Ash Shore R1/T1/S4: New Center of Attention

Rhythm 1/Turning 1/Season 4

We left off in the previous chapter that was a not-so-eventful day from the guy’s camp.  It was a much more eventful night.  First, if you become confused why so many people showed up, I have a lot trait by LittleMsSam that I’ve mentioned before that pulls sims to the lot and even with the per-zone number lower than I usually keep it, way too many sims showed up!

I was thinking if Maxwell keeps this up I’m going to have to steal his toy!

That’s better.

Darn, I should have taken a pic from the front of Aimee and Naomi next to each other.  They are both so pretty!

Elsa arrived and immediately got a steamy kiss.

Is this what we’re hoping it is you ask?

I have no freaking idea why it has a pic of Naomi there!  Anywhoo they’re finally somewhat committed.

And this is when things started to get kinda weird.  I swear to you I had no flirty aura or lot trait or anything else.  I suppose just being around their significant other did it but it was like every couple showed up and were flirting!

Even the couples-that-aren’t-couples-yet were at least chatting.  Like, look down the line here: Tobias and Enzo, Stephon and Tanya, Erick and Maxwell, Darrell and Naomi, Mack and Elsa, and finally, Drew and Everett.  Aimee seems to be alone here but Zion was somewhere.

Two more!  Alvin and Kierstin and Christian and Michelle.

The serenading was cute at first it really was.

Can you guys like I don’t know… give each other some personal space?

Oh look, Judy and Dean are here as well.  Isaac and Layla must be babysitting Keane.

Tanya’s got a ring on her mind!  Which would be good because I was pretty bored playing her and grandma Cecilia this time.  Kierstin really… personal space!

Unlike they usually do, Tobias and Enzo talked practically the whole night.  Or at that distance maybe they shouted?  LOL!

Adan and Sophia too.  He seems pretty leary.  Not much of a surprise seeing as how they’re both total loners.  This is about the time, exasperated, I removed the lot trait.

You know I was squeeeeeeing like crazy here!

Stephon’s attentions were abandoned for Siggy’s.  I’m wondering if they can ask to be gf/bf or propose when I’m not playing either of them.  Drew and Everett made use of one of the tents… if you know what I mean.

Speaking of which.

Maxwell left and then Enzo.  Erick doesn’t seem thrilled to be sitting next to Tobias’s brooding.

Aimee and Zion’s try-for-baby wasn’t successful, let’s hope that Elsa and Mack’s is!

Ask her then Mack!

Things seem to be going at a snail’s pace with these two.

Probably because she always leaves.  Taking a page out of Everett’s book with Drew I suppose.

And then I saw this!!!

Freaking finally!  OMG!!!  They were like Ash Shore’s first couple.  I should have known that, in the end, it would be her asking him.

Mack was super tired.  The other two had already gone home.

Since he’d had some sleep I tried to get Christian to finish the book he’s been writing since the shipment of supplies!  Darned perfectionists!

Speaking of the supplies!  Drew and Everett headed there to grab a toy and potty chair.

And argued over whether a toddler can eat jam and pickles.  (They can’t.  Glitches out.)

 And return home with their new adopted son 15-month-old Hayden!!!

They just kinda passed him back and forth.

He’s so little!

Which made it tricky to screenshot.

His hair and eye color are the same as Everett’s surprisingly.

And Butter came over to investigate the new brother.

Are you a dragon cat?

Hayden: I can’t walk yet.  Clumsy.  Butter: Love.

Time to begin the potty training.

And see how Butter has reacted to the new addition.

A comforting hug after the potty accident ended in tears.

And Hayden’s given the robot toy Everett picked out.

Really though?  Y’all just adopted a baby!

Drew tended his herb garden while Everett kept an eye on the little cutie and I saw something odd in the background…

Isaac, what the heck?  Gluttons.  What ya gonna do right?

Everett started singing… again.  To which Butter hissed and had a no Everett thought bubble.  It immediately popped up warning me that Butter is afraid of something!  I couldn’t stop laughing!

Vicente stopped by to chat.  At least, I think that’s why he was lurking near their lot?

I saw this “hook up” option and got excited.  I thought maybe this is the answer to my problems.  But, they already know each other.  I’d be shocked if they aren’t at least friends.  And when they went to the park later Lucca was there and they never talked once.

And the itching begins.  Ugh.  They headed to the park so he could make some skin balm.


He started hallucinating that everything he saw was fireleaf and acted like a total jerk.

Everett took Hayden over to the blocks.  Gotta get that movement skill up!

I have the feeling that he’ll never want for attention and will have a lot of “uncles” to take care of him.

More potty time.  It really is the most important skill!

Rylee tells her daddy she saw a little boy.  Does this mean she won’t be the center of all attention?  We’ll soon see.  She’ll be aging up soon so not too much to worry about there, Rylee!

Butter’s no eating people food training continues.

A hug for little Hayden.

Time to go back home.

They put Hayden to sleep in the tent and Everett serenaded Drew… again.

Butter demanded attention.

And Drew was so miserable I sent him to bed!

He even woke up itchy!  Ohmygosh!

An early morning chat with Butter and it’s time for me to be on my way.

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5 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T1/S4: New Center of Attention

  1. I can relate to Butter. Like a lot. Sometimes I feel like a dragon talking to my kids in funny voices and I also hiss when my hubby is singing. It’s a terrible sound. Poor poor Butter. 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohmygosh the singing! I ended up having to get a mod to stop it when a bunch of the others started doing it as well!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my goodness YAY for Erick and Maxwell!!!! By the way are you going to update the resident profiles? Erick’s picture didn’t match with his resident profile…I now have it pulled up! LOL they all lined up like it was a speed-dating arena! Adan and Sophia are really good looking, never thought about giving a girl that hair before! Christian and Michelle GET IT ON ALREADY!!!! Elsa and Mack ❤ Yay! Aw Butter and Hayden! All the uncles around him, such a lucky little boy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m waiting to update the profiles until after the post-Seasons makeovers so that they will all be current with their looks starting at that point. So, some might have toddler or child pics at the moment.

      Liked by 1 person

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