Ash Shore R1/T1/S2: The First Seasonal Turning

Rhythm 1/Turning 1/Season 2

Look!  The season turned!  So exciting.

I feel bad for Erick.  He has nothing to do back at the camp while everyone else is busy.  He just stands around talking and telling jokes and stories.

Is this an exercise contest?

Now that Drew has watered and harvested his herbs he’s stuck sitting around too.

Hooray!  A shipment of stuff was finally delivered from the city!

Including some things for the students.  Quinton is such a cutie!

They all get so animated watching a chess match.

Now the little kids have a few things they can do as well.

These skill books were nice but the little kids kept reading them too.  It might be better to have a separate club for the teens.

Tanya is once again showing off her pickled carrots.  I just adore her!

I did later discover that this was an actual bug so I’ve removed my thoughts on what mod could have been causing it.

The guys returned to the house so that Christian can write and Mack can attempt for the like 20th time to extract an element from that darned metal!  This process is taking much longer than expected.  When doing the testing I cheated my simselves’ skill up.  Erick and Drew were once again left with nothing to do so they went for a jog.

Everett was out jogging too.  This is when I realized that I have a problem with my autonomy mod.  Ugh.  It showed them as “just friends” as well.  I looked and it was the same for Christian with Michelle.  But, this is only the tip of the iceberg, you’ll see.

*Note from the future:  I spoke with Polarbearsims and she thinks that the breakups are due to them not being lovebirds or higher yet mixed with a poor mood.  She’s trying to fix it but I decided to remove it for now.

No matter what I did I couldn’t get Everett to come back to the lot with Drew!  I even made a group with them and had him “go here” but once he got there he went back to jogging away.  I reset him several times but he was determined to jog so I sent Drew back to evolve the few plants that needed it.  I decided to just take all of the guys back to the park with their hopefully intendeds and try to figure out the relationship issue.

I was going into buy mode to grab a tablet so I could look at MCCC settings quick but I couldn’t.  It said a sim was proposing!  My first and only thought was WTF???

Yea, I knew there was absolutely no way that was going to get accepted.  *sigh*  I will admit I was really upset over this.  As much as I love mods there are times they really mess things up and make me hate them just as much.

Elsa was very embarrassed.  Rightly so.  I did have autonomous proposals enabled in MCCC but that’s because of the autonomy mod extra pack that does the proposals!  BUT it says that it should only happen if they are first boyfriend/girlfriend and they have an appropriate amount of romance AND they are supposed to be flirty.  There is supposed to be many steps before this can even happen.

Another note from the future: Polarbearsims thinks I have the wrong proposal pack in.  I sent her a message with the name of the one I had in there and am waiting to hear back from her if it was the wrong one.

So, I don’t know if it was MCCC having that setting enabled which I had enabled so it wouldn’t mess with the autonomy mod or what?  I really haven’t looked at the romance menu at all since I put that mod in.  When looking I saw that there is indeed an option with barely any romance to propose as well as first kiss!  *sigh*

At least Erick and Maxwell are going strong.

So, despite the fact I was really anticipating that autonomous first kiss I decided to just go ahead and do it myself after taking that mod as well as the proposal one out.  So cute!


And, wonder of wonders, once they’d had that first kiss they were much more affectionate.  That part of the mod is part of the main mod, not an extra part.  Whew!  Back to hands-off mode.

I had Christian flirt a few times with Michelle to get their relationship back up into pink.

So, I let them all flirt autonomously and when the option for the first kiss was there I went ahead and did it for them.

I actually went for this angle because I think the height difference is hilarious.  Erick is tall and Maxwell is mid-short.  Yes, I know those are weird height scales but I didn’t feel like putting it into feet and inches.

And, despite their rocky start, after her very embarrassed mood was gone and I queued up a few flirts they rolled with it and it was no time before they also had their first kiss.  Poor short Mack!  Elsa is mid-tall.  I think it’s adorable!  In the future, I’ll likely angle the camera so it’s less noticeable.

Chapter notes: So!  That was the trainwreck that was the first day of the autumn season.  I am heartbroken that I’m having issues with the extra mod packs.  When trying to test it out without other mods I realized that the first kiss no longer shows like it was and I’m wondering if that is because I took another out that was causing last exceptions the next day.

Also of note: This day will later be known as Bounty Day thanks to the delivery of goods from the city and the fact that they are finally starting to get harvests of their plants and such.

Welcoming Neighbors

6 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T1/S2: The First Seasonal Turning

    1. Awe thanks! It was a very eventful day!


  1. It was event full indeed! Also I sure love that Autumn mod it always makes me sad when I have to take it out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, the autumn mod is beautiful! I’ve been getting some LE errors with the snow one but only in Brindleton Bay.


  2. The season changed that’s awesome!!!!! I’m sorry the mods gave you trouble, but I am happy you did the first kiss for them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did end up getting the first kiss to work after this! I had to use a different modders version.

      Liked by 1 person

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