Ash Shore R1/T1/S3: My Babies Are Growing Up!

Rhythm 1/Turning 1/Season 3

Today is Tanya’s 18th birthday!  She was so nervous she couldn’t sleep and tried to keep herself busy as the new day dawned.

She thought maybe she was getting a bit better at this whole zen thing.

But soon she was a bundle of nerves again driving grandma Cecilia up the walls… if there were any that is!

Once she got there and saw her friends she started to relax some.

Skylar’s little face broke my heart!

The kids look like they’re up to something!

Naomi was thrilled that Darrell and Shari brought little Rylee.

The usual standing or sitting next to each other not talking from my favorite hopefuls.

Stephon’s dad Grady congratulated her on her birthday.

I think you need to ask him to be your boyfriend before you can talk about a family Erick!


Awe cheer up Naomi!

Boogy down grandma!  Show them kiddos how it’s done!

I wonder if this means that Tobias and Vincente’s matchmaking is working?

So sweet with Stephon’s little sis Tanya.

I don’t know what happened here.  First Elsa was talking to Enzo.

Then she sat with Tobias and they both looked so sad!

I wonder if Christian and Michelle will ever go further than flirting?

Yet another potential couple that is just sitting or standing near each other not talking.

She’s so beautiful!

Darrell’s ex Shari sat with Naomi… not talking.  I don’t think Naomi appreciated it much.

More drama.  Tobias suddenly got up and left… again.

Zion’s gonna be a great daddy… when it happens.

A bit of romance when most of the guests had left.

And after returning home, Enzo and Sierra had their own little birthday party for two.


Whenever there’s a party I have to move all of the skill books out of the bookshelf into the storage thing next to it and look at how many journals there are!

As per usual, when I have a ton of sims all in one spot the game decides it needs to create new sims!  I found a diamond in the rough with this cutie Nate Silverman.  He was in one of the usual boring mother, teen daughter, child son who look nothing alike households so I merged him with one of the townie ladies who’s really pretty but I don’t pay much attention to, played with genetics to make him a dad and married them!  He’s 8 years old.  Such a cutie!

In case you missed it:  Drew and Everett’s Adoption Poll

Making Headway

2 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T1/S3: My Babies Are Growing Up!

  1. Dorothy!!!! It feels like it’s been forever since we saw her…when will she get together with someone!?! I love her ❤ Aw little Skylar’s face! birthday girl aged up quite nicely! Boogy down Cecilia!!!! So many potentials…sigh. Aw why didn’t they have a big party as well? (Enzo/Sierra)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry but I don’t share your love of Dorothy. I never could find a match for her. She has terrible traits which is why I had her fishing almost all of the time. I’m actually really sad that I didn’t age up Enzo like I do with the played sims so starting with the second turning I age all of them at a big party even if they aren’t played.

      Liked by 1 person

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