Ash Shore R1/T1/S1: More Matchmaking Mayhem

Rhythm 1/Turning 1/Season 1

Party excitement over, it’s time to see how the girls are doing.  I’d hoped to send Naomi around to harvest some berries to make jam but for some reason, the game is acting like nobody has been in this area before!  Nothing is close to blooming.  I don’t have them away from the camp that much!  So, she’s stuck reading… again.

Seriously, watching them all is incredibly boring and thankfully Naomi and Aimee are fairly athletic so they don’t mind a nice run to break up the monotony.

I’ve added camps in all of the individual “lands” with most of the townies.

Dorothy caught a cow plant berry so she planted it.  I love cow plants.

The girls started to get hungry so they headed to the park where Naomi grilled up some fish that Dorothy had caught.  Dorothy immediately went to sleep.  Ugh.  Poor Tanya.  I really wish the game would stop pushing her to the park on non-school days.  She gets so stressed with all the people.

Aimee digs in and Michelle chats with them.  I’m really loving her new look.

I keep getting these weird angry looking greetings from sims.  Someone on Twitter said it started with Parenthood.

Oh no!  So many sims have new traits I didn’t think to look!

Awe!  Maxwell is so adorable.  I have a soft spot for childish sims.

Elsa showed up looking embarrassed about something.  Poor girl.

Sorry, Vivian, it looks like Zion is taking a shine to Aimee… at least I hope!  I always think of him as the Latin Lover.  He was generated looking almost exactly like that and it was my first thought when I first saw him.

Time to become friends.  Zion is the owner of the cat Ragtime…

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!  Now, let me remind you… I have no control over these two.  I was playing the girls.  I love Elsa so much I really hope her and Mack get together.

*sigh*  I hope that Polarbearsim’s theory that MCCC was conflicting with her autonomy mod and causing all the mischief interactions because this is driving me bonkers!

Another match I’m hoping for is Freddie here and Naomi.  Freddie is Zion and Sierra’s uncle.  The lady speaking with them I haven’t done anything with beyond her profile.  She’s the mom of the pretty teen girl with the braids and purple shirt.

The girls were beat by the end of the night.  All in all, it was a good day.

Aimee wasn’t sure what exactly to do with all of these barstools.  I’ll be happier when she learns to make something more useful.  She took them to Mack who gave her some of the metals that are small and don’t need to be cut.  He’s not really sure what she would do with them but he had to give her something.

Then, it’s time for school.  Darren got to lead the project this time in honor of his recent birthday.  Quinton and Efrain joined them but Skylar seemed jealous and had to sit nearby and make digs at her little brother.

We’ll just pretend that Naomi made the llama set, shall we?  I made it a school task but unfortunately when I played one of the kids I realized they gain no skills with it!  I’m really looking forward to the next shipment from the city so they hopefully have something more to do!

Another poorly made project.  I don’t understand why when they are supposed to be working carefully.  I think the robot is adorable though.

I guess Christian wasn’t interested in teaching?  He spent most of the time over here chatting with people and cloud gazing!

While Mack and Drew studied.

Poor Maxwell.  Looks like he is sad because the kids are playing with the toys.  Also, he seems to have caught Erick’s eye.

Yes, I know, darned phones.  Bryanna is so animated all of the time.  Total drama queen.  I don’t think her and her brother Efrain there get along very well.

Squee!  I must be driving everyone crazy with my matchmaking.

Speaking of which!  Yay!  I really hope these two get together.  Also, poor Paris there didn’t have a possible match with anyone.

I’m so tired of these two studying those darned books!

Looks like Maxwell is trying to impress Erick with his strength.

This cracked me up!  He must have seen that Erick has an interest.

Ohmygosh finally!!!  I have never been so happy to see plants ready to be harvested before.  Sheesh.  I’d like to burn that book now.


Oh cool.  Looks like that trait has uses outside of campfire stories!

I cheated up Mack’s last level.  I couldn’t stand it anymore!  The metals and crystals will make elements infinitely which is ridiculous so I decided that one large metal equals 2 elements and then I’ll destroy the metal.

Hooray!  Everett was walking by so Drew ran over to talk to him.  I wish that sims in Sims 4 would walk their cats like in Sims 2.  His cat Butter is so cool.

Speaking of which, Drew seems to agree!

He had a whim to stargaze which is nice because it’s the quickest way to get up a friendship.  *happy sigh*  So cute!

Everett seemed pleased as he left.

Christian finally completed his children’s book!  I realize now it was taking so long because he has the perfectionist trait.  I’d originally hesitated to have two sims writing books but now I see that two may not even be enough!  Although, nobody seems to be having much of a problem with their fun need surprisingly.


8 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T1/S1: More Matchmaking Mayhem

  1. That cat Ragtime is awesome ! Love all the flirting , too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ragtime is cool! I thought it was awesome that Zion is a music lover and his cat has that name.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, so the odd Death-Stare Sims give eachother when randomly meeting is a game bug – I’ve wondered about it for ages 😀
    Lovely Sims – it really makes the game more enjoyable when townies don’t like they just fled the circus!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Death-stare! What an apt name for it! I’ve noticed sims that I’m playing doing it as well since I let them be autonomous for the most part when they aren’t at their own camps.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I never even noticed the face expressions in greetings. Or maybe I have and just never paid attention to it. I really hate when we’re excited to play saves like this but every plant in the whole thing isn’t even matured yet. Drives me crazy and I’m going through the same thing. Well… at least they have those fancy storage coolers to eat. Those things are great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I noticed the weird greetings at first because they ball up their fists when they do it. So goofy! The personal storage coolers are a line of personal storage stuff. I have more of it out, some of the stuff at the park holds things like I drag books in and out of one when they annoy me. I can put anything in the cooler but I just keep the food in there, lol. LittleMsSam has one that keeps plates of food fresh like it was a fridge but all I needed was somewhere to keep all of that darned CC food so I didn’t have to keep buying fridges or having them carry it around!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Pink hair and that girl gotta get it on dang it!!!! I am loving the matchmaking and yay for books and plants and skills!

    Liked by 1 person

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