Ash Shore R1/T1/S1: The Party- Love at First Sight?

Rhythm 1/Turning 1/Season 1

Darren’s birthday party chapter was getting enormous due to the number of pics I’d taken throughout the day (and night) of sims I hope will get together.  I felt a little explanation was in order because most of the pics I took are of different sims just looking at each other…  I think I mentioned in the previous chapter that I did a HUGE overhaul of the personality profiles.  Well, I decided to use all of the random townies in addition to my own sims to iron out all of the kinks.  So, once I’d done that I was burning with curiosity if anyone would be a good match.  I know, at this time, that a lot of the trait conflicts are in my head but I do hope to try to figure out how to modify the in-game traits so that they have more of an effect… someday.

I printed out of all of the sim’s profiles and just started comparing them to see if anyone would be a good match.  I didn’t pay attention to whether it was a girl or a guy.  I just kept them to age groups.  I mean, if they don’t get along they don’t and my hands-off approach has gone to new levels with PolarBearSims autonomy mods.  They take traits into account of how sims act and she has also tweaked the romance interactions.  For example, they have to be friends for there to even be a romance menu.  I’ve been using this since the start of Ash Shore.  To end my long explanation (Aren’t they all long nowadays?)  I made a list of these sims with very high chemistry and now I wait with baited breath for them to meet if they haven’t already.  So, expect a lot of excitement from me in the future as they meet!  (Reading over this before it publishes I realized I should explain that I know they haven’t met because I looked at their relationship panels when I gave them all their own camps.)

Note from the future: All of this “at first sight” and “never met before” stuff that I originally wrote will be negated by the chapters that will tell the origin of Ash Shore. (currently unpublished) But, there are some great pics here so let’s just look at it as them seeing each other for the first time… in a long time.

OMG, I am shipping these two sooo bad!  And this is the first time they’ve seen each other!  Squeeeeee!  Hopefully, if things work my way Enzo on the right will be one of my sims so I’m a bit invested.  (I’m hoping Naomi gets together with his uncle Freddie.)  They got the highest score of them all!  Most sims got 25-35 but Tobias and Enzo got 66!

Is it too soon to mention that Darren and Kyra got a 52?  Too soon?  I thought so.

And!  Here’s another!  Drew’s first sight of Everett!  Everett has a cute cat Butter that wears a leather jacket.  We saw Butter with the strays while playing Judy and Sophia.

(I have no clue what screenshot went here!)

See!!!  Squeee!  I swear I was so excited through this whole party watching them all.

Back to Enzo and Tobias.  See how Tobias is looking at him?  Also, the two just kinda gravitated to each other all night.  They never talked but were always really close.  I did restrain myself from taking a bunch of screenshots of sims standing near each other… that would be crazy.  Heh.

And then, while I had the game still paused I noticed Mack and Elsa looking at each other.  She’s the one in front of Christian with the blonde hair in a ponytail.  She is the ONLY one that got a high score with Mack.  Maybe Michelle next to Mack is looking at Christian?  I’d already given makeovers to most of the townies before the whole profile madness began but Michelle I’d just randomized her everyday outfit with MCCC the day she showed up so I took the liberty of giving her a really fun look.  I figured she had to be a bit edgier for our Christian.

Well, that’s it!  At least from the party.  Expect much more swooning from me in the future.  The funny part is that this is the thing I’ve never really liked in the game.  Trying to find someone for my sims.  Which is why I’d come up with the restriction in Curses that they marry the first person to walk by on their birthday.  Or the arranged marriages in my AfterTime build a city challenge attempt.  My original plan was to just match them all up with each other in the group.  I had Erick and Drew shipped from the start but they never flirted once despite being good friends.  I almost went with the whole Mack and Christian thing but then Mack told him he just wanted to be friends.  Too funny!  But really, Christian is so cool how could he not flirt a little?  Of course, I did have a few that didn’t have matches and some of the ones I want to get together probably won’t but this is fun!

More Matchmaking Mayhem

10 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T1/S1: The Party- Love at First Sight?

  1. Love all the autonomy relationship-wise!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m really enjoying it. Especially since I finally figured out the constant mischief. I’ve already had a disappointment with one of the potential couples. Ah well… can’t win them all!


      1. I think it’s fun when there are unexpected relationship events !

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Me too! Since I can’t control them while playing the other households it’s even more interesting. Also, for now I have MCCC set only for adults and at a low rate at that. I just don’t want a huge neighborhood boom like I had with the keeping up with the Joneses. Which turned out to be really hard to… keep up with. Ha!


    1. I’m not having a ton of luck with the original hopeful love interests but I haven’t given up on them all yet!

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      1. The Sims can mess with you like that. That’s for sure!

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  2. Down the rabbithole we go huh lol

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