Ash Shore R1/T1/S2: A New Family Member

Rhythm 1/Turning 1/Season 2

Let’s see… where were we?  Ah yes!  The complete shock that our first sims to ever woohoo actually got risky pregnant!  I suppose, given their traits, they didn’t try all that hard to prevent a baby.  Once I got over the utter shock and fixed the number of days for pregnancy length to go with the current days I was ecstatic!   These two really are perfect for each other.

So Dean took Judy to a secluded spot and she decided to break the tension with a few jokes.

Then, he was trying to be flirty but she was feeling sick!

Finally, he decided the whole flirty thing was overrated and asked her to marry him.

I think Dean’s afraid he’ll drop his new fiance!

Deciding it would be best to move in together immediately (camp together?) she goes back to the girls camp which I suppose should just be Naomi and Aimee’s camp now and grabs all of her beloved plants.

She gives the girls hugs goodbye before heading next door to her new home.

Just as Dean and Judy get the plants in the garden the kids arrive home.  Judy tells Layla that she’s going to be an auntie soon…

And Layla is very excited about this news!  Isaac was a bit calmer with his reaction.

Dean and Isaac take over the gardening duties and allow Judy and Layla to get to know each other better.  I’m sure they’re pleased there will now be a woman around for their little sister and… womanly things.   (LOL!)

As soon as he’d finished watering he couldn’t stand being away from her any longer.  They’re so sweet it gives me a toothache!

Layla runs over and gives Isaac a hug…

And is soon joined by Dean.  I believe Layla must give great hugs because she does it a lot.  I wonder what it is that Isaac is teasing Judy about.  Given the look on her face, I’m not sure she approves.

Then they remember the supplies and they all go over to see if there’s anything they need.  While the kids look around excitedly the parents-to-be notice there is nary a baby or toddler item in sight!

After they got everything they needed they headed back to the park to eat where they met Janelle.  Too bad she didn’t have her chihuahua Dyno-Myte at the park!  (I keep forgetting to add those lot traits back from when I took them off after the party disaster.)

Tanya joins them in some Don’t Wake the Llama.  Carly needs to calm down because she’s about to age to young adult anyway so I don’t know why she’s getting annoyed at the new girl!

Tanya leaves the game to go encourage Layla in her artwork.

And then when the art is done she has some pickled carrots while they chat.   (Those carrots omg she’s so funny!)

Looks like Judy fits in already.  I notice that Dean is reading a parenting book.  I’m sure he has quite a bit of experience already from caring for his brother and sister.

They brought home a little more than some of the others because, with a baby on the way, they won’t be leaving as often… maybe.  Isaac was feeling gloomy so he journaled for a bit before joining the others in the tent.  Kinda crowded in there now.  Maybe they should see about getting a second.

And in the morning he gets busy harvesting all of the plants.

Naomi gave him a jar of jam in return for the harvest.  I think he’s pleased.


See!  I didn’t even have to break my “wait for the whims” rule!

Note from the future: Seeing this and that I “waited for whims” back then cracked me up!  Sometime soon after this, I went to completely autonomous!

Love in the Air

6 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T1/S2: A New Family Member

  1. Yay! 🙂

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  2. So excited for a little nooboo

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    1. Yes! No nooboo yet. I have it set at 18 days for the pregnancy, lol.


  3. Yes let’s not drop the pregnant lady mr!

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