Ash Shore R1/T1/S3: Training Day

Rhythm 1/Turning 1/Season 3

A/N: Just a short Ash Shore extra since after this there are the weddings chapters…

Before school, Kyra and Fish did a little fetch training.

And then when they got to the park she introduced herself to Darrell’s pup Siggy.

After grilling up some of the fish Dorothy had caught, Sophia began teaching Fish to sit.

Dylan came over and chatted with Kyra while she ate.  I think she’d enjoy having him as a big brother if things with their parents go further.

Looks like Tobias has finally gotten the guts to maybe make a move.

Or not.  Enzo became distracted and the moment was over.  Seems everyone but Enzo’s aware of Tobias’s feelings.

As she trained Fish, sims would walk over and watch occasionally.  I’m sure there will be many sims wanting to adopt him when the day comes.  Although, I think little Kyra will miss him sorely.

Another autonomous use of the doctor set.  Quinton is such a great kid.  I’m happy to see Kyra spending time with Layla.  I think they would be good friends since they have similar personalities.

Dylan decided to stand and sing near Enzo and Summer as they played chess and Enzo did not seem to appreciate it.

But the dogs did!

Tanya was once again showing off her pickled carrots.  Isaac laughed saying he’d also had a jar of pickled veggies when he brought Naomi produce from his garden.

Kyra played on the science table.

And was soon joined by Fish.

Tobias and Vicente are back to their matchmaking again and it looks like Enzo is intrigued overhearing their plans.

Sophia showed off Fish to Adan which wasn’t as exciting as I’d expected.  They just both kinda looked at him for a minute, she petted him, and Adan cheered.  LOL!

Kyra chatted with Darren for a bit.  He’s another I’d like to see her become good friends with.  Despite the terrors that his older sisters have turned out to be he still has a sweet disposition.

After school, Sophia and Kyra head to the supply area to grab one of Aimee’s end tables to put food on so, hopefully, the strays won’t get to it.

And Kyra spots an adorable kitty statue also by Aimee and pleads until Sophia agrees she can have it.

When they return, fetch training continued.

A cozy fire was lit which I think Kyra appreciated.

This aggressive dog Gemma Lou returned as well as the Carson’s dog Dyno-Myte who is not a stray dog.

Rainbow, the sweet cat that Judy had liked, returned as well and Sophia became friends and later adopted her.  I had some sort of weird glitch and wasn’t able to get the cute “being adopted” pic.

Another non-stray showed up.  That is Vaughn’s cat Yasmin.

Rainbow seems to appreciate having a home.

Chapter notes:  I believe that one of my mods is causing the non-strays to show up as strays.  I just need to look at the mod notes to see how to change that setting.  It’s to put already existing sims into roles rather than the game generating new constantly.

Also, you may have noticed, after a lot of close observation I’m finally getting a better grasp on the Enzo and Tobias situation beyond taking a million pics of them standing near each other, lol!  I knew there was a story there… perhaps not what everyone will expect.  Despite my normal non-story play, I do occasionally get a little inspiration!

The Weddings

2 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T1/S3: Training Day

  1. Siggy <3<3<3 dang it he is absolutely adorable! I love Kyra too, so freaking cute! …Oh crap I thought Stephon was Dylan earlier! Oh well both are really cute! I think I will cry with Kyra when Fish leaves her…he follows her everywhere! She and Darren should get together when they get older. Yay she got the kitty statue!!! Everyone should get an end table to put food stuffs and such on. By the way I have so many thoughts when I read this but I always forget them by the time I get down to reply so I’ve changed tactics…obviously LOL. Yay for adopting Rainbow! Now Kyra has a doggy and a kitty to play with! What about litter boxes?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Siggy is very cute. He’s like a little teddy bear. Stephon and Dylan are really far apart in age and Stephon’s blonde… are you sure you mixed them up? I know, I have so many sims it’s confusing. There is always the profiles page. It has pics of them with their names. Kyra and Darren have high chemistry so that one is planned. Fish and Rainbow get good homes no worries. The litter boxes are behind the tents.

      Liked by 1 person

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