Ash Shore R1/T1/S4: Summerborne

Rhythm 1/Turning 1/Season 4

The cat Rainbow is so sweet.  There really doesn’t seem to be much they can do in the way of training her.  I’ve left a message for the mod creator asking about the stray lot traits but they haven’t gotten back to me about it.  I’ll likely remove the mod next time I play them so some are generated.

All of them were hungry but pets come first.

Rainbow’s like “must you do that here?”

Okay okay let’s go.  Silly pets.

Momma fried up some fish and they all dug in.  It seems that only a few of them have their journals still.

I love Siggy’s new costume!

Kyra invited Darren, Layla, and Tanya for a round of horseshoes.

While mom worked on teaching Fish to shake.

Dylan is such a sweetie!  This is the hair I’d originally given him but it looked strange on him when he was smaller.

Darren seems quite “attached” to that horseshoe!

Haha Maxwell.  I adore him.  I’m glad that Layla and Kyra are good friends.

I decided to break my normal rule about pushing relationships and waiting for the other sim to show up and invited Adan along.  I’m just not a huge fan of Sophia or Dorothy and am only playing this household for Kyra and the pets at this point.

Oh yikes, someone is not happy!

Thankfully, she calmed down quickly.

I actually didn’t know this little path existed!

Daughter’s gone.  Roommate fishing.  Time to flirt!

Wait, what?

They somehow skipped first kiss!

Soon after that, he left.  Yea, I know pup, hopefully, it’s love.

Kyra played a bit of fetch after their walk.

And then some roll-over training.

I swear Dorothy does nothing but fish.  When I’d rolled her I was excited to have a sim with an alternative skin color.  But her traits and something about her just rubs me the wrong way.

At least we have use for the fish.

Mom came over to observe the training.

Rainbow has the same trait as Butter who spends all of his time at the camp running around sniffing things acting confused.  I was told this is normal but in B.B. Rainbow doesn’t do that.

Kyra seems unsure of this odd thing that she’s been assured is a fruit.

She worked on her little project for a bit and then went to sleep.

And I had Sophia learn the traits of all of the strays that are actually strays and as I’d thought they are all terrible.

Back over to the Flint’s camp, Tobias pries Adan for information on how things are going with Vicente’s mom Kierstin.

And convinces him to walk over there together to say hello.  He’s really taken Vicente under his wing.  Unlike his hopefully-brother-to-be, who spent most of his teen years brooding, Vicente is one of the happiest sims I’ve ever had.  He’s so sweet and I adore him.

I think this may be the first time we’ve gotten a good look at the Pratt’s cat Smeagie.

Things seem to be going very well indeed between them!  I said it when I first rolled her in CAS and I’ll say it again, she is one of the prettiest adult sims I’ve ever had!  The game always seems to make them look so weathered and old.

I also realized when doing her makeover that the outfit I’d given her didn’t fit her personality at all.  I had this realization with a lot of them actually.

I had hoped that the Bluffs would be a good spot to take sims for uninterrupted romance but truthfully it was very boring.

So, all of them headed to the park together.  Tobias chatted with little Rylee who is getting so big!

He kept an eye on the lovebirds from afar.

Darrell is such a good daddy.

I thought yay they’re going to talk!  Look at Vicente’s face ohmygosh so cute!  You can tell he’s smitten but I think Luca has no clue.

Luca showed him something on his phone and then walked away.  Darn.

Back over to Kierstin and Adan, looks like she has a ring on her mind!

And I’ve come to the conclusion that I must have a mod that is attracting pets to the park!  When the lot trait is on, which it almost always was, there was usually two or three but with it off there are several!

The plan was just a half day with the Flint’s and then the 2nd half with the Mesner’s since today is the day!  Layla is so cute.

I’d really hoped that Nate would be a good match for her but I took a peek at his traits later and wow not at all.  Almost every trait is opposite of hers!

I really do feel like Elsa is the person that all of the younger boys confide in.  I’m glad they have someone.

What the?  I agree with Efrain, that was scary!

Good thing he’s learned how to cook!

My two favorite pets together!

Yep.  A good dad.

Early the next morning:  I had no interest in doing my usual matchmaking between Shari and Kaylyn’s aunt Khloe who I think we’ve seen like once ever so I just went ahead and made them girlfriends.  They have a really high chemistry rating but I’m just not interested in playing them right now.  Especially since Kaylyn doesn’t have chemistry with anyone thus far and hasn’t even made friends with any of my kids.

Elvis?  No.  Just some random.  And as you can see, there’s another in the background.  After the baby is born I made some new not-so-random townies.


I see age hasn’t changed her a bit.

I don’t really see the point in captioning the rest.  And I kept almost every pic that I’d taken even if they were similar so it’s probably for the best…

Welcome to Ash Shore Kaene Mesner!  Our first non-CAS Summerborne baby!

So Much Cuteness!

4 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T1/S4: Summerborne

  1. Look at all those great dogs and cats !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love them! I have absolutely no idea why they’re there but I hope it doesn’t stop!


  2. I adore Kyra’s shirt!!!! ❤ Hehe Smeagie’s shark head! Aw welcome Kaene!! I love that name. I see the park got renovated a tad, I like it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had to go back and see which shirt Kyra was wearing back then! Yes, it was very cute and looked great with those black bottoms. I’ve been adding a little to the park here and there as the seasons change.

      Liked by 1 person

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