults or who should get with who! Holy moly it gets hot over by Aimee and Zion! Rainbow and her body guard LOL! So many fights, but it’s entertaining! How did you do the price tags? Also I completed turning 1!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You’re so funny! Jitterbug IS Naomi’s dog! The younger kids don’t hang out of the monkey bars as much as that group of kids did but I like the name Monkey Bar Committee!
      For price tags you click the register and “toggle price tags.”

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Ooooh, so it’s an actual retail lot then? I’ve never played with retail lots

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Yea, it’s technically owned by Mack and Elsa but I don’t actually pay attention to the money in and out. All income is the stones.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Stones…okay off to the next turning I go so I can pay attention LOL

            Liked by 2 people

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