Ash Shore R1/T1/S1: Going to New Heights

Rhythm 1/Turning 1/Season 1

Alrighty!  I knew this was going to happen.  Giving the kids actual ages and knowing how far apart they are made it so it drove me bonkers when they were together.  Especially when Darren aged up.  Which is why I’d added a height roll from the start “just in case.”  The in case pretty much meant until I feel like messing with it because I knew it would take me a long time.  And it did.  I had to match the heights up with my complicated aging system which is itself based on my complicated calendar system.  But, it is done and I am extremely pleased with the results!

So far the only things I’ve found are that child/toddler hugs look weird and the shorter kids don’t match up as well on the monkey bars.  But not enough in most cases to really even notice.

I used Darren’s family as my testers and then quit without saving.  I aged one of them to toddler and aged the parents up and down between teens because I needed to test what is the furthest height a tall sim and a short sim can be without intimate poses looking ridiculous.  So, in the case of the grown sims, it’s not going to be really noticeable.  Which is fine.  It was the kids that really bothered me.

I did do the unplayed sims that were on lots but this boy isn’t so he’s at the regular child height.  So he’s like 7 1/2-8 years old.

Darren looks so little he’s even more adorable than before.  Here he’s making fun of adults to Christian which he did not take well.

My foray into my settings in MCCC in an attempt to stop the endless mischief interactions made me notice that I had some settings stopping autonomous flirty behavior!  Which would conflict with Polarbearsim’s autonomy mods, of course.  Taylor and Lucia were practically unbearable the entire day there.  Eventually, I made them go “chat here” away from the kids.

I tried really hard to get a good shot of Tanya’s height compared to the other teens but didn’t get too far.  Stephon that she’s talking to rolled tall height and she is short.  She looks so thin in that shirt!

Here’s another attempt.  Issac is 13 1/2, Tanya is 15 1/2, Stephon is 16 and Brock is 16 1/2.  Brock will eventually be taller than his dad!  His mom must have been tall.  All I remember was she was extremely pretty.

I’ll cut to the chase here.  I am not a huge fan of playing this family.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like them.  Lucia has rubbed me wrong from the start.  Skylar is a total brat.  And she was constantly arguing with Darren and causing his emotional control to tank as well.  And no matter how many times they were scolded they all kept making messes!  The only reason I’d brought them home is because of the darned plants!

So, I decided to give up on having a garden with them.  I’d realized they had a tree so had her bring that to Brock’s lot first.

This is where spending hours on profiles really comes in handy.  I don’t do the profiles for readers.  Though, it might help remember who is who looking at them.  On the contrary, I think I’ve had them viewed like 5 times total since I started Ash Shore.  So, I did a search for “green thumb” and it brought up both of the Mesner brothers!  Nice.  So, she brought the rest of the plants to Dean.

After Taylor left, Dean just looked at the plants like what do I do now?

He set them all into the ground and watered them.  Then Issac returned home.

The coolers in all of the townie camps were just regular coolers so I had to swap theirs out for the personal storage ones and temporarily buy a fridge to stock them up with meats and such.  It’s crazy the light difference between Windenburg and Willow Creek!

Geeze.  I really wish these would disappear when played sims leave the park.  I did actually get a mod that was supposed to lessen them doing this but it’s only if they have high responsibility.  Maybe more school projects?  Dean was so uncomfortable because he’s neat.  I think it’s so cool how perfect of a match he is with our neat-freak green thumb Judy.  Only time will tell!

Maybe I should add the exercise task back to the school club?  He was getting emotional control.  He has the active trait.

And speaking of Judy… I just don’t think she’s a good match for rooming with Sophia.  They are different in practically every way!

And since Dorothy seems to also always nap at the park and is a bit of a loner I thought they might be a better match.  There’s that nice pond nearby she can fish in and since they both aren’t very social they can be around more often for strays.  I also couldn’t find a possible match for them which makes the staying on the lot even more simple.  Although Kyra will need to attend school soon… we’ll see.

Judy arrived at what I’ve dubbed the girls camp with all of her plants in hand looking quite pleased.

After transplanting them all (ha! transplanting) she was hungry.  She had a bit of Naomi’s apple jam and seemed to be very impressed.

They chatted for a bit while Naomi used up all of the fruits and carrots that Tanya had brought her the other day.  Aimee is getting a bit better at the woodwork and made an end table.

A few things were harvestable but didn’t give many when picked so she left them be.  I can’t remember what they can cook with corn beyond it being an ingredient for popcorn.

Yum?  They look disgusting and I’m a vegetarian myself.

And pointless.  All I know is it’s a mod messing with it but I haven’t tried to figure it out yet.

Awe!  I’m really hoping they get together!

So many playful sims.  I really should have gotten my trait generator updated instead of doing manual rolls because it at least weighs the odds instead of 50/50.

Tobias and Enzo there, the two teens I’m hoping get together, have finally talked!  Of course, it’s that stupid show cell phone thing.

As soon as they were done with that one of them left.  Oh well.  I’m hoping Aimee gets with Zion here.

And I’ve already mentioned Judy and Dean.

So freaking cute!  Zion already had the childish trait.  I don’t think Aimee did.

With all 3 girls and their potential matches there I had a hard time keeping up.

When Dean and Zion left I sent the others home and concentrated on Naiomi and Freddie.  I was confused when I first had them talk this day because it showed them with an empty romance bar and “just friends.”  So, I had them do tons of friendly interactions and then tried a few flirts just to see… he immediately told her he just wants to be good friends!  *sigh*  It was inevitable that it would happen sooner or later.  The search for Naomi continues.

There is still hope for the others.  I do notice that when they are all at the park they seem to gravitate towards each other.  I think they have to both be flirty for autonomous flirts though.

No More Toddlers!

6 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T1/S1: Going to New Heights

  1. Nice use of the height slider !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It is a lot of work but I am so happy with the results! It really adds a new depth to the community I feel. With the younger kids/teens and older ones.


  2. That sounded like tons of work but it looks awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The heights? It takes close to two hours each round.

      Liked by 1 person

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