Ash Shore R1/T1/S3: The Weddings

Rhythm 1/Turning 1/Season 3

In the early morning hours, before the guests arrived, by candlelight, they pledged their devotion.  It should have been a rehearsal but instead was distinctly memorable for them all… 

Bonded by a secret known only to the four, they readied for their family, whom all of them adore…

The Reception 

10 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T1/S3: The Weddings

  1. Wow getting them all to sit! It took me I don’t know how many days to work on it .. mine all broke pose all the time and I barely got a shot with most of them sitting

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    1. They’re all in one household that’s why. I had to widdle down the actual wedding guests to fit into the largest household MCCC allows and then once I got the wedding photos I quit w/o saving and did it for real. Which are the early morning ones at the very beginning of the chapter.

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      1. That’s like 25 right

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        1. Yea, 25. There is a lot of pausing involved when there’s a lot of sims as well. Like the birthday parties take me hours to do one day because I have to pause constantly to wait for the game to catch up.

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          1. Ohhh I wondered how it ran with that many in game

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            1. It’s like they all just slowly stop whatever they’re doing and kinda stare at each other. I know when it’s time to pause because little by little it gets quieter and quieter. LOL

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  2. Ahhhhh I loved this!!! I can see you dancing on the other side of the screen when you took these!!!

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    1. You know how much I love my simmies!

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