Ash Shore R1/T1/S2: Love in the Air [missing screenshots!]

Rhythm 1/Turning 1/Season 2

Kyra does not seem very enthusiastic about going to the park for school today.  She asks if Fish can come too.

So, Fish went to the park with them and Sophia taught him how to speak!  (The noise that the sims make when trying to teach them is absolutely hilarious!  It sounds like a muppet or something.)

Kyra has already surpassed the social skill and is learning charisma and comedy skills so she worked on some mental today with the science lab while Kiera chatted with her.

Sophia introduced herself to one of the new kids Dylan McGee and learned that they are living next door to her!

Kyra moved on to more creative pursuits and was encouraged first by Stephon…

And later by Dylan.  (I did notice that when Dylan is around the smaller children he doesn’t look quite so odd.  Kiera will age up soon and then Scarlett and Skylar soon after so we’ll get a better idea on the pre-teen heights then.)

After that, Sophia met Dylans’s cousin Talon and they had a rousing game of Don’t Wake the Llama with Darren who as you can see is not so little anymore!

All of the attention wore poor Fish out and he had a snooze while waiting for time to leave.

Then, they were joined at the supply area by Dorothy and looked around to see if there’s anything they need.  Sophia grabbed another dog bowl and a toy.  Also, as you can see some of the baby/toddler items were unpacked.

After they returned back to their camp Dorothy wandered off to fish and Sophia and Kyra walked next door to chat with their new neighbors.  Dylan’s dad is named Adan.  His nephew Talon wasn’t home but you did see him already.

Fish discovered a present (ugh can’t they make it look a little less corny for story purposes?) and brought it to Dorthy as she fished.


Sophia and Adan chatted and then Dylan went to sleep and Kyra ran home so she figured it was time to say goodbye.

Fish’s find turned out to be a dog ball so now there are two!

I think Sophia was feeling quite confident as she returned home to practice with the veterinary lab a bit before bedtime.

Kyra scolded Fish for eating people food.  Perhaps one of Aimee’s end tables would be a good idea?

Slideshow time!  Kyra took Fish for a nice walk and was quite proud of herself and also exhausted…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Time to see how Aimee and Naomi are faring without a 3rd member in their camp!

Naomi didn’t seem to approve of Aimee’s slacking on chores to play with the still-unnamed cowplant.

Aimee attempted to smoke the beehive but it didn’t go well!

She was not in a very good mood at all as they visited the supply lot.  They brought the end tables she’d made so far.

Naomi didn’t seem too thrilled with the concept of toting rocks home but Aimee thought it would be pretty cool to have a fire!  Maybe they could roast fish which disgusted vegetarian Naomi!

This dog is a menace.  His owner Vivian wasn’t getting along with anyone in the neighborhood either so they were asked to find a new area to stay.  (I totally forgot that I’d meant to upload any emigrants to the gallery!  But, I don’t think they were in the chapters enough for anyone to actually want them.)

Is this a meeting of the blonde club?  LOL!  This is Darrell Connelly.  He lives with his ex-girlfriend Shari and their daughter Rylee.

Naomi went over to introduce herself.  You can see Shari at the chess table back there.  Also, I once again forgot that camper’s stew is not vegetarian because all of the darned ingredients are veggies!

Oh!  Here’s their little daughter Rylee now!  (I’m not sure if I like this mod that allows toddlers or not yet?  She showed up once alone and I had to send her home!)

Oh, here we go!  Finally some action with one of these two girls.  Naomi doesn’t seem pleased that Aimee is getting attention.  She’s a very romantic sim but hasn’t had any luck at all in that department.

First kiss time!  (Despite putting that mod back in it never seems to happen without me initiating it.)

Dorothy showed up at the park with Fish and I think Naomi was paying attention to him to impress dog-lover Darrell.  (Ohmygosh just ignore the plethora of animals that spawned in the background!)

And Darrell did indeed seem impressed with Fish.

Things started to get a little non-PG with Aimee and Zion.

And she suggested they find a more secluded spot.

After a lot more flirting Zion asked her to marry him!  (Yea no, I took that mod out but let’s pretend shall we?)

After a bit more flirting by the river the two returned to the main area to announce their engagement.  I think Naomi was a taken aback and maybe a little jealous.

She also seems to have a bit of baby fever.  (I thought I’d gotten a cute pic of her playing with Rylee but darned if I didn’t get distracted by the animals congregating and didn’t realize until later I must not have taken it!)

I suppose it’s no surprise that Naomi started flirting with Darrell.  He is quite a hottie and a good catch!  Perhaps third time’s a charm for our lovelorn girl?

Things started to get a bit steamy with Aimee and Zion and when Darrell left with Rylee Naomi decided to go back to the camp.

And Aimee went to Zion’s camp to meet his cat Ragtime who didn’t seem to take to her at all at first!

Oh my.  He isn’t pleased!

A close-up of the anger!

No!  My daddy!  He began leaping at Zion’s legs to get his attention!

Perhaps he decided it was a lost cause because he then tried to prove to Aimee how adorable he is.

And did succeed in pulling her attention from her new fiance.  (Look!  The flirty laser pointer is a heart!)


Aimee returned to the camp after Zion went to sleep in the tent and Naomi was canning until it broke.  Luckily she lives with a very handy sim who fixed it right up for her.  Naomi stayed up until the wee hours of the night canning almost everything she had before anything went bad.


And Aimee made an adorable flirty statue to give to Zion.

In the morning they brought everything to the supply area so that others could enjoy it.  Having everyone barter in person is nice but not really fair to the sims who don’t have anything to trade.


Skylar really is a menace.  I took a peek at her character traits while doing their heights and almost all of them are red!  It’s a shame because I really do adore her little brother Darren but can’t warm up to the rest of the family.  Also, I have enough of a handfull with mean Kiera… and Kenneth I suppose.

This was just silly!  I need to find something to either stop the dollhouse breaking or the non-stop crying at it being broken… especially the childish sims!

Like I said, almost immediately after the first kiss.

Chapter notes:  I know I said that the 6 new families would be unhoused/unplayed randoms but darned if I didn’t do chemistry profiles and find a few great results!  Thus far, Sophia hasn’t had even close to a match.  Nowhere close!  And she ended up having a +35 with Adan!  I swear I whooped out loud in excitement!  I really like him and the kids and have mostly only been playing her household for Kyra at this point.  Naomi and Darrell had even higher chemistry while he has extremely low chemistry with his daughter’s mother.  I knew right away there’s no way they were good together.

I’m trying very hard not to get far ahead in this like I’ve done with other stories so taking a day or two off from playing to make more randoms when I need them is a good distraction actually.  Real life is still such chaos that although I know there are other things I should be doing I need to occupy myself with silly stuff like this most of the time.

Growing up

12 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T1/S2: Love in the Air [missing screenshots!]

  1. Ragtime is adorable !

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    1. He’s so cute! Randomly generated, I just gave him the adorable hoodie.

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  2. Having lots of fun with mun men’s mods? I have them saved and plan to put them in my next part coming up

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love them! Especially the jam/pickle table. There’s a little clipping when they’re using it so you sorta gotta watch close and pause at the right moment when screenshotting it. I haven’t used the candle one yet but I do have it… I just don’t have the ingredients yet.

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      1. I have them all in mods folders for the next phase of the story. The candlemaking one thought it cool because I thought she could sell her candles at a swap meet type thing

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        1. Oh that would be cool! I have my sims kinda bartering things for now.

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      2. I didn’t think that she could sell her honey and her preserves too

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        1. Yes! Actually the preserves make a lot.

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          1. Ohh ty for the tip … they cannot have a job

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  3. I think it’s good to occupy yourself whether u get ahead or not. If you are enjoying yourself then GOOD!

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  4. Kyra and Stephon are adorable! Stephon is really cute!

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    1. Stephon is like model level cute. It’s just hard to notice because he’s so peppy and goofy.

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