Ash Shore R1/T1/S4: Don’t Mess with Grandma!

Rhythm 1/Turning 1/Season 4

Our baby is all grown up!  It feels so strange.  It’s also very sad because it means that our dear grandma Cecilia is getting up there in years.  I actually haven’t been keeping track of her age lately because it makes me sad.

Another year under her belt isn’t going to stop our Tanya from being who she always was, of course.  So she spent the morning running around collecting everything.  Normally, she’d do half before school but this time she had plenty of time to get them all.

Meanwhile, Cecilia completed her book.

And they headed to the park so she could add it to the shelf.

And Tanya did a little digging there too!

Big hugs for Elsa.

This was so crazy and surreal.  I’ve noticed before that practically everyone has a poor relationship with Paris but it took grandma Cecilia to pull out a can of woopa$$ on her!  I’ve actually gotten so I can’t stand her and the others because the game always sends them to the park.  I ended up just saving them to my library as one household and deleting them from this save.  I wondered, though, if it was sending them all so much because they were all single households?

That unpleasantness over, Tanya made them lunch and Cecilia was all smiles.

Especially when little Rylee came over to say hello.

Rhys Wolfe’s dog Toodles visited and I was ecstatic!  There are some pets in the ‘hood I’ve never once seen at the park.  Like I said, I can’t figure out why some visit and others don’t!

So cute!

Winston showed up and he and Cecilia had a nice chat.

And then, it was back to the camp for a bit.

Tobias and grandma Meredith seem to get along well.  This is the second time I’ve seen them out together chatting.

Bored of the camp, Tanya heads over to give Mack all of the metals, crystals, and fossils she’d found.

She stayed for a little while and chatted.  I was kinda hoping that Stephon might walk by since he hadn’t walked around in their ‘hood but no luck.

She took some jars of jam and pickles and left a few of the metals that Mack let her keep in exchange.  Why on earth did they turn into those weird things?  Whatever.

It seemed silly that she had all of this in her inventory when someone might be able to use it so she left it all there just in case.

This happens to me a lot!  There are NO vampires in the ‘hood right now and yet the game will force me to stay wherever I am for hours waiting.  While waiting Cecilia had some jam and got this moodlet.

Back over to the guy’s camp, it’s as-per-usual for them.  Mack working on breaking down metals, Christan writing his book, and Erick bored out of his mind trying to find something to do!

I remembered that the last patch had fixed them not playing cards when it’s a club task and switched back to cards since they gain no skills from Don’t Wake the Llama.

Rylee is back… I’m sure her parents are around here somewhere.  Her motor skill is now so high she runs everywhere!

Like usual, siblings Lucca and Summer are together.  She’ll be aging up soon.

Did I take 4 screenshots of Lucca and Vicente playing cards?  Yes, yes I did.  Vicente is so expressive!  And really, how could I possibly pick just one for the chapter?

Homework was added back as a club task.  Most of the newer kids still have theirs and they gain responsibility if nothing else.

So cute!

This is so frustrating!  They’re meant for each other!  They have high chemistry but how will they ever know?  Maybe I should make a matchmaker sim?  LOL!

Just a “Darren is adorable” pic.

Looks like Kiera’s getting on Erick’s last nerve.

And then Casen whines about his unfair life to Mack.

I’m sure he was relieved when his girlfriend Elsa showed up.

I want babies you know.  Yes, I am a champion I will give you many babies!

They’re so cute!

But, soon enough, she left.  What I really need to do is an experiment with different settings with the sims on and off lots and marked as played and not to see exactly what I need them to be to prompt them to go there.  And why on earth is the pull to leave so strong?

Oh, there’s her dad.  Told ya he was there!

The Buchanan kid’s stepmom Libby chatted with her for a bit.  She’s so pretty.  I saw her holding her belly before they left so I’m pretty sure she’s pregnant.

Back at the camp, more of the usual.

And part of the usual is Erick staying busy of course.  Ya know Erick, if you’d just get things going with Maxwell this would be much easier!

Speaking of which.  Okay, so I took waaay too many pictures of this evening and y’all would lose your minds if I made the chapter that long I’m sure so this really is a to be continued!

For your entertainment.

New Center of Attention

2 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T1/S4: Don’t Mess with Grandma!

  1. And I am back on this wagon! Vicente ❤ ❤ goodness I need a Vicente in my game! Lucca & Summer are adorable together! You go Grandma Cecilia, whoop her outa the game!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s not the last time grandma Cecilia gives someone a piece of her mind either!

      Liked by 1 person

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