Ash Shore R1/T1/S3: New Lives

Rhythm 1/Turning 1/Season 3

Following the weddings which were torture for her because she wanted so badly to be married herself, Naomi decided she needed to change her look.  She’d always thought that men liked all of the makeup, fancy dresses, and jewelry.  But maybe not?  This was a heck of a lot more comfortable either way!

(Can’t find pic?)

She decided to take a break in the canning to visit the park.

(Can’t find pic?)

There were still some things lying around from the reception party so she cleaned it all up.

She grilled herself up some of the potatoes that Tanya had given her and noticed him arrive.  Darrell.  She’d made an absolute fool of herself the other day flirting with the guy after they’d just met.  But, he was so perfect how could she resist?

Ohmygoodness!  The cats jumped on the table and started eating the food!

Naomi sat with Paris playing chess avoiding going back to the empty campsite.  Chess is dreadfully boring.

She almost jumped for joy when the kids arrived for school and little Kyra asked her to play dolls.

This is much better than chess any day.

After little Kyra wandered off she saw a teen she didn’t recognize looking furtively at the other kids and introduced herself.  She learned her name is Janelle and she told her that Erick and Christian won’t mind if she joins them.

She chatted with Sierra for a few minutes making sure her little neighbor is okay now that it’s just her and her brother around.

And the sweetest little dog wandered over to her and she said hello.  His owner called to her that his name is Cupcake.

Awe, Cupcake is adorable!  Maybe she should get a dog so it’s not as lonely at the camp.

Darrell asked her a question about the dog and she wasn’t really sure how to respond.

Then, once he started talking and joking with her she forgot she was even holding the little pup!

After putting Cupcake down she said hello to Darrell’s dog Siggy.

She wasn’t really sure why Darrell kept talking to her from way over there?

So she walked over and was a bit surprised when he began to flirt.

They flirted a bit and she was so happy.  She began dreaming that someday he could be her boyfriend.

She took a long jog to just enjoy the night and went a little slower past the kid’s camp to make sure they’re okay.

She returned to her camp and looked around.  It’s really quite beautiful here.

Dog lover Aimee isn’t so sure about this rascally cat she now lives with.

One thing she is sure of is her new husband Zion.

He really is a cute cat.

Isn’t she so pretty???

She’d decided that since it was sort-of their honeymoon she would take a break from learning woodworking today.  Ragtime sat watching his people talk.

They’re both so silly!

And he gets good cuddles from his new person.

Perhaps he just needs the one?  It’s fish!  How can he resist?

Okay, maybe two is better after all.

Although, the peoples are not so smart!

She looks okay.

And they didn’t seem to mind too much.

Maybe almost burning to death makes you feel alive?

And stinky!  Yep.  Two peoples is better for sure.

One of the days after the weddings in the morning when it was time for school Sierra sat playing with her dino and Tobias sat with her not saying anything and looking sad.

Finally, she couldn’t stand just having him sitting there not talking so she talked first.  She told him all about her stupid uncle leaving her and Enzo all alone.  How didn’t he know all of this yet?

Then Tobias talked to Vincente who stood there glaring.

Then he walked over by Enzo and they just stood there looking at each other like they always do.

But then Tobias hugged him and Sierra decided her job here was done and played scientist instead.  Boys are weird.

Then, like the tension had broken everybody else started coming round and Sierra thought this was a perfect time to make fun of her big brother.

Big brothers are weird but still pretty cool.  Better than stupid jerk uncles.

Sierra decided she’ll let him take care of her and she’ll take care of him too.

He’s so nice.  The new girl, Kaylyn, walked by and he called to her that she should come the next day there’s school.

Maybe big brothers who make her do projects after a day of school aren’t so great after all?

It was a pretty cool project though.

And before they went to sleep he told her a story about a princess and a troll.  Yea, they’d be okay.


This popped up as Naomi was watching Darrell leave the park.


Not sure what Ragtime will think about this?

I see that grandma Cecilia has finally met the elderly gentleman Winston.

A baby and a dog in their future perhaps?

Looks like they’re trying to decide who does the laundry.  They’re both squeamish so they don’t like dirty things but don’t like getting themselves dirty cleaning either!

Yes, dear, we all know you love dogs.

Let me tell you, it was very weird being on the other side not just watching this time!  I really couldn’t decide what on earth to do so I just did my usual watching and taking pics.

Speaking of fairy tales… I had a lot of fun writing this chapter a bit different than usual.  Dunno how often it will happen.  Guess we’ll see!

My Babies are Growing Up!

2 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T1/S3: New Lives

  1. It was fun to read , too !


  2. Naomi is gorgeous! Poor her though, no guy and so bored! Cupcake & Siggy are <3<3<3 Aimee and Zion are extremely good looking! I love how Ragtime’s perspective showed. You should write like this more often! Babies soon yay!


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