Ash Shore R1/T1/S1: Students and Teachers Club

Rhythm 1/Turning 1/Season 1

And so, as you can see, it is time for the residents to begin to spread out.  They have been broken up into 6 groups for now.  After they were told there would be no more deliveries for quite some time, each of them requested some items from the city.  Christian wasn’t given an easel or guitar for his creative outlets but a typewriter instead.  All of the collectibles that Tanya and Brock had found gave Mack the idea to try to cut them and was given a table to do so.  Drew was given some herbs and he plans to begin making herbal remedies since they no longer have doctors around.  Erick has decided he wants to be a teacher.  Christian is going to assist him with any creative projects as well.  These 4 are living in Newcrest.

Erick really wanted to talk to Drew but he wanted to get all of his new herbs planted.  (Thanks to yet another mod he will be able to make remedies without insects but in return, it will take 5 times the amount of ingredients!)

Finally, Drew is done and is able to give Erick some attention.  Erick is such a sweetheart always going around hugging everyone and asking them about their days.  Mack had been studying the archeology book but wandered over to chat instead.

Since they were getting hungry and the immediate tasks that needed doing at the camp were complete they headed to the park.  This guy, Vaughn, was there with his adorable cat Yasmin.  A few new items were added to the park area from the city when they delivered the stuff for the residents.

Soon all of the students began trickling in.  Keira had a big hug for her new teacher.

One of the tasks is to play cards.  This builds mental and logic skill.  Even though homework doesn’t help school performance per se I did notice to my delight that it increases their responsibility when they work on it!  We’ll just consider it their workbooks, shall we?

One of the kid’s other tasks is writing in their journals.  This little blonde boy is Drake, one of the other students.  Mack brought along his “gem cutting” book and Wade his herbology book.  Might as well get some study time in along with the kids!

Christian and the other adults had to constantly redirect the kid’s attention.  I wish there was a club no-no called no making messes!  They did set a rule of no being mean or fighting.

Although, I think someone should have mentioned that to the animals as well!

Poor Drew was exhausted!  He ended up taking a nap before they left.

When they returned back to their camp Christian continued writing his book.  I’m sure the children will be happy to have something to entertain themselves with!  It is a story about a ferret who got lost.

Mack goes back to his studies trying to figure out how he can break down the collectibles into something useful.

And Drew realized that he hadn’t watered his new herbs!  I think they need spread out a bit.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have the foresight to cook up a meal to take home and had to return to the park to cook.  Also, a few of them had gone jogging so they needed showers.

They ate and socialized a bit more before returning to the camp for the night.

Today we check in with the Larsen’s.  Kenneth does not have the neat trait and for whatever reason decided to mop up nothing at all on the sidewalk quite a bit away from their camp.  They are living in Willow Creek.

Kenneth is a solitary sim and also not the nicest guy so it’s best he keeps to himself so he’ll be fishing.  The cooler there is so he can put the fish in it to keep them fresh.

Keira was bored with her one toy and when she spotted Skylar she ran over and suggested they cloud gaze.  They actually look similar the way they are laying there!

Brock was indecisive about what he’d like to do so, for now, he’ll be growing some fruit trees.

It wasn’t long before they all began to turn hungry.  Brock grabbed some meat out of their cooler before they left so he could grill some hotdogs.  (It didn’t occur to me until close to the time they were leaving that I should have started a club gathering!)

The brother and sister seem to get on quite well despite their age difference.

That’s probably a good thing considering that as soon as their dad took a break from fishing to grab some food he started making little digs at both of the kids.  He seemed to be pleased with himself.

Even though there wasn’t a club gathering some of the other kids showed up.  This boy that Skylar is chatting with is another student Efrain.

As the sun went down the little family made their way back to camp for the night.  Perhaps dad finds the tent confining?  That’s not what that bush is there for Kenneth!


Getting everyone moved with their chosen items was terrible!  It would have been easier, in the end, to have just made individual rooms saved to my library since I had a hard time figuring out the packing crates.  I just liked the idea of them all moving to their camps with no money and just these items.

Now that’s a weird glitch!  I didn’t see him get up there and had to teleport him down.  I checked and didn’t have any last exceptions but some of my sims seem to be moving weird.  I can’t imagine what could be causing it.  I have no mods that affect movement.  (Note from the future- It was a game bug not a mod!)

Grim is showing up every single time they are ANYWHERE so I ended up enabling the “stop reaper stalking” in MCCC.  Normally, I think it’s funny, but this was all the time!  Also, look at that cool dog, Khaled!  His owner, Elsa, seems pretty cool too.

Settling In

10 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T1/S1: Students and Teachers Club

    1. Thanks! This is what I was doing that testing with that one day I was posting the stuff on Twitter with Alexander Goth.

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  1. I love reading your posts because it always gives me inspiration to play and do something fun. 💚

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    1. Awe! Thank you so much! *big hugs*

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  2. This is a neat project; I’m interested to see where you take it!

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    1. Thanks. They’re finally getting closer to where I’d planned them to start out at the beginning and I’m halfway through the first turning.

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  3. This is awesome! The girls do look similar. Lol just going to plant some fruit trees huh? But I spy a sim eater there…and did you name the book Mischief’s Great Escape!? You totally should have haha!

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    1. I think that’s what the book was called? Truthfully, I don’t remember seeing that last time I put the books away. It’s the cheekbones that made them look similar.

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  4. Also the Settling In link no longer works 😦

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    1. Oh really? Ugh. I thought they were all working.

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