Welcome to Ash Shore

Ash Shore is the culmination of all of my past simming experiences.  Since Sims 4 released I have almost exclusively played challenges.  So it’s not really a huge surprise that I found my niche in a sort of Post-Apocalyptic world.  At first, it was more of an experiment to test my theories on playing an integrated neighborhood as well as an opportunity to flesh out the details of the new personality profiles that I’d created.  I’ve never really enjoyed storytelling in the way that I call posing… writing a script that you later have the sims act out.  With that in mind as well as the fact that I wasn’t sure if I’d actually keep up with this original neighborhood I didn’t do any sort of origin story.

I started with the original 22 founding sims in a sort of refugee camp together and slowly broke them off into smaller and smaller households.  In that time I discovered that what I love even more than the challenge of starting from nothing is playing my sims almost completely autonomously.  And matching them up using a chemistry system I came up with based on the personality profiles.  Add in a little obsessive micro-managing via many different randomized rolls and I am in heaven!

Have you ever read a book, watched a movie, or even a tv show that starts at a point after something happens and then later it’s finally explained at least roughly? I’d like to think of these past years for these sims sort of like that.  We saw the aftermath of the event that they call the burnings.  We saw the community that was devastated made the best of what little they were given and find happiness again. We’ve been there with them and cheered them on. But we’ve never really known anything about their past or what happened before the Turnings began.  Until now.

Afore Ash Shore

Before you delve into Ash Shore there are some terms you might want to know…

Ash Shore– All current and future Sims 4 worlds.  The lands of Ash Shore are connected by a river.  Originally, I’d planned to re-name all of the lands but never did.  Perhaps one day.

The City– What little supplies that the residents get they get from the city.  Unlike the rest of the lands that were burned beyond repair, the city was left somewhat intact.  Some Sims went there for shelter but were put to work rebuilding as payment.  The rich and elite of the city think little of the rest of the lands and their strife to the point that they had cellphones re-instated but not electricity.

Turning– A Turning is 4 seasons.  Each Turning has a dominant season.  Children born after the burnings are classified by the dominant season of the Turning they were born in… Summerborne, Autumnborne, Winterborne, and Springborne.

Rhythm– Four Turnings make up a Rhythm.  Within a Rhythm, there are all four dominant seasons.  A Sim’s lifespan is approximately 2 full Rhythms.

Day– I use days to track time.  All of the sims in Ash Shore have a date of birth and I also track birthdates, holidays, and group gatherings using these.  There are 12 days to a Turning.  6 days of the dominant season and 2 days each of the other three seasons.

Round– You will rarely see me mention days in chapters.  Because a day is as long as it takes to play through all of the households and scheduled events for that “day” such as birthdays, group meetings, and weddings.  Basically, day and round are one and the same but the term round is easier to understand considering the fact that a single “day” is approximately 10-16 sim days.

Heights– At the start of each round, prior to the group birthday party, I do heights.  Which basically means that I go to each household that has children and increase their height according to their age for that round.  Recently, I’ve begun changing the teen’s looks at this time as well.  Teens have 3 age categories: pre-teens, teens, and late-teens.  I also change the toddler and pet outfits each round too.

Makeovers– I’ve been trying to do 2 makeovers on all of the residents.  One for warmer weather and one for colder.  I’m not sure how seasons will affect this system.  Hopefully not too much because it takes around 8 hours just to do all of their everyday outfits and hairstyles!  I also, of course, do makeovers on all sims after their birthdays.  I’ve stopped doing this with the newly aged young adults though.

Ages– In order for the sims to have the lifespan that I wanted, 2 Rhythms long, the aging system is complicated and confusing.  It is similar to the default normal lifespan but what would be a sim day in regular play is one round for me.  According to my most recent calculations, if I play at the current rate, a sim’s lifetime will take around 9 real-life months.  Which is why I mention sometimes that time goes slower in Ash Shore.

Rolls– I use a randomizer to do several rolls for Ash Shore including birth rolls, adoption rolls, personality rolls, not-so-random townie creation rolls, health strikes, and random events.

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