Ash Shore R1/T1/S3: Growing Up

Rhythm 1/Turning 1/Season 3

On the dawning of the winter season, everyone gathered to celebrate our first young adult birthday within the original group.

I’d left the lot traits on for the animals at first.  I later took them off when someone got attacked by a pet.

Hahaha!  This cat is named Panda.

I was surprised to see grumpy Kenneth giving Khaled such an enthusiastic greeting.  Then, I saw Khaled do it with several other sims!

Oh my.  The Burton twins are always riling people up!

There’s Panda’s owner Cora Carson.  You saw her daughter Janelle the other day when she chatted with Issac the night his brother Dean and Judy got engaged.

This is about the extent of any of the flirts or romance you’ll see from the uncontrolled sims today sadly.

Darrell, you know already.  He’s the one with the toddler daughter that Naomi flirted with.  This is his dog Siggy.

I have no idea what Kenneth did this time but the way Cecilia was looking at him was hilarious!

Brock had to invite Bryanna.  Her mom Abbey was already there.  It was so odd how immediately upon her arrival her mom and his dad rushed over!  I wondered if they knew something I didn’t?!

And then soon after that more and more people started crowding around them to chat and congratulate Brock on his birthday.

Time to blow out those candles!  I really wish they wouldn’t all decide they need to move the second the candles start getting blown out!

Quite the celebration indeed!

I think Judy wants to hurry this up to the cake part of the celebration!

My goodness does he look different!  And very handsome.

Oh, I suppose there were a few other random sweet moments.

At first, I felt like maybe Vicente here had a little crush on Tobias but then later realized that he might be trying to fix up his mom with Tobias’s dad!  He is such a cutie!

Geeze Dorothy, take a breath!

Kyra to the other kids: Naw, my mom’s still single.

Sophia to herself: Wouldn’t mind a little woohoo though.

As he was leaving I had Kiera run over and invite him to the party club.  I figured why not right?

Meanwhile, these two lovebirds found a little privacy to get engaged!

My favorite hope-they-will-be-a-couple did their usual standing and sitting together but both seemed very moody and mostly just glared at everyone.

Brock returned seeming quite proud to have snagged Bryanna.  He might also be smug because he did it so easily when everyone else seems to be struggling.

Awe I love these two.  I really hope they make things official soon!

Yikes.  Naomi was a bit snappy at first upon discovering another couple has gotten engaged!  Aimee was all smiles and quite chipper in comparison.

Abbey seemed thrilled.

I suppose the night was cold.  Everyone started standing around the fires.

Kiera, being so much like her father, wreaked havoc amongst the kids all day.  Although, the older ones, especially the Burton twins who aren’t much better, seemed to not really react much.

Our mama-to-be was looking quite pregnant!

And it looks like his sisters are teasing Darren now.  Yikes.

A few of the other teens had aged to young adult as well.  This is Carley the girl that had the purple shirt and braids.

Enzo’s sister Sierra is such a cutie.

Dean seems quite proud of himself to be the first of the group to have a baby on the way.  I think Cecilia’s telling him that in these conditions it’s not that great.  But what are they supposed to do?  Who knows when they’ll get some more supplies to hopefully build shelters?

It took a lot of camera maneuvering to get this pic.  Worth it.

Is that a smile for his soon-to-be daughter-in-law?  Well, wonders never cease!

Even Kiera was friendly.  Makes me wonder what they’re up to.

Isaac is so sweet.  I suppose he wanted to recount all of the excitement of the night before they left.  Thankfully, he’s got some time before we need to worry about him aging up!


Geeze Kenneth.

Geeze times 10!  Completely ridiculous.  I used the autonomy scanner thing to stop smashing and crying over the broken dollhouse.  I’m not sure if it works on all dollhouses or what but hopefully it’ll give me a break from the constant eye-rolling.

I saw this later.

And this popped up immediately after blowing out the candles!

Note from the future: When I was fixing the chapters that lost all of the screenshots after moving blogs I saw this pic.  After the party, I briefly played Tobias’s household to introduce his dad Alvin to Vicente.  I suppose I’d planned to add it on to another chapter but never did.

Moving Forward

6 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T1/S3: Growing Up

  1. I’m really loving this community ! And that dollhouse pic is hilarious !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am too! I feel like all the years of trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do have finally merged into Ash Shore!


  2. The game wants you to move quickly obviously

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Originally this was supposed to be a rotation of 12 households not 6. But, I couldn’t think of what on earth they could all do for their task or whatever so I’ve been hesitating. When it gets to that point things will slow down.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes that sounds like a huge amount of work

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Really big party and quite a few sweet moments! Congrats Brock & Bryanna, he is very handsome and proud of himself!

    Liked by 1 person

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