Ash Shore Extra: The New Residents

Meet the new residents…

Siblings 16-year-old Summer and 15-year-old Luca Hart lost their parents in the fires.  Summer is very petite like her mother was and Luca is very tall and broad-chested like his father was.  This makes it appear as if he is the eldest of the teens!

42-year-old Kerstin Pratt, her 14 1/2-year-old son Vicente, and her 63-year-old mother Meredith Rowe.  Since grandma and son love cats they also have a kitty named Smeagie who is rumored to be seen wearing a shark’s head cap thanks to Vicente’s silliness!

Young parents 27-year-old Darrell Connely, 23-year-old Shari Hayes, and their surprise 21-month-old daughter Rylee who is also our first Summerborne child!  He was first attracted to Shari’s sense of humor but soon learned they have very little in common.  Only time will tell if these two will make it work.  Since Darrell is a dog lover they also have a little pooch named Siggy.

24-year-old Khloe Dwyers has taken guardianship of her niece 15-year-old Kaylyn Cameron after the deaths of her parents.  Kaylyn actually is more similar to her auntie than she was to her own mother!

43-year-old Jerome Carson, his 41-year-old wife Cora and their 14-year-old daughter Janelle.  They also have two pets since Cora is an animal lover!  A chihuahua named Dyno-Myte and a big grey kitty with lighter patches named Panda.

And lastly, we have 33-year-old Adan McGee with his 11 1/2-year-old son Dylan and 13-1/2-year-old nephew Talon Sharp.

Notes: If you’re curious about the extremely detailed ages and family structures… I made up a list of over 30 different variations of family structures.  Then made a list of ages for different possibilities like a YA with a teen child would need to be in a certain age range as well as a teen of a YA parent.  Or the ages of lone teens.  I then rolled several of them but kept mostly the ones with teens for now because Issac has no teens in his age range.

Dylan above is my first very young teen.  I did test this out with the heights but Dylan’s head size and body structure forced me to do some tweaks because he looked quite odd.  Despite that, due to his facial structure, which as you can see looks quite like his father’s, I feel he still looks a bit odd.  Thankfully, they all grow pretty fast and most pre-teens do usually look a bit awkward!

I didn’t leave any of these households on lots and marked them as unplayed in hopes this will lessen the random generation as well as give me some more variation of townie families.  I may decide to just move them onto lots though because placing them on lots to change their heights might get annoying.  I didn’t plan to have these sims become so detailed and this project ended up being much more work than I’ve put into any of the played sims!  At least now I have quite a bit of information for them all and profiles made but not posted anywhere for in case they marry into a played family.

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3 thoughts on “Ash Shore Extra: The New Residents

  1. The link needs to be added =D also they look awesome!

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    1. Gah, yea I noticed a few of them that needed links when I was doing the “try for baby” search earlier. I’m gonna have to go through all of the chapters.

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    2. Oh! Some of those end up being favorite sims! I just realized what chapter you were commenting on!

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