Ash Shore R1/T1/S1: School Projects and More

Rhythm 1 Turning 1 Season 1

The Burton twins, Skylar and Scarlett, played on the monkey bars while waiting for school to start.

Meanwhile, Taylor and Lucia entertain the youngest member of the family.  Hard to believe that Darren is 3 1/2 years old already!

Scarlett was making a mess and Taylor gave her time out but as she stomped away she had this grin on her face!

All the journal writing in class is getting tedious and at this point, they all have full emotional control!  The girls played dolls instead.

I think Christian agrees that they need something else to occupy their time.

After school, they all head home.  Lucia has Darren duty while Taylor plants the last of the plants for the group.  So many plants!  Skylar read the book that Cecilia brought them while Scarlett played with her toy.

Kiera came to visit them and I think Scarlett was thrilled to see her because she ran to give her a hug.

Darren entertained himself with his toy and Scarlett chatting with Kiera while their moms and Skylar took naps.

Skylar woke up and entertained Kiera… not very nicely as you see.  And it was Scarlett’s turn to read the book but she didn’t get far before it was time for Kiera to leave and them all to head to sleep.

As the day dawned in the land formerly known as Windenburg Dorothy and the other single girls woke feeling hungry.

As Naomi grilled up some breakfast, Dorothy and Aimee waited impatiently.

And then after their meal was finished, they returned to their camp.  Aimee is very smart but not very motivated at all so a job that takes an eye for detail like woodwork was good for her.  Naomi is going to make fruit jelly and pickled vegetables but since nobody has actually grown anything enough to harvest yet she is studying the book to learn more about the process.

And Dorothy is fishing.  She prefers the solitude and peacefulness of the task.

Naomi also received a beehive to make honey with.  I guess she’s really good at multitasking because she collected honey while reading!

Needing a break from her study and hoping she might run into someone along the way Naomi goes for a jog.

Aimee completes the piece of work she’d been making all day.  A barstool!  (Let us not question how it got painted and padded shall we?  I suppose I should have changed it to a more believable color swatch.)

With her task complete as well Aimee goes for a jog.  There really isn’t much for any of them to do at this point.

After their jogs, both girls were sweaty!

So, they headed back to the park to shower.  The showers still aren’t working very well.  This lady Dorothy is chatting with is named Paris.

Naomi, being a very flirty sim, zeroed in on this guy Zion for a flirty introduction.  He seemed like he might be interested but when I looked again he had left.  Apparently, not interested enough.

The rest of their time there was quite boring.  Only a few teens showed up to chat and the ladies soon went back to their camp.

When they got there they ate a second serving of their food before it went bad.  Dorothy tested out the fancy new stool.  How exciting!  Then, it was time for them to sleep and us to move on.

The day dawned at the guy’s camp with things basically exactly where they had been before.  Drew studying herbalism, Mack gem cutting, and Christian writing.  It’s taking Christian forever to write that book because they aren’t at their camp often.  I don’t think that Erick appreciates the strawberries he was given when he complained he was hungry!

Before long, he wasn’t the only one that was hungry and they all headed to the park to grill up some fruit… I’m not sure if Erick will appreciate that much more but with two vegetarians in his camp, he doesn’t have much of a choice!

Erick decided to try something different for school this time and as the Burton twins arrived a little girl, Layla, walked by and he invited her to join them next time they have school in the park.

For some reason, Kiera didn’t show up so he asked Drake if he wanted to help with the project.  Drew kept walking over and kneeling with them, it was really cute.

Meanwhile, Mack surveys all of the collectibles thinking he may have a use for them if he can just figure out the process.  (Getting him to level 5 with the book is tedious.  I might just have to cheat it up.)

And the kids completed their project!  Erick had been given a bunch of projects when he signed on to be the teacher.  (I finally figured out that I have to merge a kid in with their household and have them start working on it and then invite the others to help!  Sheesh.)

Skylar was really excited about it and the girls were given permission to take the volcano back to their camp.

With their needs dropped again the guys went back to the park.  Paris sat and chatted with them for a bit.  Maxwell over there playing chess doesn’t get along well with Christian at all.

A/N: I have no idea why I didn’t take more screenshots after this!  I was a bit distracted though because Mack and Christian started autonomously flirting back at the camp.  Then, Mack told Christian they should just be friends.  Too funny!  It’s the only real interesting thing that’s happened with any of the adults.


3 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T1/S1: School Projects and More

  1. I have never done a science project with the kiddos .. that will be fun when I get to

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    1. It’s probably my favorite part of that pack!


  2. Awwww that’s awesome! Cute volcano.

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