Ash Shore R1/T1/S2: The Shipment

Rhythm 1/Turning 1/Season 2

I put the screenshots from most of their time at the park during school in the previous chapter.  This is what happened before then.  The guys finally got everything that had been in the shipment put out so that the others could just pick what they want.  They chose this lot because this is where the rocks had been delivered.  They suspect that the rocks were just a way to clear some rubble from the city.

Regardless, they made good use of them and decided to get word around that there is actually a use for something so silly.

Erick also found a good use for the rubber mats that were sent while the others kept up to their usual tasks.  On their way to the park, they dropped off the barstools that Aimee had brought them.

These two are so sweet.  And Maxwell is almost always at the park no matter which household I’m playing there.

Mack welcomed the new “elderly gentleman” that Tanya saw and told grandma Cecilia about the other day.  His name is Winston and he has a small dog named Cupcake.  He’s quite happy to have found this more populated part of Ash Shore.

Everett paused in his jog around the park to flirt with Drew.

And then they all headed back to their camp and Erick made good use of the washbasin they’d brought from the supply shipment.

Mack spied Elsa waaay over here jogging and hollared for her to wait for him.  Can he possibly run to her before she gets tired of waiting and leaves?

Whew!  Surprisingly he did!  I really do love these greeting kisses.

Since there were so many other sims in the area who kept pausing to talk to them they found a more secluded spot off the main path.

With leaving my sims almost completely autonomous I really have to be on my game more than ever to pause in time for shots like this!

And this!  So sweet!  I love them so much.

Unfortunately, the sweetness had to be put on hold for now because Elsa was hungry and Mack badly needed the restroom.  Erick was nice enough to grill up some potatoes for them to eat.  (I almost lost my mind trying to get uncontrollable Elsa to eat the darned potatoes!)

Michelle visited the park briefly and chatted with Christian and not long after she left Elsa did as well.

The park area really is lovely if you take a moment to look around.

Ugh.  And here is when I realized that for some unknown reason I’d been tracking Kiera and Kenneth’s ages incorrectly.  After checking everyone’s I found a few others but none as bad as theirs.  I had Kiera’s 2 years younger!  I discovered this when checking the upcoming events to see which day Brock’s upcoming birthday is and noticing and becoming confused that his sister’s teen birthday was soon after!

After that frustration, I spent a couple of days making them some new “random” townies that you’ll meet in an extra post that will publish after this one.  Returning to them we visited the supply lot to grab some things.

Kiera grabbed a new school project.  The city must have a whole warehouse of this stuff to have sent so much!

Brock was able to evolve some of his trees after watering them.  They had a nice lazy morning before heading off to school.

I’ve decided that they all have cell phones because the city dwellers couldn’t live without such a necessity and had the lines repaired right away.  Have I mentioned they get their clothes from a shop in what was previously Brindleton Bay where the docks have been mostly repaired?  I briefly toyed with the idea of getting suitable CC but shot that idea down pretty quick.

Christian keeps an eye on the Burton twins while Tanya tells a story to little Layla.  It’s nice to see Tanya relaxed and being herself around all of the kids when she’s usually so tense around the adults.

Just a random shot.  I realized that Enzo’s sister Sierra needs a height adjustment or something.  She seems to be the smallest of them all!

Kiera invited Scarlett and Efrain to play Don’t Wake the Llama.  She’s good friends with both of them.

Tanya’s thinking yep that’s my man playing with a toy… at least I think she hopes he is!

And Brock decides now that he’s soon to age to 18 it’s time to see if there’s anything between him and Bryanna.  They’ve been skirting around with little flirts here and there for years now.

And before everyone left for the day I caught some cuteness from one of my favorite couples!

The last time with them was so utterly boring I decided to have them bring some company home.  Bryanna is actually a bit older than Brock and will be aging up very soon to 18.

Brock shows off his manly ways of taming the wild cowplant beast!

And the two chat while Kiera, Efrain, and Scarlett work on the new project.

(No matter how I tried I wasn’t able to get a better angle on them celebrating the completed project!)

Oh!  Here we go.  The chatting turned to flirting!

And before long it’s first kiss time.  Looks like Scarlett’s wondering when it’ll be time for her own first kiss.  Many years girly!

The little ones giggle and whisper as the teens get all gooey.

But when little flirts begin to be full-out make out they had enough!  An exasperated Brock sends Bryanna’s brother Efrain and Scarlett back to their own camps and his little sister to bed.

I never imagined my first girlfriend/boyfriend whim would be one of the teens!

Early the next morning Brock harvested all of his trees.

And excitedly took them to Naomi.

She isn’t skilled enough to use most of them yet but was able to make more apple jam and one jar of pickled olives.  Brock took a few jars of jam as payment for the fruits.  (I realized later that I hadn’t scrolled down to see that there are indeed new recipes she can make!)

Icemumnun is so cool making these moodlets!

The New Residents

2 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T1/S2: The Shipment

  1. I haven’t played with the jams yet, just the candle makers! Will Ash Shore get those eventually with bee boxes?

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    1. They have bee boxes… a few of them do. I have a candle thingy at the supply depot for sale but nobody’s really made enough ingredients to use it yet.

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