Ash Shore R1/T1/S3: Moving Forward

Rhythm 1/Turning 1/Season 3

Mack has finally begun to be more successful with the metal and gem cutting.  Soon, they’ll need to figure out some sort of way to use them as a currency amongst them but there’s no hurry to figure that out.  Despite their hardships, everyone is usually in high spirits.

Time for school.  Goodness, the Burton twins are at it again!

Elsa was there with her dog Khaled for awhile and chatted with Mack… about Khaled.  And it looks like Tobias and Vicente are back to the matchmaking of their parents.

Erick saw Summer, one of the new teens to the area, walking by and invited her to join them for school sometime.  She doesn’t have a lot of time before aging up but it would be nice for her to be around others her age.

The park was chaos with all these kids and before they knew it it was time to go back home.

Erick is always following Drew into the garden distracting him.  He was able to harvest and evolve some more plants.  It has been a very slow process thus far.

Erick spied Summer’s younger brother Lucca walking by and invited him to join them in school as well.  Gosh, he has such a muscular build it’s hard to believe he isn’t even 16 yet!

After spending a couple of hours at their camp they all needed a break so they went back to the park where Elsa was once again.  Mack whisked her off to a private corner for a little romance.

Everett was there too and after chatting and flirting with Drew for a little while he started leaving!

Drew managed to call him back and I managed to get this fabulous photo!

And then he left for real a few minutes later!

Mack had not one but two whims to woohoo with Elsa!  Oh, fine go have fun, you crazy kids.

And then, shockingly, Everett returned!  Perhaps he ran home to check on his cat Butter?  Erick, please leave them alone!

So here I was back with Mack and Elsa seeing if anything interesting was happening but I had the UI on Drew and then I saw this!  Ohmygosh the mod works!!!

And when I say it works, it really works!  Holy moly.  Our first autonomous proposal!

I tried really hard to get a more decent “proposal” shot story-wise but it just wasn’t happening.  Now if I could just get that first kiss mod working.

Drew returned to Everett’s camp to meet his cat Butter.  Unlike Zion’s cat Ragtime with Aimee, Butter seemed to like Drew.

Perhaps because he’s a cat lover too?

Everett serenaded him and it was so sweet!

And then he jogged off!  What is up with him always leaving???

In the warmer land, Tanya attempts to find her zen while grandma Cecilia works on her history of the lands now known as Ash Shore.

Giving up on the yoga, for now, Tanya returns to something she’s very good at.  Finding collectibles!

Then with grumbly tummies the two return to the park where school is just starting.

Carly joined them and Tanya was feeling confident about something.  Maybe her upcoming birthday?

Skylar dug around in the trash…

And Kyra went over and cleaned up the mess she’d left!

An adorable hug between Enzo and his little sis Sierra.

And more standing near each other and rarely talking all day from him and Tobias.  They’re close to aging up as well.

Darren is so adorable!  I love watching all of the kids interacting together.  I really do need to find some more school tasks for them to do though.

When school was out, Tanya and Stephon stayed again like they’d done last time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our two loners seem to have no trouble being with each other!  Stephon will be aging up very soon as well.

Stephon became distracted by his toy.

Tanya with her collectibles.

And me with the scenery!

After taking a break from collecting it seems that Stephon has returned to the main area.

But shortly after she sat with him he had to leave.  I don’t think she minds.

She made a quick stop to give her finds to Mack.  She was really excited to hear that he’d been making headway with the ones she’d brought him already.

And she made a quick pit stop to give Naomi the produce she’d collected.  She excitedly took the carrots and jam that Naomi had set aside for her.

Another attempt at the zen.

And grandma found a better use for her energy!


Christian completed another book.

A few fun moodlets from Drew and Everett’s time together.

I suppose it was time to leave?  Everyone just marched off at once!

I had a heck of a time getting that pic without Ragtime in it!

One of those weird awkward hugs with Erick waaay over by the bathrooms!

Chapter note: While reading this over before it published I thought to myself that my autonomous woohoo mod must not be working since none of my sims except Dylan and Lucia have done it.  I looked at the mod info again and darned if it says that they won’t risky woohoo autonomously unless they are boyfriend/girlfriend or a variation of such and the try for baby option isn’t there unless they are at least engaged.  Interesting.

Training Day

2 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T1/S3: Moving Forward

  1. Summer is very pretty! ❤ I love the winter that is cool. Aw yay autonomous proposal!!!!!! They are very good together! Butter and Ragtime are just d’awwwwww so dang cute! So here is a bit of a nitpick…warmer clothes for winter?!?!?!?! T shirts in the snow, I mean I can do that but not for very long lol. ‘Grandma found a better use for her energy!” LOL! Speaking of Grandma when is she and the older gentleman that I meant to say looked fantastic earlier going to get together????? I love Cecilia!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t start changing their clothes until the spring. I realized at some point how stupid they looked in those clothes but it seemed pointless to change them at that point since winter is only two “days” ya know? No romance for grandma Cecilia… I’ve just never had time! Also, I very rarely see him or his dog.

      Liked by 1 person

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