Ash Shore R1/T1/S4: Private Wedding

Rhythm 1/Turning 1/Season 4

Part one of the post-testing plan: get sims I want to see at the park pets!  Maxwell here used to be at the park a lot.  Whatever happened that made it so pet owners were given priority changed that.  I also did a search on the resident’s page and he popped up as a cat lover.

I think Rainbow will enjoy her new home and be properly pampered.

Then, it was off to the park for school.  After testing in Brindleton Bay for so long it was odd going back here.

Rylee and Siggy had gotten new outfits during the height adjustment.  Rylee is 4 years old now!

Summer and Lucca are the closest siblings I’ve ever known.  They are almost always together.  Probably since they are the only family they have.  Speaking of upcoming birthdays, Summer’s is soon as well.

Yay Fish!  I decided to have him go hunting next…

Oh cool!  While the cats only seem to explore the actual park area Fish ventured into the outlying areas.

He brought the present to Kyra.  It annoys me that we can’t drag it into their inventories and random sims will walk over and pick it up if my sim doesn’t get to it fast enough.  Someone was going to and I had to reset them to stop!

He brought the next one to Sophia.  Then he wandered off to nap.  Such a good pup!

I realized that I never really mention Reece and Casen’s little sister Aubree.  Probably because she’s very shy and barely talks to anyone.  I’m hoping someday she’ll make a good match with Dylan but as I’m not playing either household we’ll have to see.  Also, she’s not even 14 yet and I’ve been waiting until they’re closer to 16 to get too gooey over the kids together.

Kyra has a chat with her bestie Layla and her brother Isaac about finding a home for Fish since Layla is a dog lover and feeling kinda left out with the new baby at home.

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Layla and Isaac return to camp with Kyra and Sophia to spend some time with Fish and see if they’re a good match.  Layla is very excited and they take their new pup home.  Naomi, a new dog owner herself, stopped by to ask Sophia if there’s anything she can do about Jitterbug going into heat since she isn’t ready for puppies yet.  Sophia gets to working on making some anti-heat pills.

I’d worried that Kyra would seem sad without Fish but she seemed to take it in stride.

Sophia made some more anti-heat pills in case anyone else needs them and then they had a nice chat.

Dorothy was still there fishing.  I feel guilty that I don’t really like her much and keep her fishing pretty much the whole time I play the household but I can’t just force myself to like someone.  Also, what the heck?  Does this book have some kind of magical powers that it didn’t get ruined in the pond?

I’d taken the townie regulating mods out temporarily while they were at their lot in order to generate new strays-that-are-actually-strays.  This dog had good traits.

As did these two.  Gemma Lou back there you already know from previous chapters as the dog that was constantly being aggressive to other dogs.  I added her to the family and put her on the gallery later then removed her from the save.

These cats have actually been some of the strays all along.  Kyra learned their traits and they were pretty good too.

That cat is Panda, I guess I forgot to leave them on a lot.  Once the park moves to Deadrass Isle we’ll see these strays I think.

Back to matchmaking.  I never expected to play Alvin and Tobias this many times!  Letting the sims lead the relationships themselves has really slowed down the momentum that usually comes with relationships in this game.

I’m baffled as to why Smeagie never visits the park!

Since being at their lot is boring I had them all go to the park.  Tobias, Vicente, and Meredith played cards with Lucca since he was there while giving their parents some privacy.

Geeze Alvin, you’re almost 45!  You have an almost 20-year-old son!  Can I just say… no.  Hopefully, you’ll have grandbabies to spoil… someday.

And so, the constant cat-fighting begins.  Expect more.  Much much more.

Speaking of babies… little Rylee came over to say hi.  Tobias looks so cute here.  Even though he’s a playful sim he always seems so serious.

OMG!!!  Yaaaaas!

Alvin told Tobias…

Who told Vicente…

Who told Meredith.  Lots of excitement going on!

They’d both already been married once before.  They had no urge for a big wedding and so, with just their family there, they committed themselves to each other.

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A/N: You might have noticed that I’ve started using slideshows.  This is because instead of deleting most of the pics and just choosing the best ones for chapters I’m keeping most of them.  I’m not publishing this anyway.  I might as well start doing things the way I want right?  Right.  I’m talking to myself.  I have no idea if anyone will ever read this!

What Just Happened???

4 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T1/S4: Private Wedding

  1. I read it and I see you’re comfortably PUBLICLY talking to yourself. Don’t worry me to! 🤣

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    1. ROTFL!!! I thought I’d deleted all the weird “talking to myself” things.


  2. Fish is a good boy! I am glad he has found a home but it’s nice that Kyra was the one who initiated the adoption! Is that Alvin and Kersitn? YAY!!! And I’m reading it! I like the slideshows!

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