Ash Shore R1/T1/S1: Bartering

Rhythm 1/Turning 1/Season 1

I find it extremely annoying that every time I enter one of the households their needs are terrible!

I absolutely love this phase but really where on earth would she have gotten the suit from???  The constant cell phone use is bad enough for breaking immersion.

Kenneth doesn’t seem to mind Boneferious the cow plant eating him.  On the contrary, I think he feels that the plant showed it’s worth.

Then, when they went to the park so the kids could attend the school he fished yet again.  Enjoying the solitude.

Oh, finally Enzo showed up on a school day.

Erick asked him to join them.  (I finally remembered to change it from an exclusive club so the other members can invite instead of constantly merging Erick so he can do it!)

It looks like Layla is yelling at Darren but if you look closer you can see Skylar back there instigating her.  That girl is something else I tell ya!

Tobias was standing on the edge of the park watching them so Erick went to invite him as well.

As soon as Tobias started to walk to the main area Enzo decided to leave.  Ohmygosh you two!  Just talk already!!!

Speaking of potential couples… Brock is now almost 17 years old and has finally taken notice of Bryanna who I feel has been trying to get his attention since she joined the school.

What is up with kids and their speech bubbles lately?!  It looks like Kiera is telling Darren that she’s not ready for commitment yet.  Cracked me up!  No worries Kiera… if all things go right Darren and Kyra will have our first arranged marriage.  They are so similar that they got an extremely high score!  Yes, I know that’s weird but I was curious since they were the only toddlers in the group.

I decided to make exercise an activity for the group.  Maxwell seems pleased with that.  Also, look at Bryanna’s speech bubble.  Oh yea, girl wants our Brock.

Brock’s responsibility is really high because he’s doing this constantly!

He also has a high cooking skill.  Thankfully, none of his household are vegetarians because dad always has a fresh catch to cook up!

School’s out so they all headed back to eat.  Kenneth seems impressed.

Sierra was walking nearby so Kiera ran over to chat with her.  She is such a cutie!

And Brock invited Issac over.  He showed up in an angry mood which Brock managed to relieve him of by discussing it.

Issac’s sister Layla, who is good friends with Kiera, started walking by while she was chatting with Sierra.

Kiera seemed to have taken offense to the brush off and had a few things to say about it!  Also, my goodness is Drake pale!  The girl chatting with him is Tricia.  I don’t think you’ve met her yet.

Seems Layla has turned the tables on her insensitive friend.

Sierra looks at Layla like is she always like this and Layla looks to be saying you’ll get used to it.

This is the first time I’ve seen Issac and Layla together.  I really like the brother-sister dynamic in these families.

Kenneth’s love of Boniferious continues while Brock waters the trees.

I was so pleased that all of the trees are finally full-grown and then remembered that there are two new ones to add!  I’m really excited about them because they can slice the fruit and eat them piece by piece.  Icemumnun is a genius.  I can’t wait for the rice cooker to be ready to download too!

Time to check on our desert-dwellers.  I love Tanya and Cecilia’s relationship.  Like Brock, Tanya is getting towards her higher teen years.  Almost 16 now!

She really loves her collecting.  (Also of note, I’ve given her the Home Turf trait that comes with the City Explorer aspiration and she gets a nice moodlet while in their neighborhood.  That trait is wasted on solely being used with that one aspiration.)

Tanya has decided to become a vegetarian.  Perhaps her older brother figure Drew convinced her?  So, while out collecting she grabbed some veggies.

Then, it’s time for school.  She invited Issac and Stephon to the school group since she knew them both.

She was hungry so she grilled up some fruits.  (I mentioned to Icemumnum that I’m so tired of grilling just fruits for the vegetarians and she said she thinks it would be very simple to make something else for them to grill!  Fingers crossed!)

Most of the kids just seemed to socialize this time.

I realized that she’d never actually eaten.  I really do love Enzo there.  I hope Naomi and his uncle Freddie are a good match.

Tanya went home with Brock to collect in his neighborhood.  I think this one is second-best to the one she lives in.  I noticed that someone has lost their kitty toy over by the garden area.

Mack seemed proud to show off the fruits of his labor.  Tanya, being a total geek, seemed impressed.

Quite a collection!  Mack told her to keep a few of the small metals for herself since he doesn’t see any point in refining them.

He mentioned that he heard Naomi is desperate for some fruits to start her jam-making so she headed over to that camp next.

She also gave some frogs to Dorothy to use as bait since Kenneth has quite a few at the moment.

Naomi was very excited that Tanya had some carrots too and pickled some for her after hearing that she’s now a vegetarian and bored with grilled fruit.

A/N:  I’m not sure how much I’m going to stick to the original plan to have everyone take their goods to a central pantry location to trade.  I’m really enjoying having them do the barters in person like this.

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6 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T1/S1: Bartering

  1. Bartering is a great idea !

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  2. Just curious which mods are u using for this save. I know u were talking about the jam one. I just downloaded a pottery one while looking for the jam one 🤣

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    1. Umm… I have like 100 mods. The harvestables ones are Icemumnum’s.


    1. Me too! It’s a little more sophisticated now but it’s still going.

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