Ash Shore R1/T1/S2: Welcoming Neighbors

Rhythm 1/Turning 1/Season 2

All those trees with their pretty autumn colors!

The look on Kenneth’s face is priceless!  Finally, one of his kids turned the tables on him!


School time.  I really need to make note of this boy’s name.  He is in the chapters a lot all of the sudden.  He’s that girl in the yellow top, Saya’s brother.  Note from the future: Saya and her brother just kinda faded into obscurity.  No reason to learn the name.

It occurred to me that little Kyra wasn’t in the school club yet!  So, I had Kiera invite her.  Their names are so similar and I didn’t notice it at first.  Oh well, they’re pretty names even if they are almost identical.

The crowding around the chess tables to watch a match is so boring.  I still have another chapter that I’ve already played out after this but I think when I play again I’m going to just take the club tasks off altogether and see if they do anything autonomously instead of getting these strong pushes to do whatever.  I mean, when I tell one of the kids that I’m controlling to do something they keep stopping to do one of the club tasks!

Back home, Boniferious gets his first meal!

And, the rest of the night was uneventful with all of them just standing around chatting and nobody interesting passing by to chat with.  I did notice how pretty the moon rise was!  That’s a desktop wallpaper for sure!

As is the beautiful view of the desert land of Tanya and Cecilia’s home!

Like every morning, Tanya ran around collecting before making her way to the park.

She grabbed some sage for Drew while she was at it since he needs it for his herbalism.

And last, she stopped at Brock’s neighborhood and grabbed some potatoes.  Mack had gone here a few days ago but they weren’t ready to pick.

Tanya excitedly told her grandmother that she saw an elderly gentleman while getting the potatoes!  Cecelia responded that at 71 years old she has no interest in a “gentleman” but it would be nice to have someone her age to chat with.

A/N:  I am embarrassed to say that at some point, likely when I was doing a challenge and needed YA marriageable sims like Drifter, I had turned off elder generation altogether in MCCC!  I was close to making a few elders myself when I realized my mistake.  The gentleman in question is a sweetie (I think) and I gave him a pup!

Tanya grilled up the potatoes.  Finally, something new for my many vegetarians to feast on!

Everyone started showing up for school and Stephon made a beeline over to their table to chat.

Now that Brock has grown he looks so much taller than Issac.

Tanya had a whim to flirt with Stephon which pleased me quite a bit since he is who I was kinda hoping she’d end up with.  I swear Bryanna there does nothing but argue with her brother!

After school, Tanya and Stephon stayed back and chatted for a bit and even flirted a little more!  Yay!

Tanya didn’t have a ton of collectibles this time but really Mack can’t keep up with what she’s brought anyway.  She did give Drew the sage she’d found and asked him what he thinks of Stephon.

Hehe, also, look how short she looks!

Cecilia woke early in the morning to complete her book: Don’t Eat Cactus Ouch!

And she added it to the shelf for everyone to enjoy.

I’ll admit, this was weird.  Before starting with the Mesner’s, I updated all the non-played sim’s profiles and changed any heights that needed changing.  I also made a profile for Layla here as her’s was just an unclickable picture before.  Her only trait was Sagittarius which is also what Issac has.  I thought that was cute.  I added the Outgoing trait since both of her brothers have it.  She’s 5 1/2 years old and if you haven’t noticed already I’ve adored her from day one.

I decided to have them just work on the school project they had instead of heading right to the park since all of their needs were decent.  Plus, I thought it would be nice to just get to know them a bit.

Oh!  Umm… come in?

Oh, yea!  There’s the girl’s camp right there!  Cool!  I think Freddie, his nephew Enzo, and niece Sierra live on the other side of them.

The best part?  Judy showed up a few moments later as well!  I want these two together sooo bad!  They are absolutely perfect for each other.

Naomi and Freddie helped finish the project while Aimee watched and it came out looking really cool.  They were all excited.

They all crowded together trying to talk over each other until the “welcome wagon” was over.  Judy was especially cheerful as you can see.

They’d missed school but that’s fine since they did their own little learning project at home.  When they got to the park Layla made a beeline for the art table.  It’s so funny that Dean is very neat and Issac is… not.  I haven’t rolled Layla’s profile yet.  It’s going to be confusing since they are her brothers and there’s no parent info to go by.

That boy was playing with the science table and Layla completed my favorite art desk drawing.

Tobias showed up and Isaac chatted with him.  This is where the height mod is nice.  You can definitely tell that Issac is younger despite his broad chest.

Then Kyra showed up too and spent some time playing with Layla.  They are closer in age than any of the others.  Maybe Sierra is close too?

Just as Tobias was leaving Enzo showed up!  I swear those two have it planned out.  Other than the party I don’t think I’ve seen them there at the same time again.  They rarely even show up at the same time during school!

Neat sims what ya gonna do right?  I’ve seen Judy do the same thing.

And then in the morning, he picked the vegetables that were ready to harvest and Issac joked that he’s just using that as an excuse to visit the girl’s camp!  Maybe he is?  You’ll have to wait and see!


7 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T1/S2: Welcoming Neighbors

  1. Those landscape shots are so beautiful !

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    1. Thanks! I have a bunch of them that rotate as desktop wallpaper. Sims 4 is so beautiful when you take the time to look around.

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  2. Lol I use mine in my desktop too … Or current pictures of my protagonists if I can you be inspired

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    1. When I used poses a lot I’d use those pics as my desktop wallpaper.

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      1. For me it keeps me inspired

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  3. The landscape oh my goodness!!!! =D

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